Samsung Premiere 2013 event in retrospect




Samsung Premiere 2013 event in retrospect

Samsung showed last Thursday once again why the Koreans are able. Half a dozen products, which leave the competition in terms of look at the components used quite old. Slowly but surely you have to worry about the competition.
Samsung Premiere 2013 event in retrospect

What was that please for a beautiful fireworks that burned down because Samsung in London? The Galaxy S series is equal to 3 times inflated new platforms (S4 Galaxy Mini, Galaxy and Galaxy S4 S4 Active Zoom) and thus strengthens its dominant position.

DSC 00491 Samsung Premiere 2013 Event in der Nachbetrachtung With the Galaxy NX camera trying Android now to make the semi-professionals tasty, in which you offer a body with 30 different lenses. Not only a sensible development of the Samsung Galaxy Cam from last year, but positioned Samsung as the only player that currently is able at all to bring such a product to market.

DSC 0053 Samsung Premiere 2013 Event in der Nachbetrachtung The ATIV Table 3 is particularly in combination with the BT Keyboard Sleeve for me the official successor of my very personal favorite netbook and that was / is the Samsung NC10. 4 years ago, was the first NC10 netbook, which was enough for the professionals as well as small “typewriter” that you would like to take you on trips to events and trade shows. Even today, I still see NC10-user and when I speak to them on their expereience with it, I look again very satisfied faces.
This can definitely create the ATIV table 3, but therefore you will probably have to work also on price. In my eyes, here is the sweet spot at 500 euros!

Yes and that was also Ultrabook lobe unpacked. ATIV Q and ATIV Book 9 Plus. Friends of the display resolution and long battery life, here are two statements which simply show how mad are Ultrabooks have developed. 2 years ago developed as a competitor to the MacBook Air, Intel seems to have really done everything right in his campaign. Current Ultrabooks are not only beautifully, have significant design differences and features (whereas the MacBook Air has not changed visually in the last 3 years, but what at all is not a problem in my eyes. Apple has since created a great system!).

DSC 00591 Samsung Premiere 2013 Event in der Nachbetrachtung Acer with the S7 series, the ASUS Zenbooks, Sony, Sony Vaio, with precious pros and now with the Samsung ATIV Q and the ATIV Book 9 Plus! Falls to me because only one word to one (ok, not really, because otherwise we would have arrived at the end of this article): Unbefuckinglievable!

Of course I’ve seen slider and lots of it but this + qHD display and the possibility Windows 8 and Android is expected to merge produce a few swallowing the competition from Taiwan and Sony for the next few weeks! No one seemed to have come to this brilliant idea and also to build in a little corner in Hardwareporn which lets me think for the first time in this life about the purchase of a slider. I just let my hands speak again on video and I would generally pleased to hear your opinion about it in the comments.

This is a game changer and it will be copied by the competition (at least the interaction between Windows 8 and Android, which will arrive probably not so good in Redmond), which I am all right. Windows 8 and Android as the ultimate “Mobile Combo”!

Last but not least, the “On-Ultrabook” ATIV Book 9 Plus. A useful development of the Series 9 platform with the same “where are the pixels out?” Display, a keyboard, and this terrific battery life of 12 hours. Damn Samsung I want you come on like in the ass really hard, because actually I’ve already firmly a 11.6-incher identified as next Ultrabook investment … but the 3 Features of battery life, screen and keyboard are for me the most important points in the purchase a new Arbeitsgeraets!

Who can stop Samsung dammit?

Geek Hand on heart … That was really impressive what the Koreans have since ascended in London and it will be very difficult for me not to praise Samsung for its innovation. This by the way is also that the events are always better, which was naturally not described flows into my review of the products, but I would like this not to mention.
All manufacturers are allowed to cut a thick slice from it. Top organization, no praese 3 hours, enough “hands on” stations and then a team of German representatives also presented a hall with 80mbit upload network, appetizers, drinks and product samples at disposal for us Techmenschen. So it makes me happy, because after concert was pretty Wump. I had to work!

Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba does what! Bangs High-end components in your devices and look at exactly how this Samsung may merge. With fear and worry is when I think that Samsung is already the beginning of September once again moves the next attack on the IFA and the new Galaxy Note 3 and probably one or the other tablet is present.

Competition Samsung Premiere 2013 Event in der Nachbetrachtung

I want competition and I only buy the products that best fit my application scenario for me personally. At the moment it is here very very hard to make a bow to Samsung.

Greeting cards to Korea, did you fully deserves this little ode here. What have you created in the last 3 years, is unparalleled in the history of consumer electronics. Now you can reap the fruits of this work.

I’ve had my fun!

PS As a little bonus, I have a few impressions from yesterday’s event and how they work you also, above all, by the Germans and colleagues locally. So you get at least a little insight into such event!

130 170×110 Samsung Premiere 2013 Event in der Nachbetrachtung



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