Review of LG Mobile G2




Review of LG Mobile G2

The race power hacks to the world of smart phones we compete very large between the companies there are Samsung and her Galxi as 4, as well as Walnut 3 and then there is a mad Sony and her Z1 and also Alokspiria Z Ultra and then there is HTC and her very impressive One but today our review talking about a masterpiece from LG It is a mobile phone G2, which was announced in New York that will give you phone a different design from the rest of the smartphones that Alec comprehensive review of the mobile phone.

Dimensions metrics 138.5 70.9 8.9 thick
Weight 143 grams
Screen size 5.2-inch
The brightness of the screen 1920 in 1080 pixel density (424 ppi)
Display Type True HD-IPS + LCD
Battery 3000 mAh
Internal capacitance 16 GB
Card slot No
Camera 13-megapixel LED flash Flash installed OIS Optical
Front Camera 2.1-megapixel
Video capture Rear camera 1080p at 60 frames per second and the front camera 1080p at 30 frames per second
2G Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900
3G Network HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100
HSDPA 850/1900/2100
4G Network ‘s LTE 900/1800/2100/2600/850
Bluetooth v4.0
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
Processor Speed Fast quad-core 2.26 GHz
Graphics processor Adreno 330
Techniques MHL 2.0, DLNA, WiFi Direct and infrared
الوايرلس Dual-band, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wireless Charger No
System Android 4.2.2
Video Review:



Often most phones companies did not differ significantly from the design old has focused on specifications and characteristics of the system, such as Samsung and Galxi as 4 but in the phone LG G2 find there is disagreement radical in terms of design, for example after exiting the phone from the Fund Stnbehr the first time of the screen as the screen covering a very large proportion of the front of the mobile phone and even though the phone has screen measuring at 5.2 inches, but the phone has the same size screen phones 4.7 inch but introduce a little trick here was to reduce the area of ​​screen frame perfectly only 0.1 inches and the integration layer touch technology with a layer of the screen to make the sensitivity of the screen up and the top and bottom of the screen only 0.4 inches with the knowledge that every Mastgda from the front is the only light sensitivity and front camera 2.1 megapixel logo LG bottom of the screen and because of this we find the decision strange LG and سأشرحه you now .


Because of the lack of screen frame, which revolves around the screen the company decided to South Korean transport buttons to raise the voice and power to the back of the screen’ll just below the rearview camera with 13 megapixel where there are buttons level of control the level of sound and mid power button or run or extinguishing the screen and in the fact that it has pros and cons where you will find yourself in a strange pressure on these buttons but with time you will learn how to control these buttons and generally there Additions with buttons volume control For example, if you press and hold the button volume down you will see that he will refer you to the camera application But if you the same thing button raise one’s voice, it will refer you to the application of the notes either the power button it surrounded by a switch on the LED you can adjust according to the system alerts with the knowledge that there is a lighting system for alerts from the front and said that the system control buttons are all built-in screen.


From the side there is a port small chip size and the top there is a port for Microphone is small in size, as well as infrared and the bottom there, we find a USB port is small in size, which supports MHL as well as the possibility arrived memories of Foreign Affairs and both sides of the port there are two speakers and external, which supports 24-bit / 192kHz This is enough to get the sound quality than the quality of sound in CD sound very cool pure and clear beyond the border and the front you’ll find that the phone is equipped with a protection layer Korala Qlas third generation.


With regard to the quality of manufacturing, it unfortunately is not such a level that we’ve seen in HTC One where they come textured plastic shiny Mmiattiy a great opportunity to see the fingerprints and the phone will not allow you to add external memory and احتى battery because of the size of the battery huge 3000 mAh I think it does not need to So I will explain why later Thickness hand the phone with a thickness of 8.9 mm and a total weight of 143 grams Mmini it is not the lightest and least thickness but this does not mean it annoying versa because of the curvature back of the phone, we find that the phone is easy to control.


Let’s start with the screen where they are in size 5.2-inch technology True HD-IPS + LCD at a resolution of 1080 in 1920 and heavily pixels 424 ppi and a layer of protection Corning Gorilla Glass and always ماتكون screens LG Mobile Phones superstar creative and here we also find an excellent balance in the lighting even with the use of the lighting automatically and to highlight the level of the colors and angles of vision, a beautiful all Mafi screen already beautiful and density of pixels makes the details really clear and the colors Excellent I would say better screen mobile phone you can find now in the market for phones with high precision and finally use the phone under the sun appropriate where you can see what is displayed in the screen.
Performance and battery:


When we talk about performance, you will find a scary thing inside this mobile phone, a processor Kowalkm Snap Dragon 800 fast 2.26 GHz and memory Random 2 GB capacity internal 16 GB without a port for memory foreign but generally already seen the performance of the processor Snap Dragon 800 in the system of Android so once again Performance is very fast smooth open applications fast deal processor with a system which is no doubt that a monster as the phone provider processor graphics Adreno 330, which will confirm to you that he is capable of the field of graphics and efficiently.’ve installed the program AnTuTu 3.2, which achieved 32 192 points, but through the program Quadrant 2.0, the Mobile phone 18932 points achieved it again Kowalkm processor achieves high numbers and mobile phone reminder supports fourth-generation networks.

With regard to the battery, the mobile phone has the inside 3000 mAh and activated users can of course change the battery connected to it by phone and also the same for the memory Foreign But let us return to tests the battery, where we have shipped the phone completely and 100% and then we have to open applications and browse the system to see what is new and pick up a number of photos and videos and watch videos from YouTube and surf the Internet and an automatic update of the sites social and e-mail and I can say that the phone has stood day and a half with the extensive use of connect the phone to almost 19 hours is amazing actually to find phone carries high specifications and at the same time battery gives you Metradh.


LG company focused on the development of mobile camera Bhattvha the G2 dramatically in terms of specifications and system where they hand 13 megapixel with BSI sensor and f/2.4 aperture and nine points of auto focus and LED flash and a single as it is the first camera you shoot 1080p resolution video fast 60 frames per second and the front camera 2.1 megapixel that can shoot video accurately 1080p fast 30 frames per second and there are many options in the camera interface most notably the renovation great form interface compared to what we’ve seen in the interface LG Optimus G Pro and options is the ability to use the camera front and rear at the same time and the possibility of removing something اتريده in camera and bearing the name of the property “Shoot and Clear” as well as in manual control options to focus and face tracking feature and macro photography.

You can use the buttons background not only to capture the image, but you can launch the camera there and you can also work closer and develop excellent for shooting HDR because processor Snap Dragon 800, where it has become very fast again because of the power of the processor and there is a property business approximation to the voice of a property works during the filming of the video and then You can work closer to capture sound, unfortunately, the property is not working well and there property Sweep Panorama or property VR panorama, which allows you to take panoramic image angle of 360 degrees and finally improved in the filming of lighting vulnerable Thanks for property OIS or installer visual and that will help to minimize vibration during movement in the video shoot .

Image and video quality are very beautiful in high balance in the lighting and colors show the details very well you can say Camcorder Matakrjh this phone is very good but not spectacular enough.


LGG2 075

LGG2 071

LGG2 070

LGG2 069

LGG2 062



LGG2 045 LGG2 047

Mobile phone LG G2 have a system Android evident between 4.2.2 and not the latest version 4.3 and the next you’ll get all the services Google such as Google Now and Project Butter to increase smoothness system not that LG has done a great additions, many of which have been moved from Optimus G Pro to LG G2 So I will mention What’s new in interface LG and start with a property Slide Aside, which is an evolution of the Task Manager Although the Task Manager form of natural exist also generally this feature to activate a maximum of 3 applications operate mainly each application into which you can use your fingers three and drag in the direction of the left and the system will save the repeated application of this thing for more than one application and then if you want to show you once again use the three finger from left to right to show you in the form of pages.

LGG2 048

One of the new additions and distinctive is the ability to control the form and add buttons control the main system and can be found in the settings where you can control the color and add extra button such that the application note is beside the Back button and the main menu and options and through landing page system alerts you will find the options the usual Control Badawat contact applications QSlide which allows you sprayed more than one window of each application and transfer it with you wherever you are and control transparently application and there are updates for a number of special applications company parent, such as control devices home is becoming more through QRemote and development for the application of the notes QNote and translation application through the camera .

LGG2 056 LGG2 052

One of the properties is also distinctive in the settings a property Guest Mode, which allows you to adjust the system of protection for photos, videos and applications feature your separated from the uses of your phone all you need is access to the settings and then access to this property and the work of a secret code you a secret code to someone else and then Every time you or someone else access to your phone him to do open your PIN number “Guest” will not find anything of your own and اتريده that he sees a beautiful thing.


Mobile phone LG G2 is the best phone released by LG yet which offers you the screen very beautiful very very battery hacks that Stbhrk performance and said performance, the specifications of the phone is too high to make everything in this phone is very fast and camera with video capture fast 60 frames per second There are some useful features and provided by the parent company, but the quality of the camera is not impressive completely and buttons background you can say that it depends on you between If The distinctive or negative Finally, I believe that the price of the phone competitor where costs 2199 SR in black and white with support for networks fourth generation.

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Review of LG Mobile G2

Background buttons
Impressive screen
Battery piercing
Very nice video camera


Background buttons
Manufacturing Quality


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