Schrödinger 126 birthday, Google launched Doodle celebrating Schrödinger’s cat




Google 12 launch Schrodinger’s cat Doodle, celebrates 126 quantum mechanics, Schrödinger Masters birthday.

Google 12 Doodle celebrates launch of new masters Schrödinger quantum mechanics (Erwin Schrödinger) 126 birthday. Schrödinger Schrödinger equation proposed in 1926, laid the foundation of quantum mechanics, Schrödinger is the most general knowledge of the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment, trying to prove that quantum mechanics at the macro conditions incompleteness.

Schrödinger’s Google Doodle is to Schrodinger’s cat theme, according to the Wikipedia explanation of Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment contents as “hypothetical put a cat, a gas containing hydrogen cyanide and a radioactive glass flask nucleus into the closed box cat’s life so closely associated with the state of the nucleus. Schrödinger showed that, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, after a period of time in the experiment, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead state status (for the world outside the box terms) until the box is opened up. ”

Unfortunately this Google Doodle only global dynamic Doodle, unlike the previous four Roswell incident can play the game.


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