Rounding BenchDB and https / http2 – Development iteration # 87




We have completed our 87th sprint. A particular iteration, because we have completed two large projects we have worked in recent months: the new BenchDB and the transition to https.


Tweakers reviewt a large number of products. Our reviews are always based on objective measurements, we personally in our test lab have collected, regardless of the product type. These measurement data enable us to support our subjective findings with hard data. All the data we collect with these tests, we want to save, compare, find and ultimately presenting beautiful, so we can share them with users. The tool we created earlier, the benchmark database, it was so out of date that a full refactor was necessary.

After more than 140 rounded tickets, months of hard work and a lot more development hours has come. The time has come that we officially complete the BenchDB-refactor. This completely new tool allows editors able to properly manage all the results of product tests and to give good weather graphs, so that we as a basis for review and as additional information on products to show.

Femme wrote the original BenchDB twelve years ago hurriedly over a period of several weeks. Afterwards, there are some enhancements such as displaying graphs hacked into. Because some logic for the BenchDB had to be re-used, it was necessary to dig through the old code. Not an easy task, since the logic in procedural code was of around five thousand lines per file. The BenchDB has been rewritten for object oriented code is constructed using a model viewer controller structure in the Symfony framework.

One of the latest functions which were to be converted, it was compose of indices and the calculation of index numbers. The editors can use this functionality to summarize the results of several tests together in a weighted average and indexed, so that comparing the performance of products easier. In the past, we used performance indices only for storage benchmarks. The new BenchDB management is made more user-friendly so that the functionality can also easily deployed to other product categories.

index Composition

The composition of an imaginary performance index

Https and http / 2

In 2014, we wrote an article about the consideration to switch to https, and like to read was an extensive background article , we’ve made ​​the switch in the past week. An informed choice, and a big project, which in addition to the product and development team nearly every department within Tweakers was involved.

After the successful release of last week, we see the first effects. By the release of https most browsers can now also use the HTTP / 2 protocol. Immediately after the release at half past ten, can be seen in the graph below, the effect was the release on the number of SSL requests for http / 1, and HTTP / 2.



Furthermore, we have entered the battle with our technical debt on the part subscriptions. Thus we make it possible in future to make monthly payments.


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