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In addition to the Xbox One course we have a review of the upcoming Sony Playstation 4 , also a next-generation console and a direct competitor to the Xbox One. Gaming expert Timm has dealt at gamescom for a day with the PS4 and written down his experiences with the new console. It goes into detail on the new Dual Shock controller and 4 also have some games that could be gambles at the fair for computer games.

Gaming on the Sony Playstation 4

Playstation fans have long enough to wait after Sony announced its new flagship in the video game segment in February. The tension was fueled by showing only the new Dual Shock 4 and some impressive graphics demos upcoming blockbuster games on the Playstation event. At E3, it was finally the highly anticipated design of the console to see even more hot games were presented in more detail, already with ingame scenes of Club Drive, pops watchdogs and Killzone Shadowfall.

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As part of this year’s Gamescom in Cologne we could finally even lend a hand at the new Dual Shock 4 and look at some upcoming highlights for the PS4 more detail to give us some first impressions for you.

ps4 controller

The action adventure is a colorful crackling action-platformer with cartoon-like graphics style. We play a 1m large robot named Knack, which consists of hundreds of individual suspended particles. With the help of mystical, technical artifacts crack is able to change his appearance and his forces and to transform into a giant among other destroyers or add his fighting skills elements such as lightning or fire. As the crack is home to an army of brutal goblins threatened, he must show what it can and pull themselves into battle. The game is sprayed directly at first glance a charm that fans of comic graphic with Anime touch will immediately love the look. The graphics are not held in this famous cel-shaded look but to 3D polygon models. Immediately we noticed the many details, especially the character sticking with its very high number of moving particles, which also constantly changing its appearance, looks impressive. We can draw clicks by a goblin enemies with studded field and hewn kinds of enemies here, then it was possible for us to control cracking as a giant Mech and to provide all sorts of destruction. The game has been running very smoothly and thanks to the high resolution, the higher is visible in the next generation game than the Playstation 3 (we appreciate the games run in full HD), everything looks really impressive from.


Knack – 6

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Drive with the new Club Sony console gets a very chic-looking racer on community-based donated. It is a MMO racing game from Evolution Studios, which is mainly about going to meet up with friends in the huge open world to exciting races and events. It rises directly in the race of his friends with one, comes with strong competitors in order to help them cruising or just relaxing together on the promenade and enjoying the sunset, all of the auto industry has to offer in the most beautiful dream car. We have already made several rounds, including revamped Maserati and Mercedes SLS, and were impressed by the sense of speed and the realistic driving behavior. Visually, the game makes a very good impression. We felt reminded Turismo times the graphical style of Gran best. You get offered detailed cockpit views and scenic route graphs. Here, however, we still lacked a little of the typical eye-opening effect that we expect from the next-gen video games. The game looks like an (admittedly very nice) revamped from Gran Turismo 5, with better resolution and sharper overall image. This is not necessarily a negative, after all, the spectacular graphics must be based on a huge open world, yes. The mega racer in the competition squad, saw Forza 5, optically at least a lot more after the next generation of.

Pre Club Drive

Drive Club – 6

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Drive Club – 3

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Drive Club – 1

A highlight of the upcoming PS4, which very probably aroused the desired next-gen feeling in us, the shooter and launch titles Killzone Shadow is the case. Guerrilla Games has created a sequel to Killzone 3, which plays 30 years after the events of its predecessor. In the game world of Shadowfall ye as an ISA soldier of the rank of Shadow Marshall among the living in ghettos on Vecta, Helgastflüchtlingen provide for order. Unfortunately we could not even take the Dual-Shock 4 in hand with Killzone, but had the chance based on a new, played live demonstration of the quality of the current version of the game to us. The graphics exudes a fantastic first impression of what we can expect in the future graphic quality of the new consoles. The surrounding area is full of amazing light effects, particle effects like smoke, sparks and flying debris, and a very high density of detail. The Helgast and the ISA soldiers are buttery soft animated as ever. Also own the protagonist of which you can see most of the time only the gun and hands, moves authentic weapon and hands it to see the result of stunning detail and are animated life-like. Marshall gets support in battle among other things of a miniature drone that can help him with additional firepower as a shield against enemy fire or the Recon. The drone can be controlled either by command or commands themselves completely. With its thrilling staging and incredibly dense atmosphere, thanks to the graphical splendor but also the heavy sound storm during the battles is not the least very intensively, gives Killzone Shadowfall a very successful next-gen impression and introduced us to the tasters shown very large appetite on the final menu!

Pre-order Killzone Shadowfall

Killzone Shadowfall – 6

Killzone Shadowfall – 5

Killzone Shadowfall – 4

Killzone Shadowfall – 3

Killzone Shadowfall – 2

Killzone Shadowfall – 1

Assassins Creed 4 Blackflag has the potential not only to be the most compelling and most games have the number, but also the best pirate game that exists to date. On the Sony console makes it special thanks to the higher resolution compared to the PS3 offshoots of the game series, a very positive first impression. The entire area impacted by the very few popups in the background, barely noticeable Klippingfehler much more pleasant to look at and also according to atmospheric. Total AC4 looks on the Playstation 4 out great, you look terrible notes that it has developed the game for the weaker current generation and you therefore had to make some compromises. Future offshoot of the series, which will appear vorraussichtlich only for the next generation certainly look much better.

Assassins Creed 4 preorder

Assassins Creed Blackflag 4 – 6

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We discussed all the exciting games of course, the new Dual Shock 4 even looked at very closely and played around a lot with it. If you take the controller in your hand immediately notice the new ergonomic shape of the handles. The controller is nestled literally in the palms and is almost perfectly into the hands of gamers. He has grown in comparison to the Dual Shock 3 quite a bit in the width and it acts more stable than its PS3 counterpart in its construction. The new analog sticks, which have received a deepening and a revised material, the tax is very easy and you will not slip so easily from the stick, also known annoying “-gripping” what’s after prolonged play was unavoidable in the DS3, is therefore likely to the past. It is now simply a better control of the analog sticks. The same can be said about the new trigger L2/R2 buttons. These are now no longer curved outward but, as with the Xbox360 pad, inside, causing the finger “in” place is somehow “on” the trigger. Slipping is therefore also of the past here, which was still in the DS3 on the agenda. The pressure points of the remaining buttons are a touch crisper and give a good pressure feedback. The Digi-Cross expressed harder and more accurate than its predecessor. The new design in combination color (at the fair black / gray), however, probably not appeal to everyone. New colors such as red / gray and blue / gray will also be available. However, the nice shiny surfaces around the buttons and the Digi-Cross are more than inconvenient, since they are completely covered after a few minutes of the game with fingerprints. We would have to run once a few tweaks to the touchpad, but unfortunately it was still disabled on all test equipment. But we suspect immense potential practical use in this part of the Dual Shock 4

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Conclusion: We can look forward to a great time with the new Playstation fourth The improved controller makes lust for gaming, the games are graphically very interesting, especially the exclusive games! We are very excited about what it will be admired in the coming year on the new console.

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