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It’s like tablet manufacturer difficult to even stand out in 2015. Apple has a large share of the market – all for many people is synonymous with tablet iPad – and what more striking tablets, such as those with stylus, or convertibles with Windows, do not seem to strike at the general public.

Many users just seem to want a simple device; a touch screen, good software and apps, and that’s it. That makes it difficult to stabbing out from the crowd. As some years ago made by Samsung in a lawsuit filed by Apple on the Galaxy Tab series: all tablets do not resemble each other? Its not just fencing with an edge around it?

Galaxy Tab S 2

If true, it means that there is one part where you will certainly innovate and certainly can make a difference: the screen, the portion of the tablet which covers a large part of the front and is a window into the software which runs on it.

Almost all manufacturers use LCDs, mostly from LG, Samsung or JDI, with high resolutions and better and better color reproduction. However, Samsung is the only manufacturer that has set something opposite: its Super AMOLED techology, which delivers a much higher constrast than LCDs and therefore looks impressive.

The manufacturer did that for the first time a few years back, with the Tab 7.7 in 2011. Last year, the Galaxy Tab S series came out, consisting of a 10.5 “- and a 8.4” model. The picture quality of these tablets is indeed impressive, but they are stopped by underperforming hardware where the operating experience suffers. That must be the next generation, released in early September will be better. We could these new Galaxy Tab S2 models try short.
New sizes, new resolutions

On the new hardware we come back later, more interesting to start with is the custom screen ratio and resolution. Where the first S-Tab tablets 16: 10 have widescreen aspect ratio, the new Tab S models 4 are: 3 – just like the iPad. The new sizes, with a smaller 8 “model and a larger 9.7” model, reminiscent of Apple’s tablet lineup. The step from widescreen to a squarer format was made after extensive research using what came as Samsung that people often use apps, browsing and reading, then they watch media.

Galaxy Tab S 2
Galaxy Tab S 2

Along with this change comes a change in resolution, and Samsung has slightly against existing trends downwards. Both the 8 “- and 9.7” model has a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, 2560×1600 pixels compared to the previous generation. That’s okay, because the pixel density is still good and the image is not visible will suffer in sharpness. It ensures that the GPU less work needs to be done and that is beneficial for performance.

Like the previous Tab S models, these new tablets also make a big impression in terms of image quality. Especially if you are going to view video, often with dark shades and perhaps deep black, is how much more beautiful and richer in contrast to the image of an AMOLED screen compared to LCD. However, do you read or do other things with a mostly white text haunted ground, such as web browsing, this wow-effect largely disappears. Photos on web pages look thanks to the high contrast is still very nice, but without a dark background the effect is less impressive.

Galaxy Tab S 2 The maximum brightness of the screen that you can set as a user itself is fine, but not exceptionally high. Fortunately, Tab S models, like the Galaxy S6, a kind of overdrive mode where the tablet further bolt on the brightness as much light falls on the light sensor. As a result, the Tab S2 tablets to use well outside, although you stay on a sunny summer day always suffer from reflections.

The color reproduction we have during the brief hands-on can not measure, but previous Samsung devices we know that it is often mustache. That is not so in the standard selected dynamic state, but in the Basic mode, which neatly corresponds to the sRGB color space.

Samsung is the last year working hard to shake off the ‘plastic’ image of themselves and to build a ‘premium’ feel. It started last year with the Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha – both with metal rim – and the manufacturer put it into the A Galaxy phones and the S6 and S6 Edge. Also for the line-Tab S2 has chosen Samsung for metal, though it is only in this case, around the edge. The back of the tablets is made of plastic. The two materials fit well and match visually as well, making the tablets not only have a clean look but is also firm. Compared to the first S-Tab tablets they seem indeed more ‘premium’ out.

They are also a bit thinner and lighter than their predecessors, both well over two iPads from Apple: the 9.7 “model weighs 389gram and is 5.6 mm thick, while the smaller 8” model weighs 265 grams and is also a thickness of 5.6 mm. Both tablets come in white and black versions available, with more black to dark blue seems to be moving. At the back of the tablet are two magnetic fastening points for an optional keyboard dock.


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