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With Sacred 3 developer Keen Games deviates significantly from the formula. There is no open world game more, so there is much less to explore. It is especially unfortunate that so little is possible in the game. Characters have few skills, and can also be adapted limited. However, the game looks pretty good and has a nice co-op game mode.

Looks good


Few options during fight
Upgrading character limit
Control Windows version unpleasant

Tweakers says bad

Who Sacred and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has played, might come with the new Sacred 3 sometimes disappointed. Developer Keen Games dares to significantly depart from the existing formula off. In short; road is the open game world and away is exploring. Sacred 3 is still an action RPG in the vein of games like Diablo III. You are viewing the world so still from isometric perspective and you still have a limited number of skills for you to defend against hordes of computer-controlled opponents.

Only the open game world is now replaced by a long series of small levels that quite linear. There are sometimes short side paths where even what treasures are to be found, but for the adventurous gamer there is actually very little to get in Sacred 3 that the levels are so small has the advantage that Keen Games graphic can unpack. The appearance is the strongest part of the game. Especially on a PC the game looks good, where you nice far isometric depth can watch occasionally. Keen sometimes gets the camera slightly down so you remember what you look further afield. As with Diablo III Keen Games has chosen a colorful appearance, with especially noticeable effects of different skills, weapons and spells. The different levels are varied enough. From jungle to Mediterranean cities there is anything beyond.

As said; hence we have actually already had the strongest part of the game. The game is also a bit boring. This is mainly because Keen Games has cut back. Really Where the previous parts were yummy extensive RPG’s where there for players to choose everything fell, Keen Games has things pretty undressed. There is little variation in the battles that you provide. There are plenty of different opponents, but they do suspect often the same. Different appearance, other securities, but the same operations, that’s what it actually means. In itself, the opponents have a shield fun to fight. Each class has a Shield Bash allows you to temporarily stun. Such opponents Only after Bash – if their shield is down – you can hit them. Especially when you are surrounded by such opponents, it is important to fit on you. Count Still as a Bash handing beech and then continue again.

Sacred 3

That is, more beech or continue shooting, because there are four different classes that you can choose from, including the archer Vajra Khukuri Archer. The other three big names: Marak Safiri the Warrior, the Althea Ancarian Lancer Claire and the Seraphim Paladin. They are equipped with a one-handed hammer, spear or sword, already makes little practical difference. The hammer is a bit slower than the sword, but that’s about it. There is a difference in the two special moves that each class has. Each class has Light and Heavy Combat Combat. As you play it during the game more and more free. Ultimately, each class about four light and heavy as many moves, all in a handful steps to upgrade.

However, the specials are roughly comparable. Light and heavy not, even by class and not for the different classes. They are useful and you’ll desperately need to defeat the hordes of enemies and various small and larger bosses but plenty of variety is not there. So actually only the Archer something else, because it is the only ranged class in the game.

Useful feature is that you have a Dash, a diving which you can escape. The heat of battle You possibly can trade it for a block, but the dive is much more useful, especially in battle with the bosses already mentioned. That is how the battles look; unadulterated button bashing with your weapon at times targeted a Shield Bash hand out to take down a shield and at the right moments ducking to avoid. chorus: And then we have the most fun not mentioned; weakened opponents fall down and you can then finish with Execute. With a leap share your last blow, including bystanders are bowled over. It’s a nice reward while fighting and you can even take away from the busy fray too.

In itself there is nothing wrong with fighting alone, there is little development. Enemies have little variation and your skills to be upgraded, but a lot of difference either. Makes So it will be quickly put on a repeat. It is in this typical RPG aspect; the development of your character and expand your capabilities, shoot Sacred third most deficient. While that therefore was present in its predecessors. Moreover, the story leaves much to be desired. It’s typical fantasy, but the most boring kind. The dialogues are equally depressing, all the voice actors who seem Keen Games has hired it on fire. They seem to have the caller leaving all those obligatory sentences. Had a lot of fun

Sacred 3

It should give us something from the heart. The operation of the Windows version we tried was not quite to our taste. There are at such an isometric action-RPG’s two schools. For those of Diablo you doing anything with the mouse: move if both attacks. In Sacred 3 has been chosen the other school where you move with W, S, A and D. The drawback is that the levels of aesthetic considerations are made that the straight line that you have to follow diagonally across the image is often so . Then you need to run, which is not very intuitive. Ahead two keys Dash also works on the PC is not really well, while it is an important part of your arsenal. Fortunately, the game also play on the PC with a controller and then you will not notice. A controller is also the best input method for the game, even under Windows. There will not be any fan happy.

Keen Games has fortunately still a surprise, because even though the game in single play is not equally convincing, Sacred 3 is in co-op to better advantage. Supporters are easily found online and the game adjusts the difficulty level automatically. There are also situations in the 40 levels of the game, which are ideal for co-op. In addition, a player must, for example turning a wheel while the others stop the hordes of enemies. These confrontations are also resolve solo but seem created with co-op in mind.

Sacred 3 differs from the formula of its predecessors. That in itself is of course not really, only Keen Games has the formula very undressed here. For an RPG you have very few options, both in fighting and in upgrading your character. It makes different classes somewhat boring. The world looks good and as long as you use a controller, the game also plays smoothly. But because you have so few options, it becomes quite boring; also because there is little variation in the enemies. In co-op is the game to enjoy longer. Due to the hectic miss the lack of options while less.


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