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Since 2011, Samsung Galaxy Note brings every September on the market and each year the unit seems to be popular again. Was for the first Note chuckled a bit because of the then huge screen of 5.3 “, last September, Samsung managed to score highly with the Note 4, which was praised for the beautiful quad high-definition screen of 5.7” the powerful hardware and the good camera.

In September the company comes with the Note 5; Again a 5.7 “phone with qHD screen, but with rapid soc, improved camera, more memory and improved S-Pen. The famous micro SD slot has been left out this time and the back is not removable, just as happened earlier in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

All this is for people in Europe actually totally irrelevant, because the Note 5 will not appear here. Only in North America and a select number of Asian countries comes from the phone; the rest of the world may this fall with the Galaxy S6 + Edge started. This is the name says it all, a larger version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, with no 5,1 “- but a 5.7” screen. Also new are the extra gigabyte of memory, new accessories and some adjustments in the software.

The S6 + Edge, along with the Note 5 on August 13 announced in New York, but we could already briefly with Edge + to work to see if Samsung’s strategy for this fall is a good one.

Galaxy S6 Edge +
Galaxy S6 Edge +
Galaxy S6 Edge +

A large S6 Edge

You can not describe the S6 Edge + more effective than ‘a bigger S6 Edge’. As with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus eyes, the two Edge-phones identical, with the same use of materials, the same finish and same type of curved amoledscherm. The rim is made of metal, glass and under the back of the screen adorns the fingerprint scanner we know from other S6 models. So the S6 + Edge is designed for people who find an S6 Edge cool, but prefer a larger phone. It is the hope of Samsung that people who normally would buy a Note, this year for the Edge +. For a phone with a 5.7 “Edge S6 + is otherwise quite compact, the width measuring only 75,8mm, while the Note 4 was 78,6mm wide.

Apart from size, there are some differences with the S6 Edge. For example, instead of 3GB memory lpddr4 now lpddr4 4GB memory available. The soc with which it is in communication, is the same as that of the other S6 phones: the Exynos 7420, a octacore-chip with a cluster of a cluster of Cortex and A53- A57 Cortex-cores. 32GB storage memory is again available, like the known combination of a 16-megapixel camera on the back and a model with 5 megapixel on the front of the phone. The battery has a capacity of 3000mAh, 400mAh more than the S6 Edge.

Galaxy S6 Edge +
Galaxy S6 Edge +

The Galaxy S6 and S6 + Edge Edge
More memory

That extra gigabyte of memory is not a luxury, because one of the criticisms of the Galaxy S6 is that users call after some time at the limits of memory. Samsung has the memory of the S6 phones adjusted pretty tight, so you do not many apps you have open in the background. In addition, Samsung’s own software opsnoept a substantial part of the memory, leaving less for apps.

On a ‘fresh’ device it is difficult to test the speed and responsiveness, as hardly any third-party apps on it. Well, we could just see how much memory the firmware of the S6 + Edge reserve standard, and that’s a lot. On a Galaxy S6 it is normal that the system is about 1.2 to 1,4GB in opsoupeert ram; the S6 Edge + we saw a peak of up to 2,2GB which the extra gigabyte of memory was virtually wiped out.

We have to put the caveat that the phones were running test software which probably debugging and logging tools were ingrained, which also occupy some of the memory. Samsung hinted that it is working hard to improve the performance and memory usage at each update of the S6, so for a real verdict on this we have to wait until early September, when the S6 + Edge comes out.

S6 + People Edge Edge Along with the Edge + Samsung introduces a number of new software features that it has added to its TouchWiz skin. The most interesting is the expansion of the People Edge, the vertical menu that you see when you swipe from the right side inside on the touchscreen. The S6 Edge could contact shortcuts in this place, but no more. The Edge + is also possible to include apps in this list so you can quickly get to your favorites.

The rest of the adjustments is little shocking, like the expansion of the People Edge actually. It is now possible to set up a live video stream from the camera and transmit it directly to YouTube. We got them a demo and although it took some time before the connection was established, the quality was fine in the end. However, there is a considerable delay in the stream – Samsung itself had about twenty seconds – which it all less real than, say Periscope. That service has, moreover, a lot of supporters gathered in the last months and it is therefore questionable whether Samsung can compete.

In audio S6 + Edge has a new Bluetooth audio codec from Samsung, which is used should provide better sound quality when the phone with one of Samsung’s own wireless headsets or Level -speakers. In addition, Samsung claims that the ultra high quality audio upscaler which it has built compressed audio to the level of 192KHz audio can lift. That is not possible; information that is not there, it can not be recovered. Probably comes down to an equalizer that the high and low bit more filling.

Galaxy S6 + Edge software
Galaxy S6 + Edge software
Galaxy S6 + Edge software
Galaxy S6 + Edge software

In the camera app, Samsung has finally support for creating raw footage added. In a recent update to the S6 and S6 Edge was raw support already built under the hood, but was still a third-party app needed to actually use it. After the release of the S6 + Edge, the raw support also available for normal S6 and S6 Edge. Moreover, it applies equally to the improved People Edge, the new icons used in the interface of the S6 + Edge.

Also on flat accessory Samsung comes with some new things. For example, the wireless charging technology is improved, which should result in a charging time which is 27 percent shorter than before. Therefore you will only need the new wireless charger. Also wired load the S6 + Edge faster, so despite his larger battery is nearly as quickly as his little brother.

The most surprising accessory is undoubtedly the keyboard cover. Just now the smartphone with physical keyboard seems to be really extinct, Samsung comes with an accessory to your S6 + Edge to make a kind BlackBerry. The cover consists of a back side of the phone with a small keyboard that you are in front of the screen captures and snaps on the back cover. The interface detects this and slide the screen contents upwards, so you’re left with a pretty square part.

Galaxy S6 Edge +
Galaxy S6 Edge +

It’s ingenious idea, but the question is who’s still waiting. Beyond the fact that we are not very much liked typing dabs, the construction makes the phone significantly thicker and hand in a large part of the screen.

Who this fall will have a large high-end phone from Samsung comes off automatically when the Edge S6 +, and that’s no bad thing. The phone looks mooit, has a good screen, contains fast hardware, has a handy fingerprint scanner and an excellent camera. If Samsung optimize memory usage even know what’s on software level, but little to criticize. The sloping screen edges still serve primarily for looks and less functionality, but it’s good to see that Samsung is working on new features.

Besides the size, there is little that the S6 + Edge really different from the smaller S6 Edge, especially because most software changes will also come to the S6 Edge. This therefore raises the question of how much money the extra 0.6 “is worth to screen Samsung’s answer is clear.. 100. Pricing for the Galaxy S6 Edge is in fact reduced from 849 to 699 euros, which can free up in the portfolio instead for the S6 + Edge for 799 euros. That’s a lot of money for a phone, but you get a great, unique phone with good hardware in return.


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