Scala Rider G9: Amazing GPS for Riders




Scala Rider G9: Amazing GPS for Riders

A GPS enabled device for your motor cycle can makes your journey
comfortable. You can plan your trips, find interesting places to explore
and can download directions form your device. GPS also makes your journey
stress free and also notifies when your vehicle is running out of
fuel; shows you the fuel reading and the nearest gas station available.
GPS system for your vehicle helps you to find the right way when you
feel lost. With voice recognition technology it helps you search restaurants,
hotels, service stations and so on.

Before selecting the GPS system for your vehicle it
is better to consider your interests and go ahead.  Thing to consider:

  • Type of GPS which suits the requirement
  • Consider its reception capacity and personal suitability
  • Battery Life and resistance to hardware
  • Whether it can be upgraded and finally the budget

The Scala rider G9 is GPS enabled wireless Bluetooth communication
for motorcycles. It carries communication during motion with extraordinary
features and functions. Scala rider, either you are driving alone or
with any other Scala rider G9 operators, it gives you tremendous fun
and safe motorcycling knowledge. It allows users to communicate between
eight riders within range of one mile and by using the intercom system
you can talk to two users simultaneously.

Features of the Scala Rider:

  • This Bluetooth device allows communication between 1+8 toggling
    between different Scala rider G9 users
  • Pairing can be done between G9 users within fraction of seconds
  • Intercom system that is used in the device allows you to connect
    with friends and also invite them for riding, customize the G9 setting
    and upgrade for the new software
  • Voice recognition technology and microphone options makes
    easy to use
  • You can send audio signals to eight  other users through
    Group Buzz
  • You can also listen to six different FM radio channels which
    are in-built
  • Its talk time is up to 13 hours and its stand-by is for 7 days
  • The device comes with full duplex, it can be used for communicating
    between users all together
  • Its handset volume can be adjusted automatically; the technology used
    in the device for handset adjustment is AGC Technology
  • The rider, depending upon his requirement can use the handset
    for different purposes like phone calls, listening to FM and MP3 Music
  • Device is typically designed and unaffected by weather

These devices are costly and mostly used by the motor vehicle
sport persons and by people who cannot afford such expensive devices
can take short term loans like Short term loans from the private lenders.
If you are a biker, and want to experience stress-free easy journeys
then Scala rider G9 is a must have device for you.

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