Samsung launches “Galaxy Note 8.0” in the UAE




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Samsung launches “Galaxy Note 8.0” in the UAE

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of the “Galaxy Note 8.0” (GALAXY Note 8.0) measured 8 inches in the United Arab Emirates, to begin this new stage of technology, “Knott” (Note) smart that promote class tablet devices medium-sized established by Samsung 2010.

Samsung said in a press statement today that the new device provides unmatched performance across multiple media in integrated screen can be easily carried with one hand. She added that the new device comes superior features and cutting-edge technology to provide a tablet experience, ensuring new levels of efficiency to perform multiple tasks, with the benefit of high operational effectiveness in making voice calls. The S Pen Pen smart new design combines the latest innovations with plains use in a manner similar to the way “pen and paper”, which enhances the vibrant lifestyle move.

Said Denzil D’Souza, head of business planning among a group of information technology at Samsung Gulf Electronics: “begins with ‘Galaxy Note 8.0’ a new stage in the evolution of this class, where we continue to promote the march of success achieved by the previous devices within the category to provide a ‘Notebook’ even better now. ” He added: “We have in 2010, the launch of the tablet ‘Galaxy Tab’ which was a new chapter in the mobile devices sector. Now, after three years, we continue to innovation and development within this area to meet the requirements of an ever-changing modern users. Owing to achieve ease of pregnancy and childbirth in the pocket and enhance the productivity of daily work, the ‘Galaxy Note 8.0’ perfect solution to all the circumstances, whether for business or leisure and play. ”

Include most innovative solutions in the “Galaxy Note 8.0” on useful functions amazing includes: Quick multiple windows to split the screen with a size of 8 inches, allowing access optimization to a number of electronic applications direct, and a new generation of pen S Pen smart effectively use advanced, and access to a set of tools and models Notes S Note that allows to create, edit and manage and share documents, and technology “pattern reading” (reading mode) to enjoy e-books with perfect accuracy, in addition to audio and video calls *. This device also comes equipped with electronic content and amazing new services, such as: Flipboard application and the application of Awesome Note (startling observations), without any additional cost, for the first time in the organs of “Galaxy” tablet from Samsung.
Notebook Ultra intelligence to the mobile lifestyle

Bnhafeth and its compact design enough to be the perfect companion for work and entertainment while on the move, realizing “Galaxy Note 8.0” strong performance and functional effectiveness to support the most demanding lifestyles. As it is designed to store and manage your personal data and efficiently process, this innovative device represents an ideal organizational tool pocket-sized. It also helps features S Note and S Planner to perform everyday tasks, including observations of meetings and task lists and even personal notes. It can enter all types of electronic content and updated every detail thanks to the development of pen S Pen of the Samsung smartphone.
E-content and new services

Comes a “Galaxy Note 8.0” equipped with electronic content and applications dedicated to enhancing the value available to the consumer of multimedia. The feature provides Chat-On undeveloped ease in instant messaging and group chat with multiple patterns – such as images, video, audio, and contacts – to continue the fun and simple. The application Awesome Note (notes stunning) mail for the first time in the tablet device running “Android” with a “Galaxy Note 8.0” for his ability to make an unlimited number of take notes using Quick Memo (note) and Diary (the diary) and a list of reminders of things important . And through application Flipboard mail, you can follow all the updates on news and social networking and other within an elegant formula for scalable browser as you can enjoy all the news and the most beautiful moments of life in the same place. The copy of the customizable Flipboard has been developed exclusively for Samsung, allows users to enjoy the advantage of the overall presentation via pen S Pen and review articles addresses within the main screen of the application Flipboard. Finally, the feature gives you a Smart Remote (Intelligent remote control) system universal remote control and an electronic programming guide allows you to deal with the TV and watch the video with the utmost smoothness.
A new generation of smart stylus S Pen

Enjoy Technology pen S Pen innovations super evolution to the extent that it does not need to touch the screen, it is through the feature Air View (seen overall), does not require a pen S Pen only to rise soon from the screen to review the video clips and e-mail messages, images and appointments on property S Planner without opening file or application. The feature allows the S Pen Gesture edit and cut and edit images and electronic content, while allowing Paper Artist and features Photo Note customize images of art. For the first time in the category of “Galaxy Note”, you can use the S Pen pen buttons control “menu and Back” on the device through the concrete WACOM technology. While working on the promotion of personal creativity, has been developed pen S Pen to increase the effectiveness of daily use and support the expression of creativity. Once you remove the pen from the device “Galaxy Note 8.0”, is activated innovative features such as: Pen Detection (pen discrimination) which proposes User adjustable adaptation, and Page Buddy feature that do the latest home screen feature has been modified via S Note.

Experience optimized for multimedia use

Multiple tasks can be performed in a creative and easy through a “Galaxy Note 8.0” thanks to a feature Dual View (dual display), and includes options for multiple windows to facilitate the use of the multi-screen. Thanks to the possibility of split-screen feature via “Dual Display” can run different electronic applications such as: S Note feature is turned on the screen of the web browser and access to modify the size of the content and transfer (in a drag-and-Turk) as needed. Has also been expanded to perform multiple tasks include making phone calls *. The feature allows Pop Up Note (pop-up note) users to access the feature S Note at any time to follow up on important business, and feature ensures Pop Up Video (video pop-up) users continue surfing the Internet during the talks – can modify the size of windows content easily just by touching the screen finger and Thrikema To zoom in or out.

Ideal for entertainment facilities informational

With abounding advantages of interaction and entertainment, the device supports “Galaxy Note 8.0” the daily needs of the user process. Thereby acting “pattern reading” (Reading Mode) to convert the device into an electronic reader writes to provide the best methods of reading and ensures the user to take any position gives him comfort and enjoy books value. Users can also turn this device into a remote control universal remote system through Smart Remote (Intelligent Control remote) to deal with televisions, television receivers and devices play discs “DVD” (DVD) and “Blu-ray” (Blu-ray) utmost smoothness.

Available device “Galaxy Note 8.0” (GALAXY Note 8.0) currently in the retailer’s main parts of the United Arab Emirates, where version is available “Galaxy Note 8.0” provider technology, third-generation (3G) technology “Wi-Fi” (WiFi) wireless priced at 1999 AED, while version is available “Galaxy Note 8.0” technology provider “Wi-Fi” wireless priced at AED 1699.
UAE Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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