Saga”: the application records the daily life of smart phone users




The application of the “Saga” a record of the stations of the lives of its users to track their location and daily activities

Storing smartphones inside a great potential to monitor and track the behavior of users from more than one hand, and tries to apply “Saga” Saga utilized to advance the date for the life of its users How To reluctant to them, and the daily activities that they practice automatically, without forcing the user to enter data itself, as taught application their usual lifestyle to suggest appropriate activities.

Not only the application of “Saga”, which is available free of charge to regular “IOS” and “Android” , in the monitoring of the user’s location on the Global Positioning System or “GPS”, but seeks to minimize its use as much as possible against the use of sensors other available in the phone such as camera, speaker and measure atmospheric pressure or “barometer”, as well as recorded by other applications such as those specialized for monitoring the performance of the user to fitness exercises, updates and images published by the various social networks such as “Facebook” and “Twitter.”

Can be through the data being collected from tools such as amplifiers and light sensor in the camera inferred place user Ctoagda in the conference room or in one of the cafes or outdoors, and whether alone or accompanied by one. And used a “Saga” system “Android” barometer or measure atmospheric pressure, which is located in some types of smart phones, to locate the user accurately in places near each other; فاختلاف pressure level shows the difference between the first floor and the third in a single building, and between the inside and outside of the car .

After a period of use of the “Saga” provides tables and graphs for different user Kalawqat the activities which they leave to work, and how long it takes in the transport system, and compares it with other users. As expected the place where the user wishes going to suggest the best way to reach or nearby places to go, like some of which make it available PDA such as “Siri” and “Google Now”.
Monitors “Saga” geographical location of the user and can over time display graphs about his daily activities

Monitors “Saga” geographical location of the user and can over time display graphs about his daily activities

And is characterized by the application down consumption of energy through the coordination of a number of sensors available in the phone; since consumes about 1% of battery power, which is much less than some common applications such as maps, e-mail and social networking, according to Andy Hikal, CEO of “AR or ” ARO is responsible for application development.

Hikal says that with the monitoring of the application for the survival of one of the users to work for nine hours, for example, can reduce the collection of data, so that it uses the least amount of energy possible. On the contrary, when the monitoring accelerometer index built into the phone to the user movement, begins with “Saga” work and make sure the site using the change in the wireless network, “Wi-Fi” phone, which is located in scope.

It also tests the company “AR or” update for the application of the “Saga” allows him to collect data on the sounds and lighting in the vicinity of the user to deduce them on the site. He says because Clifton, responsible for the development of a “Android”, to use the loudspeaker to collect fingerprints Sounds of different places value of the signal to determine the exact geographical location, and thus infer what the user is doing.

And moving the company “AR or” to search for different ways to get revenue from their application; began renting some of its technology to other companies interested in the study of the behavior of the users. It also seeks to analyze the data recorded for the activities of the users of the application. And says Hikal Andy, that when the team visited the U.S. National Football city of Seattle, it was possible to users through the registration form and nature of monitoring their movements on this occasion. He believes that such analyzes According to official Almjhat, and companies when planning for similar figures in the future.

See Andrew Campbell, a researcher at the sensor smart phones in the college, “Dartmouth” of America, that the future will demand the “Saga” and similar applications dealing with the registration of users with a life removed from the burden of recording data themselves. And works Campbell on a similar experience involving sixty students, and using the application “Byoraaitham” collects data about the lives of the participants techniques different from monitoring the ambient sounds that might indicate to integrate into a conversation, and through that can be accessed for analysis linking the activity of the student and his performance the school and the nature of his personality in terms of The tendency to socialize with others and health status.

The following video explains the nature of the work “Saga”:

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