Samsung: From smartphones, women and nail polish




Samsung: From smartphones, women and nail polish

A true Broadway show has Samsung just delivered last night when they presented the Galaxy S 4. Well – it has at least tried it. In the meantime, the network accumulates criticism of the type of performance.
Samsung: From smartphones, women and nail polish

I commented on the edge already in some other articles on the Galaxy S 4 to the performer and the more I watch Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, the more manifest the impression that I was using in my opinion there is not really stand alone. Example Robert Scoble :

Samsung really screwed up with its Galaxy S4 presentation. Whoever planned it should be fired.

So, here’s some rules.

First Your presentation should NEVER take away from the product.
Second Your presentation should NEVER alienate some of your customers (the presentation was extremely sexist and tone deaf and that’s not me saying that, it was Leo Laporte. I agree, BTW).
Third You should make it easy to understand the next features. Samsung made it hard to really get what’s new here.

On the one hand there is certainly laudable attempt Samsung to bring us the new features somehow playful detail. Makes sense, too basically because Specs boring grind down is just not abendf├╝llend. On the other hand, however, the implementation of this story. Sasha also has in his commentary up this topic:

Broadway disaster … full of sexist innuendo, which was discussed in the social media-intensive than the actual actor, namely the S4 …

I usually do not even give the “Frauenversteher” and even with the outcry debate has recently become me queasy in the stomach, but the representation of women from Samsung’s point of view last night was already suspected in one direction with Herman’schen dimensions .

If I have understood correctly as Samsung in the presentation, and the typical woman’s smartphone -Benutzerin just the cricket in colorful dresses, which – as the man deserves the coal, of course – to do a lot of great things is: Dealing with the other women with colorful dresses make, Nail polish, the gardener staring at the backside and sometimes liked one over the thirst.

Personally, I have it sometimes perceived as stereotypical, sexist and little modern image, which was drawn here. Maybe I understand the musical story about the Broadway not only correct but also – perhaps must be such that in the context of these shows an American ideal world is outlined in the Fifties, which is not much less creepy than the German folk music shows are where the sun, good spirits and heal the world on a mountain is mentioned.

Now I have somehow just talking about how this event has occurred to me, here is how it should rather be about how my dear and esteemed colleague Nicole Scott has seen the theater. If I already felt sick at times of the execution of the event, so Nicole has in the 50 minutes about a dozen times your jaw is dropped. She then made a curved front of the camera and even summarized in a few minutes what was your impression of the Galaxy S4 presentation.

We both agree that this is a great smartphone was sold entirely in value, simply because it has played a much too small a role in the whole event. Quite rightly, they questioned the logic of Samsungs, after you use a touch screen can not, if you have fingernails, where the nail polish is still wet. Tapping actually in South Korea with his fingernails? In addition, I was over the whole period the impression not go like trying to explain its features to a not quite clever toddler – even Nicole feels as rightly fooled. Unfortunately, Nicole express their displeasure only in English, but she speaks plainly and clearly so that even a zero-English as I understand, I am confident that I present you can also play this clip here. I would appreciate if you please leave us feedback with your impressions of the event. That you can do like it here in the comments, but I’m sure that Nicole and Feedback on the YouTube page would look.


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