Samsung Galaxy S4: plastic, gloss, soap, consumer goods




Samsung Galaxy S4: plastic, gloss, soap, and consumer goods 15 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

That night tehnogigant Samsung, almost the only person representing the Android-smartphone market, introduced the latest development of South Korean mobile engineers: Galaxy S4. To say that this smartphone a lot of people waiting for – to say nothing. But that, in essence, were lovers wide touchscreen phone operating system from Google? I am not afraid of the word: nothing.

Let’s go back to 2005, when the world has not seen the iPhone, and with sufficiently large phones with tiny (by today’s standards) displays. Despite the dominance of assorted phones and manufacturers in the market and in the stores equipment, choose, in essence, was not anything else. People wanted to just “call”, and the best camera on a mobile device to take pictures that are comparable in quality to those that can make the front camera of today. Of course, many squeezed out polutoradyuymovogo display the maximum (thanks GPRS and Opera mini), but the fact is that people do not know what they want, because they want to have nothing to do. And did not know what to pay. Primordial soup, grab and run.

After the release of Galaxy S4, I realized that people will again do not know what they want. Smart phones have become a way of life, and therefore, the South Korean company realizes that one of the people who have not yet joined the rhythmic rate sensor technologies (or vice versa – are used to and want to display a little more), many will choose “more powerful, stronger.” And bet on such a ridiculous advantage that can be torn bellies, listening to the 441 ppi, reducing weight by 3 grams, 8-core chip and a 13-megapixel camera. That is exactly what that is worth to throw Galaxy S3 and take a new Galaxy S4, paying (this has not been canceled) are very good money?

Here is the problem. When the manufacturer updates the line’s flagship smartphone device over which the year beating the best minds, the upgrade should be significant. Weighty enough to add to the number 3 and get 1 4. People believe in it, because the last five years mobile device manufacturers and do. And will the iconic device (like iPhone 4S), being just a supplemented version – is another question. But not vice versa. Samsung is known for its marketing machine, and much more beneficial to her are not Samsung Galaxy «es three and a half,” and a full “four.” Thus mislead people far removed from the world of technology. I am sure one hundred percent that the owner of Galaxy S3, being in his right mind would be “updated” to S4.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, many people thought update “minor” and started spitting, alluding to the fact that “Apple without Steve Jobs is not the same.” Now look at the Samsung. Samsung Apple does not repeat the feat to make a revolution and sell huge numbers of devices, and to give people new to the old packaging. So that people will not understand what you pay for. But not for that.
What’s New in the Samsung Galaxy S IV?

Galaxy S4 и Galaxy S3

Even my colleague who mountain behind Samsung and denies Apple, said that, “if the good, the new leader was to receive the name of the Galaxy S III Plus, or something like that.”

Software? With all due respect to the good development of information technology, I do not believe that the software from Samsung’s all good. “Patented snubs interface” from Android and the persistent shortage of batteries (and what to feed the 4.9-inch PenTile?) Is not going anywhere. Translator S Translator. Excellent. Joint breed of music in two or more Galaxy S4. Unbelievable. Appendix S Health, to oversee its not the most healthy way of life. Indescribable. And TouchWiz, now experiencing the same problems of middle age of user interfaces that dryahlenkaya iOS. As they say in Russia, “we began to dress better.”

The hardware? Not a novelty that capacity “meat” such as raising the CPU core (which has nothing to send), increasing the battery capacity by 500 points (which still does not solve the problem of discharge) and pixel density (which is much higher than that of the device with you are now reading this text) weather does not. Samsung just mocks, using a proven strategy that helps her pull loot the same “shovel”, who styles Galaxy S3: People hawala.

Design? Here I let my righteous anger break out in full force, and solemnly promise that the five-inch bar of soap had the ear not subcarrier. Look in the direction of design moving modern smartphones. HTC introduced the HTC One – elegant, fresh and distilled, but alas, hopeless and painfully reminiscent iPhone. Sony surprised the market with the Xperia Z, even though he was “cheating” the buyer after the purchase – touch he is clearly not the same as the view. And then – the bomb – Samsung released another Galaxy S is not just virtually in the same envelope as the previous one, but the gloss shine even in pitch darkness. Apparently, the smell of it, too, as the soap. Samsung invented soap. When I fear that the snow removing consumer goods will be sold millions of copies, I decided that either the world has gone mad, or Encouraged by the success Samsung has decided not to stand on ceremony, and record the number of fools in their target audience.

Before you will score me with sticks, I note that I do not mind a 5-inch display. But not in such a miserable shell, well, really. So do not think I’m alone. Our readers indignant comments as well as in Twitter . Samsung marketing machine leaves no chance of competitors in the market of Android, and the only thing that can cure – the adequacy of future buyers. Samsung Galaxy S4 – it is a Pyrrhic victory for the smartphone market.

To top it off I want to ask the readers a question. For example, in Russia will HTC One at $ 30 000. Suppose Galaxy S4 will cost the same amount of rubles. You break a piggy bank and buy … Samsung Galaxy S4? But what makes you make this choice? You understand that such aggressive advertising policy and for such, it’s not cheap, the trick does not.

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