Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: What can Windows 8 Hybrid?




Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: What can Windows 8 Hybrid?

Even when unboxing the Thinkpad helix was clear: I was really looking forward to the device. Today, after almost three weeks of daily and intensive use – the Thinkpad Helix is ​​the first day my main computer – I do not trust myself to a vote of the unit. In the following review, therefore, you will find my experiences, the pros and cons and – of course subjective – assessment and evaluation of the Thinkpad helix.
Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: What can Windows 8 Hybrid?
Conditions and usage scenario

Before the review a few words about my review approach and my usage scenario. Since KayuHD thankfully Forum already a very good and detailed review of the Thinkpad helix published – clearly read command, this way please – and there on top of that, the Core i7 and Core i5 variants has been compared, I focus my review created something different. After consultation with KayuHD I quote parts of his review here – this mainly concerns the technical details – and use his mind to compare with my own experience. Thanks for that warm.

The level of detail of the review of KayuHD it also allows me, on my practical experience with and to focus the behavior of the Thinkpad helix on the job. That seems very contrary, because specifications say – at least for me – little about the everyday behavior of. In my work as a blogger, coach and consultant, I write every day for several hours, but also repeatedly push an image and video editing. I also have my iPad mini the last few weeks, deliberately not touched and the Thinkpad helix as a media and entertainment center – in other words: As a primary video device – used.
Features First Impression

I tested the Thinkpad Helix has the following specifications:

Intel Core i5 processor with 1.8 GHz, Turbo Boost up to 2.7 GHz
4 GB of RAM
180 GB SSD
11.6-inch IPS display, 1920x1080p resolution, glossy (deluxe makeup mirror)
Integrated UMTS

My first impressions were very positive, the build quality was excellent at first glance and with Windows 8 I get – Thanks existing experience with other hybrids – along very well. Here again is my first impression and unboxing.

This positive impression was held? Overall, yes, but there are some downers and pitfalls, while not essential for me to drop weight, you should be aware of before buying, however.
Feel and build quality

The entire case of the ThinkPad helix consists of plastic. This may be for one or the other sound cheap, but clutches his very valuable. The of finish is very good and the unit seems solid – to, yes, up to a crackling, with the firm pressure to the upper right corner of the tablet can be heard. I show it in the video review. In everyday life and in everyday use, the do not disturb, and it can also cause just be aware. Nevertheless, should such a thing does not exist in my opinion in a € 1,700 devices.

However, the purely haptic Thikpad Helix is ​​a treat for me. 13 inch Macbook Air coming from the first I was concerned that the plastic housing would feel cheap compared to the aluminum unibody. It does fortunately not entirely. On the contrary, I find both the palm rest and the tablet very pleasant. The entire Thinkpad makes a robust and solid feel through and through.
Display, Stylus and brightness

P1020475 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? To get straight to the point: The 11.6 inch display is absolutely glossy and is in the off state wonderfully as a makeup mirror. It is still bright enough in order to work outdoors? A resounding yes … it will be because, you have the sun directly in the back, but then should no longer be reasonably usable display. Only the black border is very disturbing when working outdoors. Reflections are simply outshines on the screen, they are more clearly visible on the black edge and this can be very irritating.

On a screen protector, which would make the whole thing matt, I have deliberately omitted. First I get this film just did not bubbles on the screen and secondly by sliding the stylus is probably reduced. That’s it for me, however, is not worth it because by and by, I naturally integrated in the stylus my workflow. The handwriting recognition even comes with my illegible handwriting – read: Sauklaue – rightly and works great. Also the drawing is possible. The only drawback: the stylus approaches to the edge to about an inch, let precision and detection rate down significantly. If anyone wants to draw or write on the edge, will probably be disappointed. Here’s the video of KayuHD about his experience with the Stylus.

The display itself is with its Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080) and excellent viewing angles, a true feast for the eyes. The only drawback: The excellent viewing angles are also necessary, because the laptop-mode display is not too far tilted back. For me, that, in practice, the train is not a problem, but you know with a longer torso were not enthusiastic about it. So who is rather greater in sitting, the Thinkpad helix should try it in laptop mode before buying.
Connections and delivery

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 16 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? The delivery can be found – in addition to the keyboard dock, tablet, stylus and power adapter – the Adapter Ethernet to USB and Mini DisplayPort to VGA again. Both adapters have met in recent weeks their service absolutely satisfying for me and belong to the basic equipment. Well, the Lenovo that looks like that.

Connections with the Thinkpad Helix stingy unfortunately more than most ultrabooks . On the tablet itself also have a mini display port and a USB 2.0 port. This will be a SIM card slot – my version has built-in UMTS – and complements the combined headphone and microphone input on the right top of the unit. The keyboard dock extends the whole thing by two USB 3.0 ports and a mini DisplayPort also brings with it. A power connector is on both the tablet and the keyboard dock available, so that both can be loaded independently. An SD card slot you look at the Thinkpad helix but in vain – a clear shortcoming is that it is important to take into consideration before buying. Another disturbing detail: The connections of the chrome keyboard docks are attached in such a small amount that thicker USB sticks or card readers can not be plugged in directly. Here is a USB extension is necessary.
Keyboard and trackpad

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 11 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? For keyboard and trackpad, I was really spoiled by my 13-inch Macbook Air. So I was extremely surprised and amazed that I felt on the keyboard of the Thinkpad helix from the first moment at home. Although the helix is ​​smaller than my Macbook, the keyboard of size, key-stroke, pressure point and haptic feedback feels forth to the right place. An absolute dream – with the small caveat that there is no backlight.

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 10 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? Same goes for the trackpad. Mutlitouchgesten can be performed easily, even coming from the periphery gestures – in Windows 8 essential – are no problem. The scrolling works fine and also the right slick with two fingers or pinch and zoom gestures are recognized properly. All in all, a very good trackpad, which should be attractive to hardcore mouse user. The Thinkpad’s trackpoint is also integrated and works well, but I just do not use.
Modes and dock mechanism

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 8 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? The Thinlpad helix can be used in three different modes: First, in the classic laptop mode, second in Stand Mode, in which the tablet is docked reversed so that the back of the tablet on the keyboard comes to rest and in tablet mode.

Most of the time I use – what a surprise – the laptop mode. The Stand Mode coming to me looking for pure films or for use in meetings. Here I docked the tablet to reverse flap and then the device not to. So I get a pretty thick and heavy tablet that although the full battery life and performance of the Thinkpad Helix provides and is perfectly suited for hand-written notes. These are much more discreet than typing on a keyboard in meetings. With practice, the write speed is quite acceptable. The pure tablet I use mainly for reading and correcting of text and a video player. As a couch or working tablet perfectly fine for two-handed use and not too heavy. I think one handed use but for a longer difficult.

The dock mechanism itself leaves a streaky appearance. On one hand, he has proven in recent weeks to be very robust and indestructible, on the other hand the docked laptop and worked Thnikpad helix has not been 100 percent stable. The dock mechanism has some play, which although is not a problem, but doing a little trustworthy impression. This allows the tablet easily undock and dock.
Heat and fan

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 7 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? Under full load, the Thinkpad Helix warm, very warm. After an intensive and extensive video rendering session, the tablet is so warm that I would not touch it or at least use it as a tablet. The benefit is that the entire computing power is in the tablet, only this part is warm. Unlike other Ultrabook so you can keep the Thinkpad Helix loosely on the lap – the keyboard is so cool.

The fans are sorry to hear of home again in pure office use. The fans of the tablets are pleasantly quiet, but the built-in dock fans can already make audible attention and jump at irregular intervals. A comprehensible reason I have not found with various monitoring tools. Remedy is for me the tool TPFan Control . When installed, the fan of my Thinkpad helix in normal operation are inaudible unless I could find a significant increase in heat. Nevertheless, the following applies: The installation is done at your own risk. Neither Mobilegeeks nor I accept any form of liability for any damages. And the developer of the tool would be guaranteed a donation.

The loudspeakers I let KayuHD to say:

Great I find the placement of the speakers, which radiate to the front at the bottom.
The sound is okay for the compact dimensions. Without the Dolby Home Theater, it sounds flat and muddy. For example, if HIM starts singing, then goes under a lot of the guitars. With Dolby more space is added, thus leaving more of the instruments.
Bass is completely missing due to the small volume. The volume is also moderate, because I almost always have untwist to 50 to 60% to the voices of people understand well at YouTube videos.

I can write in the same way.
Performance in practice

As mentioned above I put the focus of my review on my experiences in practice. Those looking Benchmakrs, in the already mentioned and well-to-read review of KayuHD in forum Mobilegeeks find. As cover my benchmark results for the Core i5 variant with almost one to one, I do not at this point to repeat. Important for me is the question of how the Thinkpad Helix has beaten every day. The answer: Really good. Neither the video processing PowerDirector 11 is still in image editing with Photoshop Elements 11, I had problems. Only for really large video projects, PowerDirector 11 has short pauses and allows for the entire time I had just recorded three crashes the program. In an intensive daily use that’s perfectly fine for me.

One should however be clear: A game engine is the Thinkpad helix not sure. The – few – namely games from the Windows 8 Store run fine, but if you even remotely current desktop games – for example, Batman Arkham Asylum, Bioshock or Defiance – want to play, you should you look for another device. These games are definitely playable with no sense of the integrated graphics solution of the Thinkpad helix. The video rendering is only thanks to the integrated Intel QuickSync technology so quickly. Will you render formats that are not supported against them, you really need a lot of patience.
Battery Performance

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 12 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid?
The interesting question for me was: Achieved the Thinkpad Helix the promised ten hours of battery life? The answer: a resounding “yes, but …” As pure typewriter – for example blogging, in lectures, at conferences or in the office – this battery life is definitely doable. A normal working day – consisting of many hours writing at the same time listening to music on Spotifiy and one or two shorter video editing – I can do easily with the Thinkpad helix. In this use Szenarioe I’m up to seven and a half hours of pure working – in my opinion a really good value.

Who the Thinkpad helix but primarily as an entertainment machine – specifically for playing Flash movies and YouTube – uses, is sadly disappointed. In this use, the battery life drops to a measly four to five and a half hours. This time I was able to reproduce with different browsers and video players (unfortunately). Here I am a little disappointed.
Conclusion and Recommendation

The missing SD card slot, the glossy display, erratic fan and the low angle of the display drop-in laptop mode are weaknesses that you should be aware of before making a purchase. The poor performance in games is hardly surprising, and for pure video consumption relatively lousy battery life no reason to rejoice.

This all sounds not positive – yet these weaknesses, the strengths of the Thinkpad helix for me – Attention own opinion and subjective evaluation – not cloud the long term. The excellent display, the precise responsive touch screen, a sound processing, integrated UMTS, a battery life, with a full working day is possible, a good stylus and a flexible device with multiple modes – all of which are for me points to the existing without question outweigh weaknesses.
41m5yuPTtgL. SL75 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid?

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix M_ [N3Z6DGE] _M notebook

Price: EUR 1788.41

stars 0 Review Lenovo Thinkpad Helix: Was kann der Windows 8 Hybrid? (0 customer reviews)

20 used & new available from EUR 1788.41

My recommendation: bloggers, students and business people who move mainly in the browser, the Office programs and in the video and image processing, refer to the ThinkPad helix a brilliant work device for mobile use. However, those who primarily live video and graphics processing and / or desktop currently wants to play games, you should look for another device.

You have questions? Then, answer comes from the comments it.

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