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Discussed in this article will focus on the new AV-receiver Sherwood R-807. Before proceeding to an analysis and detailed study of the features of this model, I would like to digress a bit and tell you about this class of devices such as AV-receivers.

Since these devices are not aimed at a broad group of consumers, and are designed for people who want to join the world of home theater, know about these devices is not all. AV-receivers – a group of devices, which plays a key role in building a home theater system. Simply put, the receiver you connect all your equipment: Blu-ray player, gaming console, set-top box, DVD CD-ROM drive, even grandma’s record player can be connected to the AV-receiver. Limit you can only imagination, connectors at Sherwood R-807 abound. In addition to audio sources in AV-receiver and all the connected video sources. In the role of such sources can be game consoles, satellite receivers, Blu-ray player or other video source. Once you have connected all your multimedia facilities to the receiver, it will do the most important thing for you to process a signal from all of these sources will lead it in the proper form (that is, if we are talking about the video – upscaling to produce FullHD, if requested by the low quality source, or, if we’re talking about the sound, will process the audio signal, it will strengthen or improve the quality, if you need it, and, in general, bring it to perfection, so to speak).


So, after all these manipulations with the signal receiver is able to bring it to your TV or projector and speakers. Thus, it appears that you connect all your devices to your TV with one cable that goes from the receiver to have the TV. This system will allow you to get rid of the headaches associated with the fact that you do not remember which port or port you have connected the dvd-player, as to which console or that your TV does not have enough ports to connect a new device. In the end, all conveniently organized, and the signal that comes from a variety of sources, processed and presented in the highest quality appearance.


Perhaps the most interesting features that can offer AV-receivers are processing the audio signal, as mentioned above, the unit is working very closely with the sound, even if the input signal has been of poor quality, or is recorded in stereo, so that there is stereo, even monoformate in, and you want to listen to this record on their incredibly steep speaker audio system 7 +1, do not worry, the receiver just for this purpose and is created, it will spread out the sound of the notes and make your sound mono phonograph record of all eight speakers. Put it this way: without AV-receiver in the construction of a major home entertainment system can not do.


The modern market AV-receiver formed quite a long time. And one of the common market leaders is an American company Sherwood. Company Sherwood proven itself from the best side. Sherwood produces very high-quality and modern devices. To her diamond jubilee company timed the release of the model R-807. This model can be easily considered special because it’s the world’s first AV-receiver that supports today’s mobile devices based on iOS and Android. This interaction is that the owners of devices on iOS and Android have the ability to broadcast content from your device to the receiver, and that in turn sends the content to the home entertainment system. Thus, due to AV-receiver Sherwood R-807, you can view and listen to content from your smartphone or tablet without additional wiring or any complications. Interaction receiver with smartphones or tablets occurs through an application that you can download from Google Play or the App Store . Sherwood Remote app allows the user to broadcast on a TV video or photo from the gallery the device and listen to music on speakers connected to the receiver. All communication takes place over Wi-Fi, and requires minimal configuration.


Receiver Sherwood R-807 supports WiFi-Direct, it allows no special access points directly from your smartphone or tablet to transmit pictures and sound. In addition to all these newfangled features receiver Sherwood R-807 is able to offer the user has already become a hallmark of Sherwood widest range of features and high quality components. Thus, all output stages of the amplifier channel 7 executed by proprietary technology Discrete transistors providing a high power stereo and multi-channel (7h100 W 20-20000 Hz, 6 ohms, 1% THD and 2×75 W 20-20000 Hz, 6-ohm, 0.1% CED). In addition, the amplifier channels are reassigned to different configurations, this feature will be useful for organizing the distribution of sound in two independent zones. Fastidious users will appreciate the fact that all channels are working DAC with 192 kHz with 24 bits of resolution and surround sound decoders support popular formats HD Audio (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.). Naturally, the receiver Sherwood R-807 supports automatic configuration by using a special adjusting the microphone. Following the latest trends in AV-receiver, Sherwood R-807 is equipped with an USB-input for playing music MP3/WMA/ACC-faylov and HDMI-repeater, without the headphones too, was not. In addition to advanced networking technologies such as LAN, Internet Radio, Media Server, Receiver Sherwood R-807 is equipped with support for technologies that are coming soon to replace the current. This included support to broadcast digital video streams in the resolution 4K.


To summarize, we note that the company is well Sherwood tried and failed to demonstrate an excellent solution for those who want a modern and high quality device with the support of the overwhelming majority of audio and video formats and excellent workmanship. A support wireless devices based on iOS and Android there is no one competitor Sherwood. At the time of this writing, the average price for Sherwood R-807 in Yandex. Market is 18 999 rubles, which is very good for this class of equipment.
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