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Samsung has with the 950 Pro released a nvme drive for consumers. This will bring very good performance without too high costs within the reach of a large group of users. The 512GB version of the 950 Pro is slightly better priced than the 256GB version, if we look at the price per gigabyte, and the performance is generally poorer. However, the 512GB version has the same problems with drivers and thermal throttling, although the latter, in practice it seems to fall.

Very fast
Relatively favorable price-gigabyte ratio


Drivers still in beta
Thermal throttling under heavy load

Final Verdict
Tweakers zegt: 7,5
Price at time of publication: € 330, –
Available from: € 325.95
Tested version: Samsung 950 Pro 512GB

When Samsung are 950 Pro Series SSDs introduced, the series was for us the fact of only one variant: the 256GB version. The 512GB version of Samsung nvme drive in m2 form factor was hardly available, not least because laptop manufacturer BTO the Dutch market had bought quite empty. That is also the origin of the 512GB version we tested; when a BTO 17CL80 laptop with two 950 Pro SSD in review came at us, we saw our chance to screw a clean copy from the laptop and to submit to our benchmarks.

Samsung 950 Pro 256GB

Obviously we refer to the background at the 950 Pro to our previous review. For the 512GB version we suffice with a brief presentation of the results to compare it with that of its smaller brother and some competing drives.

In the purely synthetic benchmark, AS SSD 950 Pro is one of the fastest drives we’ve tested so far. Only Intel 750 drive allows data marginally faster sequential read and random write performance of that drive are considerably better.

In a large part of our traces, which we all disk operations are included while using a PC and forth play, scored 950 Pro the best, and the 512GB version scores often better than the smaller version. In the average of all traces displayed as a score of StorageMark, dominate the 950 Pro SSD whatsoever. Compared to one of the fastest 2.5 “-sata-SSDs, the 850 Pro, the performance gain of the nvme drives is obvious.

There is no doubt that nvme drive parts is faster than ahci alternatives, whether connected via SATA or PCI Express. The 950 Pro is one of the fastest SSDs that you can buy and rarely tolerates another drive for himself in the benchmarks. The only caveat here involves cooling. In very heavy workloads, which did not actually occur in everyday use, the Pro 950 can suffer from thermal throttling. In addition, the performance will be temporarily screwed down to prevent overheating and damage to the drive. With sufficient cooling in the housing, however, it will not easily occur. Since its introduction, the price of the 950 Pro is barely fallen, but the 512GB version is priced per gigabyte more attractive than the smaller 256GB version.

Lowest rates: Samsung 950 Pro 512GB
Store Rating Price Total

Score: 3.5

€ 332.24

€ 332.24


Score: 4.5

€ 332.80

€ 332.80


Score: 4.5

€ 332.90

€ 332.90


Score: 4.5

€ 325.95

€ 332.90


Score: 4

€ 329.12

€ 334.07


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