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Of all the movies you can see, this time at the movies The Lego Movie could well be. The funniest, the best, or at least The film is praised in reviews for his humor and the way he continues to surprise the viewer. In the United States showed the film also in terms of visitors already a great success and probably will be no different in Europe, where The Lego Movie from this week also can be seen.

With this in advance successful film a game, hear and experienced gamers will immediately hackles stand on end that communication. A game that comes with a movie, or a licensed game “is often cause for skepticism. Games based on movies are rarely very good. Although the most horrific examples of already released some time ago, again the genre ‘movie games’ will never completely get rid of that stigma. In that respect, gamers will The Lego Movie Videogame not immediately embrace.

Given the genre is thus understandable, but who looks at the other facts will change fairly quickly thought. The game was in fact developed by TT Games, which is the same studio that was responsible for many other Lego games. That began almost a decade ago with Lego Star Wars, and meanwhile passed include Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings Lego revue, while the studio is still working on Lego The Hobbit, which later in the stores must be this spring.

This TT Games has therefore a clear track record when it comes to Lego games. That provides some security, but it also raises questions. Whoever approaches the game as the next Lego game, and not so much as the game that comes with a movie, ask questions such as whether TT Games still manages to innovate. Is making Lego games now mass production for the studio, or strokes developers still to come with original ideas

The Master Builders against Lord Business

The Lego Movie Videogame follows the story of the film, and that provides for gamers who still want to see the film directly in doubt. If you play the game, you get after all, a part of the story of the movie already. The story is explored at various points in the film than in the game, so a really big problem is not. Moreover, the differences between the two go still further. So there are several characters in the film that are not in the game, and the voices of the characters in the game are not recorded by the famous actors who have done for the film. The latter are attracted to other actors, who do as well as possible their best to appear. Their famous colleagues So do you think Will Ferrell or Morgan Freeman to hear, you hear someone actually tries to sound. As one of those famous actors
Not the ‘real’ votes

The latter is not. Missing its effect in the game While nobody can deny that The Lego Movie Videogame certainly a strong dose of humor has significant, it all works less contagious than in the film. Whether it is the b-choice ‘voice actors or the animations in the game itself, the fact is that it has the same level at all, even though some of the jokes are the same. Gamers who often play games in the Lego series have, however, also not too much to worry about: the humor and the presentation are clearly cut from the same cloth as those games, so also there is also not much to worry about.

The Lego Movie Videogame

Movie and game both turn Emmet Brickowski, who becomes involved by chance in the battle between the Lord and Master Builders Business. The latter wants to use the superweapon ‘Kragle’ vernietingen the entire Lego universe. Aided by characters like Wyldstyle and Vitruvius Emmet begins an adventure in which he must prove on Master Builder capabilities to have to finally be able to defeat Lord Business.
Completely built with Lego

Adventure that leads past recognizable Lego settings. That looks familiar is not surprising. The Lego Movie Videogame is the first Lego video game which is composed entirely of Lego bricks. The game world in previous Lego games had a lot of parts that Lego bricks were made, but large parts of the game world were still designed in a ‘normal’ way. If not in The Videogame Lego Movie. The game is built up from A to Z of parts that you can recognize because you had them before, or even have lying around. Somewhere in a box in the attic just That is perhaps the biggest selling point of the game. Never before we played a Lego game where the ‘Lego-DNA’ was so strong.

This course provides the much needed differentiation from other Lego games. That ‘Lego DNA’ is not limited to ostentation. So Emmett and his friends gather ongoing plans, and drawings that he can create separate objects. When building of the objects that you always self selecting at that time is required for the construction. Some Lego-block These puzzles are not very difficult, but do contribute greatly to the atmosphere. Lego toys, and this game world is apparently built with the same toys. Mix of familiar and original gameplay

After his spectacular way the story is ‘invaded’, Emmet soon comes into contact with the Master Builders. Wyldstyles her boyfriend, Batman and the mysterious Vitruvius have special construction features. For example, they need to make piles of Lego, useful objects no manual and can magically combine together to make larger items such as a vehicle or large weapon making. Master Builders who befriend Emmet because they think he is ‘Special’, which according to an old prophecy the Lord Business could beat.
Limited capacities of Emmet

However, the skills of Emmet limited to demolition with a drill and build using manuals, and that is the other characters pretty quickly. They could all those ridiculous buildings put together, and the seemingly limited capabilities of Emmet quickly to ensure that they are a little lose confidence in him. That also translates funny enough to the gameplay. As a player you will probably quickly choose one of the other characters, because just about some more useful skills than Emmet himself. Feature

The Lego Movie Videogame

These skills are needed to overcome. Many different obstacles As Vitruvius has a staff that he can stop at some places in the wall after Wyldstyle with her acrobatic arts can make to achieve what only they can access it. Places use Vitruvius can open special doors while Batman can pull down. With his grappling hook ‘self platfomen This shows The Lego Movie Videogame his gameplay more or less the same structure as the other games in the Lego series. The puzzles have the same style, and who frequently Lego games played will never really have to think about how a situation should be resolved.
Mix of familiarity and originality

For example, The Lego Movie Videogame for experienced ‘Lego gamers a very recognizable exercise, but predictable gameplay bits happy are kept fresh in a number of ways. So you can in this game more than four characters simultaneously have in action for the first time, which can be selected via a selection wheel. In addition, the game also protects occasionally with some original pieces of gameplay, including a chase in a vehicle, or a level by Emmet in freefall all kinds of objects to avoid. The result is a mix of familiar, some unimaginative elements and some more original pieces, and finally the whole is entertaining enough.

The Lego Movie Videogame has a clear agreement with the other Lego games, because just like in the other games you get into this game open areas from where you can walk around freely and can perform additional missions. Also, there are areas that you can achieve with specific characters that you have unlocked, first alone and thus prolongs the TT Games playing some. Yet there is very little of interest to do this ‘hub’ areas. As a result, they are at best a source of extra income, and not more than that. Conclusion

The major problem we face is The Lego Movie Videogame this: you want to play the game really is not until you’ve seen the movie, because the game borrows some scenes of the film, follows the same story and is actually a big spoiler. But if you’ve already seen the movie, the game is not half as funny anymore. The element of surprise is gone, you know some of the jokes already, and thus is one of the biggest plus points of the game away. What remains is more than a nice co-op platformer that original way was built entirely with Lego building pieces and features gameplay that occasionally something recognizable, but still worth it.


Original pieces in gameplay
Many characters
Master Builder creations


Much overlap game and movie
Not all gameplay as original
B-choice ‘voice actors


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