Review of the home gaming device Xbox One




Review of the home gaming device Xbox One


Microsoft introduced this year, the new generation of a series of Xbox upgraded version of the gaming device domestic Xbox 360 and the device that will give you a package Multimedia primarily and then to enter the world of gaming technology, a revolutionary very large which is different by virtue directed Sony’s Playstation 4 gaming world the first place. Generally we bought a copy of America, we have piloted for a long time and Alec our review of the overall device inside




Once graduated device Xbox One of the fund, you certainly will be amazed at the concept design where he became larger than the previous version does not exist for the curves that we have seen in the previous version only black box is rectangular in shape and in fact the machine looks as if it is player videos very old and which uses those tapes large largest and significantly heavier than a PlayStation 4 that does not have the creativity we’ve seen in the way that Sony device, but this does not mean that ugly.

Quality manufacturing device here is not cheap, but the machine is divided between dark and glossy both agree they plastic However as mentioned it will not make you feel that the quality as cheap as it is a gaming device, household words, not the kind that will be walked him to any place such as mobile or tablet devices, but as There are parts of the device Shiny you must clean the device from period to period due to the fingerprints and you’ll see dirt.

Of the things also that you’ll notice after the device that will come with a capacity of 500 GB with random memory 8 GB and the device is already very quiet compared Balblaa PlayStation 4 and the front you will notice that there is the entrance to the Blu-ray Disc or DVD drive and the vicinity of textured plastic opaque which is good by virtue of that we use This port is too much to change the drive from period to period and this means that the power button, which will work with you with high sensitivity is surrounded by textured shiny a place where you’ll find the fingerprints and this button is also present in the front, but from the right, but do not worry, you can use Alknki to issue a voice command turn it on or switch it off .


Device has exactly 3 USB 3.0 ports compared to a Sony, which has only two ports USB 3.0 two are exist the back and one is side from the left and all the ports are in the back, where there is a port for power and implementers HDMI-out and HDMI-in port, Ethernet and USB port special Enki and port-specific Balsmaat and that’s all Maeugd device Xbox Wen.
Hand control:


The hands of the new control in the Xbox Wen did not differ significantly from Maroenah in the Xbox 360 on the reverse Maroenah in the great development in the hands of the new control in Sony so the simplest Maimcunnina say they have not changed, but Microsoft has developed. Hand control Balox Xbox Wen still retains Basati control and there are buttons Control, as well as buttons and also the presence of two buttons the mid-and button Xbox Home.’s new here is that the back button Home Button has been replaced Right Menu Menu button View, which is the concept of rule of immediate interaction with multi-tasking and the main interface a completely new, and you will notice that the Home button has become slightly higher Mmini that the response process become better.

The nice thing is that Microsoft has improved significantly Asati control it is aspects of each stick control has become a quality of manufacturing the best rather than being soft become tougher to catch them and control them better and we can say that you will not complain about the problem of herniated stick control you and you will notice that Asati control their removal has been very little space so you can control and more comfortably As for the four existing cardigans On the left, it has not changed from the previous version, but it took him is to make these buttons you can even slightly above the pressure and the feeling of immediate response.

Of significant improvements in the hands of the control buttons are located Steering front from the back, which it calls Microsoft “Impulse Triggers” Why this name? Because each button Ieitk sense of the game in terms of vibration and we have the experience of the game Forza Motorsport 5 and we saw the reaction of each button when a Besdmk right from the back, you will feel the tremor button back of the right we would like to try it out before you in the video, but difficult to explain it, but make sure that you You will feel the game through two buttons are also improvements that can be found in these two buttons they are quieter than the previous version and it will not slip when you use the correction frequently.

Finally, Microsoft still believes in the existence of AA batteries and dry batteries, that can not be recharged, but not matter what is important is age? Yes, we can say that the battery life is far longer than the battery life of Sony’s new hand control where stood with us for more than a week, which is amazing by the fact that the hand control Sony withstand only 7 hours of continuous use.
Alknki new!:


When we say that there is a camera, it is natural that we see in mobile phones and in tablet devices, but in the Xbox Wen is there a fully developed compared to Enki in the Xbox 360 where it became a black large rectangular shape and a long wire hanging them from behind and users can removed it a comes with the device without additional fees on reverse camera PlayStation 4 and generally the front will reveal to you more visible to the camera lens and the new in this version Yes it supports the resolution 1080p Yes, they will notice your heart beats and yes they Struck at night and if you place the device on the status of inactivity, the Alknki will hear you permanently and this in itself is a scary thing.

Alknki because of the price of a Sony device for Microsoft by U.S. $ 100, but Is it worth it? Yes, definitely, especially if you understand what would you say in English because it will not be understood in Arabic responsive in terms of voice commands takes you immediately to Matrade of the main interface or applications, but sometimes Alknki to Aasamak sometimes we find he does not thing after issuing a voice command so it will not rely on it holistically.

This stunning Alknki a feature facial recognition, which you can say that it will work with you smoothly and without errors, but it will work very quickly and the camera will track your movements very clearly and can interact with you with several games based on Alknki new like the game Kinect Sports Rivals simply Alknki is a technique Amazing developed by Microsoft beautifully beautiful very very very nice.

home screen-580-90

Here we talk about the system and What’s New in it and the first Mastqom its settings is the update of compulsory like Maroina in the PlayStation 4 a renovation you should do it without You can not do anything but look at the main interface and the size of the update almost 500 MB and after installing the update it will restart the device to install the update, then you can work your initial settings such as the region and the other and there is an option to adjust the settings Alknki and voice commands and forgotten that you can work settings Walid Control and television and others.

In the main interface, you will notice that exactly three basic things from the front, a Pins and Home and Store To illustrate Pins is a boxes that appear in the main interface and Home is simply the main interface itself and finally Store is a store which will provide you with several links to several categories such as games and movies and TV channels, music, and finally applications that are mostly Microsoft services in the top there is a search engine that will provide Abajt about what you want and you can use the Pin to put the most important services and applications in the main interface and a reminder that the voice commands will facilitate you a lot of access to what you want.

upload studio editing-580-90

The mention of voice commands, it is very beautiful, for example, you can run the machine by saying Xbox: On the duration it takes to run the device almost 11 seconds, but to remind you to slow down and clarify the exits words when issuing a voice command because if you do not you mention the voice command more than once. Generally You can use the audio in any place, for example, you play, you can request it for transfer, for example, to apply Alskaab and you can run four applications simultaneously, but only one game among the four that can work at one time, and I’ve noticed that some applications take the largest size of memory Alskaab such as random, but you can switch between all four of these applications smoothly and rather quickly.

Of course, still there is the possibility of using the hand control to navigate between the boxes, a quick response and activate the work of four applications at the same time through a single button Add-on when it blew out the device, but the status of inactivity “always on”, it can return to the game very quickly from where it left off But be warned them to issue a voice command For example, if asked to return the machine to toy cars, for example, and you are in another game it will close the game and lose Maouselt him to begin a new game.

Maimcunnina confirmed that multitasking has the widest and most comprehensive mentioned that you can manipulate the four applications, including one game, but in the PlayStation 4 it is limited to only two applications, including one game.

Since we finished explaining voice commands, you will notice from the back of your Xbox Wen there implementers HDMI first in and out and the interest here is that you can connect your receiver to Xbox Wen while the other is to connect the Xbox Wen at the TV screen, and we have seen a number of videos from the Connect PlayStation 4 in Xbox Wen and work your Sony through its birth in the box but unfortunately property TV works through OneGuide and we have experience of this property through the receiver Humax but it’s not working and unfortunately all television services do not work we have here, such as Hulu Plus and Net Flex and other most applications do not work here we have only basic services from Microsoft, such as Sky Driver. to talk about the applications that come with the gaming device Domestic Xbox Wen there is a list of friends, which you will see Berkshire Hathaway, your friends and what they play and what are the achievements that they have to achieve them and then there is a list of applications and games that you can find in List “My Games & Apps” and you’ll see the applications and games as well as games that you have installed through the disk to the hard drive.

Application Party is linked to fully feature the Task Manager Snap which will appear in the list of the right, but the problem here, they do not work smoothly For example, if you want to call one of your friends, it has to be run full screen. Of the best applications that we have seen in the Xbox Wen is an application Alskaab which works to make calls with your friends, whether audio or video, and beautiful it is working with the Department of tasks by dividing the screen and show the picture of the caller or the front side of the game where there is an application and then SkyDrive and where you can raise the files to the cloud storage space.

Regarding in profile and achievements, it can be found in the “Challenges” It has not changed much, but what is beautiful is also a web browser IE Internet Explorer, which supports Arabic beautifully ordered missed him in a new Sony Otherwise service Xbox Music and Showing videos do not work Here in Saudi Arabia.

Property Snap is simply a property concerning the administration of tasks between games to applications to services other than Microsoft, such as music, videos, and Microsoft applications such as Internet IE and Sky Driver but sometimes not be as useful as when running web browser IE the Elsafan be side has You can not read the content of the site and therefore need to increase of the area of ​​the side menu.

Finally we got to the store for the device, which provides little for you to just games, but will give you movies, series, TV channels and store sections will focus on highlighting new things or things famous and forgotten that there is a search engine to search for something specific in the store itself.

Note: The property has been postponed by the broadcast Mazkrt Microsoft!
Application SmartGlass 2.0:

smartglass ios 2-220-100

This application is available on mobile and tablet devices, which has been updated so that it is compatible with the gaming device Domestic Xbox One so that allows you to access the contents of the device through your mobile phone, as it allows you to access your profile point here that I find it as useful as Maroina in the application of the PlayStation but I wish you the same idea Microsoft Remote Play.

Music Snapped_Gameplay_US-580-90

At the moment there is only games a few with your Xbox Wen unfortunately did not see the game take advantage of the new generation of Xbox Wen and Manmlleke at the moment is the game Forza Motorsport 5, a racing game exclusive to this device system graphics and control system races very cool closer Maicon to reality But do not Arai something stunning graphics in the game, but the other is generally Ryse: Son of Rome, a dazzling game in terms of graphics and beautiful in this game that you can take advantage of the combat system based on a sensor Kinect


Microsoft them to find a solution in the launch of the device Xbox One in the Saudi market, especially that the device is a specialist in multimedia more games Most of the services we can not tapped into not activate DNS American except that the machine gave us support for the Arabic language is not as we want, but it’s better than the PlayStation 4 hand control has evolved not much but still excellent and beautiful interface Microsoft Alknki excellent in terms of characteristic facial recognition but through voice commands are good and finally the machine still needs more games to find a strong argument to buy this device.
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Review of the home gaming device Xbox One

The system is very useful, especially in terms of Task Manager
Hand control beautiful!
Device is calm and there is also a beautiful Games
Arabic reads


Most services only exclusive to America
Few exclusive games
Broadcast property does not exist

Detailed assessment


Design 7
Performance 8
Battery 9
Sound 8
Camera 9
System 8
Accessories 9



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