Report: the region is witnessing a growing demand for removable devices to wear during the year 2015




Company “F5 Networks” F5 Networks today announced the technical outlook for 2015 for the Middle East, and the highlight of which was the growing demand for removable devices to wear continuing to improve cloud computing projects and pressures.

She also noted “F5 Networks”, the company specialized in providing solutions to networks, in its forecast that emerging markets may lead the digital innovations and the public sector will host more of the most integrated and specialized Internet services.

The use of personal devices at work today a general phenomenon, the company has “F5 Networks” began to discuss business managers to prepare for the impact of the growing wearable devices.

“Research Land Markets” Research Foundation And Markets has predicted growth for the use of personal devices at work security solutions market size by vehicle amounting to 35.23 percent per annum in the period between 2014 and 2019, says, “IDC” that 90 percent of the operations management centers data systems and institutions will see the adoption of new models in the work by 2017 for infrastructure management and non-traditional use of personal devices at work.

The expectations of “the Transparency Markit Research” Transparency Market Research to the possibility of the global growth of the market for devices wearable than $ 750 million in 2012 to $ 5.8 billion in 2018, while the poll carried out by each of ZDNet and Tech Pro finally Research between technical experts information that 92 percent of them on the lookout for the concept of wearable devices, while 11 percent of them said that wearable devices are currently used in their organizations or will begin in used in the near future, said 25 percent of them indicated that they were planning to use wearable devices in their institutions, but they were unable to do so to secure the budget.

On this occasion Diego Arrabal, vice president at “F5 Networks,” said the area south of Europe, the Middle East, said: “It will be for devices wearable significant impact during the next phase, and the institutions recognize the impact of the impact of these Ajhzh and be able to ensure a balance between maintaining the organization’s security hand and promote innovation capability across keep up with new staff requirements. ”

According to the index, “Cisco Global Cloud”, the data on the movement of cloud computing is growing faster in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world, and will grow data traffic cloud computing by 54 percent annually in the region, and will increase the amount of data from 31 Xzabaat during the year 2013 Xzabaat to 262 in 2018 (1 Xzabaat = 1 billion gigabytes).

She says, “F5 Networks” There is a need for further work to move quickly to adopt cloud computing to improve in a sustainable manner.

Commented Arrabal, saying: “We have been the idea of ​​the transfer of business enterprises to the cloud as the most prominent trend in the IT world for several years, but then focus on the efficiency factor was lower, than those imposed on large capital expenditure institutions may exceed operating expenses that would like to reduce them.”

It is expected that next year’s growing interest in improving the cloud computing movement through the data management techniques, which will take an important role in simplifying the use of cloud computing, and the institutions that will be able to achieve the right balance of improving information technology budget and improve the user experience.

Company “F5 Networks,” also predicted that the role of the Middle East has become increasingly important in driving digital innovation in the world.

According to Gartner Research, the Middle East on IT spending will reach $ 243 billion in 2018, equivalent to 5.6 percent of global spending on information technology.

Commenting Arrabal by saying: “witnessing some areas in the Middle East is witnessing a unique developmental stage, which draws its future through rapid and innovative adoption of technology, and the region has great potential to overcome generations of technology to implement new solutions that meet people’s requirements in this area, both in the field of banking services education or access to government services. And pay the current circumstances about the work environment that focuses on performance and results. ”

Gartner has pointed out in a recent study that the governments in the Middle East and North Africa region will spend about $ 12.2 billion during 2014, and telecommunications services (fixed and mobile) is the largest sector of IT spending by up to $ 5.4 billion hand.

Arrabal and commented on it saying: “like” Dubai Smart City “refers to some of the initiatives the region’s keenness to provide public services more effective and coherent.”

He concluded by saying Arrabal: “Aelloukat indicate growth to identify the customized content, including helping to enhance efficiency and support all aspects of the business such as prosperity, health care for citizens, tourism and service techniques.”

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