Review of the home gaming device Sony PlayStation 4




Review of the home gaming device Sony PlayStation 4


Sony has provided considerable hype for a PlayStation 4 and already the device almost learn a lot from the mistakes of the PlayStation 3, such as the design and specifications Lloyd control, performance, and system and services, games and lots and lots of things that we would like to remind you inside with our review of the comprehensive and that you can decide later whether it was worth acquisition or not.


Box contents, price and release date:


Initially we start with the contents of the device and what you’ll see inside this box in front of you and who will explain to you a lot of information out of the box of the most important that the device has the internal capacity of 500 GB generally open box you’ll find a headset type Mono and then wires to the AC power and USB connectivity small-sized Lloyd control DualShock 4 and not worry Sony put you also got HDMI and last but not least, the device, which we will explain everything about it shortly.


Now we come to the release date and price Well start with the PS4 without additives will cost 1799 SR only hand control and the device itself while the machine with the game Killzone or H Duke will cost 2000, and the best offer in my opinion, is a device with a game and two hand control and a copy of the game Killzone Shadow Fowl will cost will cost SAR 2299. price hands independently control is 259 SR The price of the camera independently 259 SR and the price of the game Killzone or Driver dog will cost 299 SR, while the price of the game, but you 269 SR all these prices will be available officially in the month December thirteenth day.

Design and specifications and usability:


In the field of design do not consider the rule is essential to the acquisition of the device or not is not the situation as it is the situation in the field of mobile phones or tablet devices or even cameras but generally what we will talk about the design, the Sony took it upon themselves to develop the design so that it is radically different from what it was in the past where that gauges the dimensions of the device here is the 305 in the 275 thickness 53 mm and these standards, the PlayStation 4 is smaller in terms of size and thickness of the previous version the PlayStation 3 and the total weight of the device here is 2.8 kilograms of course a reminder of the machine is not a class portable devices, but is intended to be put next to the TV screen and undoubtedly that device smaller than a large margin next Microsoft Xbox Wen.

With regard to the concept of the design instead of bends in the PlayStation 3, the PS4 take design to another level beautiful shape sharp Parties as if he was determined to two pieces in two different reminder device will focus largely on the field of games and then the media services unlike concentration Microsoft for its console Xbox Wen, which will be heavily on the media, but will also be suitable for the gaming world. device will allow you to cum longitudinally or crosswise of course you can debentures device longitudinally without the need to buy a piece at a price of U.S. $ 20, which will allow you to cum longitudinally but we do not have a problem or felt fear it will fall. device as mentioned at the outset that he has designed a beautiful combination between materials dark and materials glossy way actually pretty soon as they come close to the device and the device supports fully plastic opaque plastic enamel’ll find at the top of this device and separates between the dark The beautiful blue enamel lighting show when you turn on the device.

The beauty of it is also the small spaces to put the logo Sony logo apparatus PS4 on the device itself, where the PS3 version earlier you will notice the logo takes a large area while the apparatus new’ll find that the logo is not present in the upper layer of the device and merely put the slogan device name on both sides of the device from the left It is the right and striking is the way in the development of Sony’s power button and port your Blu-ray discs in the front of the home and not Bibrazhma as we have seen in the previous version, but do not worry both-touch and the response was fast and excellent.

After talking about how the design of the device let’s talk about the possibilities and the ports that will be presented to you where supports tablets Albulurai as well as the DVD drive, and the front you will notice that there are two ports USB 3.0 each and every one of them responsible for your receipt to the device and also shipped and beautiful here is that you can charge the hand control DualShock 4 and so that was device on the status of inactivity, which is not found in the previous version and the background you can see the ports also were not visible, but included between fans where there is an HDMI port and a port for Ethernet in the event that the technique ÇáćÇíŃáÓ you do not like and a port for the camera PlayStation Camera and outlet of energy and if you have connections PlayStation 3 Flahajh to buy new connections regardless of that it comes with the Fund, but are compatible with the previous generation and the device supports GPRS technology 802.11b/g/n Unfortunately the scope of ac Wayrls not supported and supports Bluetooth 2.1.


From the inside, the Sony has developed a full specification device is a great benefit, especially in terms of developers, where the possibility of developing games on processors approach to computers became easier and have a device processor with eight cores AMD Jaguar processor and graphics Radeon GPU is able to work 1.84 teraflops and Sony did not stop at this point It supplied the apparatus random memory 8 GB GDDR5 and the device is based on the 86-bit environment once again it has the benefit of developers and a great convenience compared to the difficulties that developers face in the development of their games on the Cell processor on the PlayStation 3 version.
Hand control DualShock 4:


I can describe the hand control and then move on to something else know you want the full details, but before all that I can say that the best hand controller manufactured by Sony yet where Sony has redesigned the hand and fix the problems previous Walid control DualShock 3 “specifically buttons background and method of control by hand “The addition of some new and important things to us. buttons for buttons and guidance and control appear to be prohibiting Asati retain the same place compared to the previous version and Sony has improvements in sensor technology and vibrato to be the best with the hand of the new control.

Sony also has improved from process control to play through a special control where sometimes while playing in the hands of regulators for the former, we find the hand control slip continuously during redirected to play on, but we found in the hands of the new control the stability of the largest, in fact point the big hand control to the previous version when We holds in the process of constipation and control centers around your fingers, but here we find that the hand of the new control convenient hand control constipation where you will feel that the hand control on both hands full and it seems that Sony has actually realized this thing and listened to the fans. Thing the extra here is the quality of manufacturing hand control In the previous version was hand leave fingerprints and sometimes stick with playing prolonged but here shows material dark and the front of the hand control has been improved until it reaches your fingers to all parts of the hand control and this also includes four buttons located at the top The mention of the L2 and R2 buttons slide was clearly in the hands of the previous control but here we find greater stability.

But What’s New? The answer here is a lot! Such as external speakers and also the area to touch the subject to pressure by the burden of participating button options instead of buttons Start and Select and then Steering Supreme’ll find there lit area that tells you who you are while you play as well as the benefit of them also during the use of the camera PlayStation 4 Camera, which will provide you with many options to play games. Virtual reality and like Mazkrna that you can charge the hand control while placing the device on the status of the idle and the good thing here is that the hand controls allow you to charge it through the USB port is small in size, which is a good thing where you can use any link, even if from your phone and shipped Needless to special connections.

Touch Area in front of great benefit as I see that it has a great future with the games and also responsive where you can use with a number of games like shooting from the perspective of the first Killzone: Shadow Fall as it is through the camera you can use to play a number of interesting games The idea is simple, but very beautiful. It is hands down the control port 3.5 mm there to listen and work with your friends talks Since it supports 3.5 mm, the speakers will work the old idea headset stereo system and not use Mono Headset “opinion?”

Of new things that you’ll notice after also in the hands of the control is a button to participate or Share a button that allows you to record video to play as well as take a picture or from which you can work broadcast is located at the top left and you can work broadcast by using or through Ustream and if you want to Join the limit for you is 15 minutes of video camera and you can take a picture of the game and share them through Facebook or through Twitter.

Finally, the battery Walid control here which you should pay attention to him, where the link that comes with a short and far from the center sit so your approaching if you want to charge the hand which will work as soon as you Bosslha and you can play for a period of 7 hours and 40 minutes exactly and then users can use it until you charge it Again, unfortunately, the battery could be better.
What’s New in the system?

store warframe-580-90

In the beginning you desperately need to update the device to version 1.50 because without updating will not be able to do something the device only play the games, except that users can play through the Internet and you can not access to the shop PlayStation Store and users can access the PSN and can not create any broadcast and users can take advantage of the feature Remote Play sense Last update will give you all the Mavi device services.

The size of the update is 323 MB and I took download the update five minutes and then after you install the update and Tthbyh series of packets asked us the machine that we restart the machine again and then after the device went through a number of settings, including linking your PSN with social networking site Facebook and Then we went through a number of settings that focus on privacy which is an important point that you should pay attention to and then log on through facial recognition feature all of this will take you only 20 minutes.


After the update to move on to something important here, which is the interface where it was fully developed quite different from Maroenaha in interface XMB in the gaming device domestic PlayStation 3 where you will find the idea almost like Windows eighth, where in the beginning you’ll find those blue facade, which provides you with boxes each box will guide you to other boxes and complete information such as photos and videos, as well as the latest news about Berkshire Hathaway, friends and forgotten pull all the information from your personal account on Facebook and highlighted in the form of boxes and there is a box titled “What’s New,” which will be presented to you as we mentioned the activities of your friends and things related Balblaa Station and there is a box last shows you the applications, most applications related to the services that operate in America, such as Net Flex and Hulu and Amazon and then there is a box named Playroom, which will use virtual reality to the work of crazy things such as launching a robot through the hand control and access to hand control to see a large number of men robotics and entertainment with them.

There are Internet browser very unusual not something big and then there is a box Live, which will provide you to watch broadcast some games and then music service Music Unlimited service and movies Video Unlimited both from Sony will not work here in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately, and finally a library that bears you all Magmt downloaded and as soon as that intervention disk Blueray it is installed the game automatically on the 500GB internal and box will appear for the game as soon as the intervention, it will show you several contents related to the game like the last point reached and the achievements of the other and there is a list at the top, which shows you the talks and a list of friends.

pop in 1-580-90

Of the most important updates that you find in the system is to renew the shop Sony PlayStation, where browsing in the store has become the best and easiest significantly compared to the previous version, and you can browse between games and movies and TV shows for games and the beautiful thing is that complete the download even if your device stopped working or decided, for example, blowing it turns you download once it returns to the Internet. reminder to play through the Internet, you need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, which will allow you to get attractive offers for games as well as download some free games and other Participating important and although it is not free like the previous version, but I advise you and strongly participate in the service.

New property and important and wonderful a feature Remote Play, which will depend not only on the PlayStation 4, but also on mobile gaming device PS Vita, as well as the application of PS4 Link, which will be present in the system device feta with the last update, and once you get into the application, there will be two options, the first Remote Play and the second option Second Screen and the second option Second Screen allows you to control interface PlayStation 4 through feta and the idea of ​​the application will search for the PlayStation 4 through technology WiFi and then requires you to enter the 8-digit secret, which you can find in the system settings and then you can control the interface and Sony advises you to connect the Internet through the Ethernet port to get good results and in fact I would recommend as well.

You can through the application of Remote Play on feta control games and music, and access to the shop PS Store as well as the browser and forgotten messages and of course, I advise you to Atptad much for your distance was between the device and feta our 15 feet until there is not an interruption in Internet beautiful property in the transfer of existing games on PlayStation 4, unfortunately, the Internet was not very fast so there are some interruptions and confusion in the transfer of the image to our device feta but in fact the experience was fantastic and really need this service to property developers to support Remote Play.

Application of PlayStation:

PS app-220-100

Sony has launched a special application is available now head start on my shop iOS and Android application will allow you access to the Sony Entertainment Network shop allows you to buy from the store, depending on Nguenih ÇáćÇíŃáÓ control device and automatically download the content. Settings were almost like the application of PS4 Link located on the feta where requires inserting eight digits in the system settings and then you will find the top 3 choices, a Connect to PS4 and PSN and Links and then there are four options exist Steering Supreme namely calls and alerts and alarms linked to the games and finally messages.

When you enter the first time to the application and registration, the application will take you to the world of PSN, which is composed of six boxes and a What’s New Store and friends and settings, achievements and your profile. What’s New or What’s New will highlight you the latest activities that you’ve made or what he made friends, and there is a tab other a Links which will provide you with the content of a huge provider of Sony such as news, product page and gaming device gaming domestic PlayStation 4, accessories and offers but Maémna is the option to link the application to the device Connect to PS4 Whether you use the phone or tablet device, unfortunately, this property is still in the first Mrajlha but of course we hope the developed where Sony may be very helpful to be a second screen.

Camera PlayStation Camera:


You must have learned that the PlayStation Camera do not come with the device the PlayStation 4, but Sony wants you to buy one and for the simple reason that you can not play games preinstalled and private to a PlayStation 4, such as the game The Playroom which gives you a great experience to further ancestors and to remind the camera will cost about U.S. $ 60 and During this game, they will give you an experience unmatched in particular you’ll see real interaction to the place around you and we’re talking about technology of virtual reality. you through the camera issue some voice commands such as taking a picture of the game or the system which is useful for our review, you can launch a voice command to launch the game as you can use The camera you are logged into your profile and to do that you need to be a hand control DualShock 4 with your hand. generally at the moment the camera is not so large interest not advise you purchase it at the moment.


Received from Sony five games, but will not go into details with each game, but we will focus on Majibna primarily playing field first is that you will find from the store to the game combat aircraft Resogun a very nice game in terms of graphics and the interaction of votes was very interesting to the extent that it only game that we have piloted reduce Now the movement of the sound to the headphones in the same hand control of the game actually pretty impressive.’s move on to another game, a game adventures Knack The idea here is similar is not primarily the big game Crash which is another game you will not find not in the device Sony’s new exploits and significantly the capabilities of a gaming household PlayStation 4.

Finally, the game Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, which also exploits the capabilities of home gaming device PlayStation 4 is beautifully complement a series of foundation, Creed, but in the world of pirates. Edward Kenway will play the character of an adventure game experience worthy and well-deserved.


Sony mean Sony excelled and excellently in its console PlayStation 4 in terms of design and performance speed and power games Lloyd new control made her a better hand control issued by Sony so far and property Remote Play makes feta more useful device with Sony’s new as well as the welcome changes, but unfortunately does not support reading Arabic language such as Maroina in your Xbox Wen but overall this is not a problem battery hand control is something you should also pay attention to him and the device still has a long way to have a stronger games that Stmesh for your PlayStation 3, except that Sony made device at a price also nice so this our review and you decide .
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Review of the home gaming device Sony PlayStation 4

Design and manufacturing Jeddah
Specifications and performance
Hand control wonderful!
Property PS Vita Remote Play amazing!


Battery Life
A few games

Detailed assessment


Design 9
Performance 9
Battery 6
Sound 8
Camera 5
System 8

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