Samsung Galaxy S IV: style, practicality, the trend




Galaxy S IV: style, practicality, the trend


After reading the article my colleague , I was saddened. Angry is not that Galaxy S IV called “remnants” and the fact that I was misunderstood and quoted. Usually I try to write only objective facts, and do not let myself go to the emotions, too speak in the defense of a product, to sing his praises and loudly shouting that this or that device, “the coolest on the market.” I’m for fairness. And always called this his colleagues. But today I will allow myself to move away from their own beliefs, tell them in the defense of the new flagship of the South Korean company, and I will try to explain why the Galaxy S IV – it’s cool, and why this device will be sold millions of copies.

I have to say I am not a fan or even a fan of Samsung and their line of Galaxy, I’m just not a fan and a fan of Apple products, and in particular their smartphones iPhone . Anyway, I’ll soon be the proud owners of new Sony Xperia Z. But if at some point I was offered a choice between Samsung, its Galaxy S IV, and Apple with its iPhone 5, I would choose Samsung. Not because I love this company, no – on the market for South Korean competitors are worthy champions, and in the near future there will be even more necessary – simply because there is Android. Because it is closer to me that platform. It is more flexible in terms of setting and marking time as iOS from Apple. But first things first.


I noticed that most of the Galaxy S III, and now the Galaxy S IV abuse and called “remnants” fans, or just people who have chosen to buy iPhone. This is not surprising, because the two main rivals – Samsung and Apple – are fighting not only for the front court, but at the front of market. But interestingly, it is Apple dictates people should look like device. And people are, and begin to repeat it almost like a prayer. But probably the same people forget that once and the iPhone itself was the same, “leftover”, and it lasted until the moment Apple introduced a completely new device called the iPhone 4, made in aluminum housing and glass and with a completely new design. It’s not even what kind of material is used – we’ll talk about below – but the fact that the great John Quince (who does not know, is the main designer of Apple) is not really so often muse of inspiration, as this would wanted. As many as three first-generation iPhone look exactly the same.

In addition, three new generation – iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 also look the same. Now there is certainly some people who will foam at the mouth to prove that all of these devices are different. This is so, they are different. But they are not different in the general shape and style – they are different in detail. Of course, I’m not a designer, but I’m not an idiot not to realize that I was trying to sell the same for the type of device that has just changed the color of some items were moved and changed some connectors speaker grilles. iPhone 5 in its form – it is the same brick (though now extended from what looks pretty funny), what was more iPhone 4, and then the 4S. If we admit to ourselves, we can see that the complete re-design of the iPhone happened only once – when she was a model of iPhone 4. However, all is still “swallowed” and ran with joyful hooting attributed their money at the store for a box with a cherished apple.

Below is a photo that shows the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Without a ruler and compass, try to find at least three differences just by looking at the picture.


Now look at the photo, which shows the Galaxy S, S II and S III. Then, without a ruler becomes clear that the overall appearance is quite different devices.

Samsung Galaxy S

So why is he Galaxy S IV decided to do the same seems to be on his predecessor? Someone in the comments made a very clever remark that the figure “4” for the Koreans is unhappy, so they do not have to invent anything really new and just decided to hurry her to “pass.” Maybe this is the case. But I think that for business, superstition – is the last thing. The company simply decided that enough already dig in its heels and dance to the tune of its main competitor. Galaxy S III excellent sale now. So why not just take it and improve it? So she did. On the one hand it is a shame, but such behavior is forced on her own Apple. As for Sony, HTC and BlackBerry here quite another matter. For Sony was necessary to move away from the concept of the final Sony Ericsson, and to do something new just under one single brand. HTC and BlackBerry, while “near death”, just had to gather all my strength and adjust to the market to release a brand new product. You may notice that BlackBerry trying more – in the end, she released the first full touchscreen smartphone – but in this case with my HTC One is looking more attractive. But this is again a matter of taste.


Samsung advocates the use of plastic, not only in their leader, and in general in all its line of smartphones. Of course, this stuff looks less attractive (read: give less bonus.), Compared with the same aluminum. But I totally agree with Samsung. Just because the aluminum looks attractive only to the first fall on a hard floor (concrete, asphalt, tile, and so on). If any of the readers are those who dropped their “iPhones” on a hard surface, then they will understand me.

Samsung same approach on this issue is more practical. No one will argue that smartphones are no longer with devices that are used only the elite bankers, financiers, lawyers and other members of the “higher” levels of society. Smartphones have become a part of everyday life for virtually any Vasey, Petit, Coley – ordinary students who are “working at McDonalds” to make on these smartphones. Premiumnyh niche devices do (although they occupied before her) company like Virtu, Gresso, D & G … But now they are even more differentiated from the common market.

Samsung also choose plastic because it is more flexible and better absorbs physical damage. Yes it’s cheap. Cheaper than aluminum. But this is precisely lies the advantage of using it. Plastic part is much cheaper to replace than aluminum. Galaxy not cast housing, and hence can replace almost any part of it. Dropped on the pavement and cracked the back cover? No problem, go to the store for a new back cover. By the way, at the expense of them. The point is that, thanks to our friends the Chinese can buy back cover for Galaxy S III (and I am sure that soon for S IV) for every taste: though plastic, even metal, even gold or platinum. Explain how this might be done, I will not. Just search the Internet.
And with the iPhone like? Dropped to the pavement, bent corner and scraped the side? Well, either get used to, or forward to the store for the new iPhone. Because the cost of replacement parts for this device so that it is easier to take and buy a new one.

galaxy s4

The bottom line is that our students Vasey, Petit, Coley course it will be easier to replace (and being quite expensive) broken parts. That is why the flagship Galaxy choose many millions of people. And you thought that all these millions of people are in the “high society”?

In addition, Samsung is not fixated on one color. As companies realize that everyone is different and everyone has their own tastes and preferences in color. Do you want red? Please. Purple? No problem. And yes, even pink not forget to look, he will love your girl. iPhone in this respect is similar to the old movies, black and white. Lack of diversity personally drives me into depression. Buy colored bumpers and cases? Why? What will it change? – “I want a red device itself.” – “Sorry, but only black and white. You what? ‘. I pass.


Proponents of Android, (and maybe iOS) are likely to agree with me that now rule the market dictated not Apple, and the market itself. At the moment there is a boom in smartphones with big screens and big-eyed cameras. The evidence? Easily. Apple itself had to succumb to the trend and increase the screen of your smartphone to 4 inches. Yes, at the moment he is the youngest leader in the market, but that once the company beat his chest with his fists, and said that a 3.5-inch mobile device – it’s almost canonical ideal and it will never change it. And what do we see now? Apple has had to sacrifice their own principles and increase the device’s screen. Otherwise, it would just become a losing market. It turns out that all the religious talk on sizes were just zilch? Apple could not keep the trend, because the market is known to be constantly evolving, it is only necessary to give the necessary impetus. What Apple did in 2007.

Go to the hardware and software. Speaking of the “constant shortage of battery” and “proprietary interface pritormazhivaenii Android» My colleague Ilya Khel little disingenuous. First, just because the constant lack of battery is inherent in any and all of today’s smartphones, including the iPhone. It all depends on how active you are using the machine. And secondly, because Android on Samsung SGS III «lag” is not as common as it is referred to by those who ultimately decided to go “because of the constant lag” on iOS. In this case, I often have the idea that people just need a way to justify the purchase of an expensive smartphone for 30,000 rubles (ie, the iPhone).

Speaking of the hardware devices based on Android, too, I always stick to the same position. Inability optimization. In this case, I compare this issue in terms of “console vs PC.” As you know, the console developed over the years, much time and require optimization. But in the end it turns out that the consoles are on the same hardware, which does not change throughout the years 5-7. Of course, for a game developer a lot easier to optimize your code just under one iron, and not try to optimize it for a lot of CPU, GPU, types of memory, hard drive and so on. It’s just physically impossible. That is why the developers of PC hardware try to be friends with the creators of games to see in the resulting labels like cutscenes «Better graphics with NVIDIA» or «AMD Ready». But in any case the PC has “lag”. Not because the game developers (and other games) shalturili (although this is not a rare event), but simply because that NVIDIA and AMD (as an example) sells licenses for the production of iron other vendors – MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock XFX and so on. They in turn can already change the “original disc” and collect all that they want. And this is an additional item on the question of optimization.

The same can be seen with Android. He is one, and smartphone manufacturers are ready to use it in their devices – a lot. It turns out that often can be found on Android-smartphones small “podlagivaniya” interface. But this problem can be solved simply – buy smart phones under the brand name Nexus. Once they get all the most delicious first, and only they are much less likely to “lag” interface. Just because these smartphones creates (or rather orders their creation) Google, which sharpens a very soft metal.

Companies other than marketing purposes (“we have more cores and in general we are the smartest smart phones”) literally every time they step up “meat” in their devices. After all, the Android platform is constantly evolving, for its use requires more memory, more processor speed and the like. The same thing with the PC market.

This situation has only two options. Or every manufacturer of smartphones and tablets will begin to create their own operating system that it is “locked up” for iron, as does Apple, or wait a few years until Google optimizes its operating system for a single device. Now count the number of devices manufactured by the company and imagine how many years will eventually require the optimization of all (at least in part a product range).

Since both of these options are impractical, the producers are left to somehow come out of the situation by increasing the very “meat.” So an 8-core is no longer seem ridiculous pampering. Nobody knows what all we come in the future.


As for software, there is a Samsung on ideology of the operating system Android – provides the freedom of choice. Apple, in turn, talking about the iOS, you made a choice for myself. Personally, I feel closer to the first approach, rather than the second. But, of course, there are many people who like the second approach.

Again, personally, I can not call the function S Translator S Health and utterly useless. The first makes it easier to communicate with foreigners, and the second – to monitor their health. The problem with S Translator, of course, is – a small number of supported languages. But this problem will solve a simple upgrade in the future. After all, Siri (which in my opinion is much more useless for our market than the two functions above) also recognize the first few languages. As for the S Health, here I see no problems at all. It’s just a useful addition and without functional smartphone.

Without any doubt, in addition to Android very useful programs and a lot of unnecessary waste of applications. But the important thing is what it is. Is not this freedom of choice? When you do not keep a pen and show that you can do, and what not, and when you yourself decide what you need and what is not necessary?

It is because of the freedom to choose Galaxy S IV in all, it will be one of the best selling and most popular smartphones in 2013.

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