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Almost any modern man is surrounded by gadgets, and each of these gadgets require an internet connection. Buy a separate device for each SIM card and pay monthly bills online – is at least expensive and not very practical. How can that be, you ask, because the gadget without the Internet – it’s like a fish out of water?

Company LEXAND represents great multifunctional device that can easily be able to meet the need of your devices on the Internet, and charging for extra storage. I know you already overdue question of how one device can provide a connection to the web, to charge a smartphone, and even increase the amount of memory available to it? I propose to understand all this in order and start with the appearance and configuration LEXAND LPB-52W.


Thus, the device comes in a cardboard box and bundled it goes cable Micro-USB, velor pouch for transportation and an adapter for the USB-port, which lets you drill hole USB-ports of 180 degrees – why do it, we consider in detail a little later, and now propose to examine the appearance of the LEXAND LPB-52W.



Externally device from LEXAND bit like a portable USB-HDD. The housing has a strict rectangular line and is made of metal and plastic. More specifically, the metal is only the upper lid, which housed LEDs and a button that you can use to get the gadget to display the battery or operation. At the top end housed the main connectors: two USB-ports, the first need to connect a 3G modem, and the second is used to charge other devices. Between the USB-ports there was a place for the RJ-45 connector.



The bottom end is reserved for port Mini-USB, charging through it is a router, right there on the bottom there is a hole in which is hidden a button Reset, it is (as the name implies) resets the device.


At the end of the right can be found on-off slider: it switches between the sources from which the device takes the Internet, it’s either 3G, or wireless internet via Ethernet cable.


On the left side is a slider, but he has three position. The first mode «OFF», with him, I think, is clear. The second mode is indicated by the Latin letter “C” – an abbreviation of the word charger, which can be translated into a great and mighty as charging. In this mode, LEXAND LPB-52W can only charge other devices via a USB-port marked «USB-OUT». The last mode is «ON» – in this mode, the device can give out online and charge other devices.


From the look we almost figured out, it remains, as it were, to look under the hood. The bottom cover is removable, and allows us to do this. Under the hood is located removable battery capacity of 5200 mAh, but under the battery there is a slot micro SD. As you can see, LEXAND LPB-52W – a very difficult thing, and it is equipped with ports, connectors and slots for the full program, but we’ll try to find out why she needs all these charms.


So let’s deal with the order of this wonder-device. First LEXAND LPB-52W – it’s absolutely standalone device, with built-in battery is 5200 mAh, it can work as an access point about 8 hours, and this whole time. router can generate a Wi-Fi-network standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards with support for advanced encryption and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK distribute through the Internet network from three different sources. As a source for the Internet router can serve as a 3G-modem, the other Wi-Fi-network (known as repeater), or as a source can be a wired internet connection. In the case of 3G-modem, everything is quite simple: it has to be inserted into the USB-port labeled 3G.


With the wired internet a bit more complicated. First you need to plug in the Ethernet cable to the RJ-45 port on the front end router, and if your ISP does not require additional configuration, then I congratulate you, but this is not always so most likely you will have to go to the web interface LEXAND LPB-52W and make all necessary settings manually. Interface, by the way, is very simple, and I think those who have ever set up the router, easily sorted out with a web interface LEXAND. By the way, to get there, you need a browser address bar enter: Default name to access the web interface admin, password is the same admin.



Work with wired networks – an opportunity not to excess, and even sometimes very useful, but in my opinion, LEXAND LPB-52W is interesting precisely because it can dole out the internet with 3G-modem, router LEXAND LPB-52W supports most of USB-modems, which can be found on sale, and a full list of all supported models the modem can be found on the official website. Despite the impressive list of supported models Yota LU 150 modem, router LEXAND LPB-52W refused to work, perhaps in the next firmware will correct this annoying flaw.
Modem Huawei e173, which we tested the router has earned without any problems. Router mode distribution 3G runs about 7-8 hours, depending on the load and signal conditions cellular network. Check the maximum number of concurrent connections stated did not work, as I dial 20 devices have failed, and those 9 devices that I was able to find work without any complaints.


As a result, thanks to the router LEXAND LPB-52W, can significantly reduce the cost of the Internet and thus in no way limit ourselves not any rate, no traffic volume, and even any number of simultaneously connected users (up to 20 devices). The benefit of modern service plans provide a rich selection of unlimited packages for the USB-modems. Perhaps you have matured a question, and what actually a bunch LEXAND LPB-52W USB modem plus best turnkey solution that offers almost every operator in the market, I mean 3G – Wi-Fi-routers, such as the “egg” from Yota or similar solutions from other operators. All of these solutions have a number of drawbacks.
First, all of them is locked and will only work on their network, while in the router LEXAND can plug almost any modem of any operator. Secondly, the battery life (which in operator Wi-Fi-router is much smaller and is around 3-4 hours), while the router LEXAND can provide 7-8 hours of continuous operation. Well, the last and perhaps the most important reason that thoroughly outweighs the scales in favor of LEXAND LPB-52W – the functionality of this device is much wider: for example, thanks to all of the same capacious battery router can be used as Power Bank and charge their precious devices. For this LEXAND LPB-52W has 2 USB-connector, one of which is able to charge your gadgets even when the router is in sleep mode and does not distribute on the Internet WI-FI (the same mode “C”). Capacious 5200 mAh battery is capable of a couple of times to charge the average smartphone up to half fill the battery iPad, certainly this possibility can not be superfluous.


The third method of application – use it LEXAND LPB-52W as a media server . The fact is that a router can connect ordinary USB-stick or hard drive and access it on Wi-Fi, so you get a repository of virtually any size. Those who deem the stick sticking out of the router is not very practical and bulky design, handy adapter, which expands the USB-port to 180 degrees.


If you have such an option does not suit you, for you engineers LEXAND have reserved a slot for Micro SD, which is located under the battery. The easiest way to access files on an external drive – use a DLNA-server. It’s enough to install on your smartphone or tablet of any player with DLNA.
Under iOS recently appeared like a lot of players, and everyone can find a suitable option. I personally loved the AcePlayer , in my opinion, it is suitable for this purpose perfectly. Under Android surpasses the number of such programs. Personally, my choice fell on the KX Player , I liked the high speed of the application, but you can find a more suitable options for you personally.
In general, the use of LEXAND LPB-52W as a media server will be in demand among owners of devices whose memory can not be expanded with memory cards. And for the home media server application from LEXAND LPB-52W will fit perfectly. Most modern TVs with smart TV functions are perfectly able to work with technology DLNA.
The fourth version of the application LEXAND LPB-52W I found all of a sudden, when I needed Wi-Fi in the yard of my house, I wanted to work on a bench at the door, and my router is not seeking spawn there, and here I come to the aid of LEXAND LPB-52W with its function as a repeater. How does it work, you ask? Everything is simple. LEXAND LPB-52W connects to your home network and the Internet gives more!


And summing up, I dare say that LEXAND turned extremely useful device that is able to provide all of your devices internet, in case you need to charge, and even in the boot will help you organize your own media server.
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Not more than entertaining … The target audience is very fuzzy. When used as a power bank – 2000, this is not enough. If a router in the way – why not embedded 3G? Sticking flash drive negates mobility (even sideways 😉 ) For the working router weak – certainly not 5 gigogertsovoy network. The only advantage – the battery life. It all depends on the price)) huawei e5776’s the best router built not just 3G but 4G (lte) any sim card inserted and it works as well as a memory card slot and battery 3000 mah that it will last for 10 hours of work) are the most appropriate price for it in the store MTS has sold a cheaper but it zalochili for themselves Yes, only in Moscow and St. Petersburg have the leg Mts better and not get hung up, better buy a decomposed version of Citylink and paste megaphone or beeline, and if catches Rostelecom is better to buy a snapshot of Rostelecom their cheap rates and catches almost everywhere and the speed is good, and the modem from huawei will catch any lte network when they arrive in your town with a bunch of modems standards, in your case, it makes sense to buy it because of the very large battery of modems with built-in 3G and slots for a micro sd and steady 3G signalYes, I do not mean that. 4G simply does not and will in the coming years. and because of this it simply is not for sale even on an Internet website store. As far as the network itself that we mts best catches. 2 years it. Rostelecom and does not even smell. will have to take it to another shop and not for 4G but for the battery, and already my sdyhaet I use Huawei EC 5805 for a year and I drive with him in the car and the entrance is under an outdoor antenna and a built-in modem and memory card, and is connected to a laptop as a modem, and at the same time gives Wi-FI and small and cute, without any human zamorochek.I price.

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