Riverbeds on Mars were formed by the melting of snow




Users with more imagination on simulated images of ancient Mars often see farmland. Some astronomers believe that ancient river channels have been created by flood waters, but other geological features of the Red Planet is not conforming to this model. What is the reason?

According to a new report by researchers at Brown University, one of the natural phenomena can explain all the differences. This phenomenon is well familiar to the inhabitants of the Earth – is the snow.

Of course, most are aware of the presence of a large amount of ice in the north polar cap of Mars, but the snow, which is a form of precipitation characteristic of the Earth, once upon a time was also a peculiar and Mars. Furthermore, periodically change temperature it goes into rain.

Back in 2008, NASA has made a very interesting statement: they have found snow falling from Martian clouds, but it is completely evaporated before reaching the Martian surface. According to the researchers, the snow is the true cause of the river channel near the high mountain ranges.

The report also shows the conceptual model of the ancient Mars, modeled by experts Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique. One of them was named GCM (global circulation model). This model combines all the presently known data on the composition of the early atmosphere of Mars and describes a system of closed currents of air masses.

It is worth recalling that at the present time, there are other models that describe ancient Mars as an extremely cold planet and confirm the likelihood of snowfall even in the valleys.


One of the futuristic concepts of the western hemisphere of Mars billions of years ago, when he still had the atmosphere and oceans.

It is no wonder that scientists have just snow as an explanation and evidence. Similar orographic trends described in a study by graduate student Kate Scanlon of the University of Hawaii.

“Winds blowing from the east do not have sufficient kinetic energy to get to the top of the mountain. This leads to the formation of condensation and precipitation on the eastern side of the island, which is why the climate is very humid east side and is characteristic of the jungle. At the same time the climate in western and dry like a desert. At sufficiently low temperatures, the moisture condenses and precipitation falls as snow. ”

марсоход «Кьюриосити»

Not so long ago, the rover “Kyuriositi” provided information which explains why this model is no longer characteristic of Mars. The fact is that the Red Planet has lost almost the whole atmosphere . Carbon dioxide, like water, evaporated up or down – it remains to be seen.

At the moment, the atmospheric pressure at the surface of Mars is only 0.6 percent of the pressure at the surface of the Earth. For more details about what happened billions of years ago can tell spacecraft MAVEN, the launch of which is scheduled for November 2013 .

It is believed that Mars simply lost the atmosphere 4.2 billion years ago in a collision with a large celestial body whose dimensions are comparable to Pluto.
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