Rumor: HP comes next week with cheap Android smartphone




Rumor: HP comes next week with cheap Android smartphone

HP may come next week with its first Android smartphone. The device, with unknown specifications, but a big screen, it would cost $ 200 and will be focused. Especially in emerging markets HP has stopped a few years ago with making phones.

The 9to5Google website reported that the first Android phone from HP could be announced as early as next week, but notes that postponement is possible. The website says to rely on an anonymous source within HP. Who would have said that the unit of $ 200 is designed for emerging markets. It is unclear whether the device will nevertheless be sold. Developed markets such as the Netherlands and Belgium Is not that so, then the device would be able to find. Way to Europe through gray imports

Would resemble that of the Galaxy Note. Appearance of the device That means it’s probably a great handset: the Note has a screen of 5.7 “It is unclear what concessions are made to the device nevertheless a price of 200 dollars to give..

HP had a few years ago for its own operating system in phones, WebOS, but that was a flop, and since then, HP has made no phones anymore. However, the company’s tablets. Produces Earlier, the company wishes to take. Already back phones

HP Pre 3

The latest phone from HP so far: the Pre 3

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