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By Firas Luo, member of the editorial board of the Gateway Technical News

The year 2015 full of technical events at all levels, it is smart devices such as telephones and tablets, to applications and algorithms, artificial intelligence, passing through the climb to space and to send accurate images of the planets were just fantasies, and the end of the technical devices are subject to wear measure user activity through the wrist or through placed inside the eye, such as contact lenses, without forgetting detection devices sugar in the blood and never analyzed without trouble.

If these ideas put forward by 15 years from now, to describe Tarhaa Palmjnon, how can the adhesive to be placed inside the eye lens that gives a lot of details about the user’s health? Or how a lens glasses completely transparent window that displays not exist in the real scene?

Although we Nasr technological revolution in its various forms, but many see her look of astonishment, followed by a questionably important boils down to “How could they do this? “, And then we move on to the peg – as I like to call – to which we attach our shortcomings in this area and limit ourselves to the role of spectator only, putting our energies inherent in the worries of life is supposed to not waste our time where they are in the developed countries of the rights, not of dreams!

Melancholy look or a look of despair emanates previous them a glimmer of hope exists in the most important system in the Arab countries – not a military defense system is certainly – the education system.

May look at the glasses Google Google Glass as a huge technical invention, it is already well, but look on the cover simply stunned the scientific principle in which the user, after stripping a lot of technical concepts, which can not be anyone who finished the preparatory stage lack of familiarity with him.

Prism prism or publication as it is called in some countries is a transparent glass from the middle, helps in the analysis of light into basic colors or colors of the spectrum, so to speak, and thus enters the white light turquoise, to come out the other end of the spectrum of different colors.

This same prism, which has long talked about our professors distinguished in schools is dependent upon glasses Google smart, Spyware AVG is inserted into the image you want magnifying viewing to come out of the other side of the prism to the retina Retina updated vision of the image that shows a way for as long as stunned the world.

Let the glasses Google and Mochorha a little, and move on to the Windows vista live Vista from Microsoft, if we went back Balora little specifically to Windows XP, we find that the icons within the system can not be enlarged, or when it is enlarged in points appear ugly bit.

But in Windows vista live this problem is dealt with to a large extent, the user is able to change the size of the icon whatever he wants without accuracy never affected, and the concept itself has become in using the Web through special lines for this purpose.

The idea behind the adoption of the icon size that wants its user without problems is the X (flying) Vector, Instead of that icon be a point or set of fixed points, was represented in the vista live using geometric rays that start from a fixed point from which the beam in the middle of a three-dimensional without be affected.

Forget also engineering and mathematics and physics to come back again one simple forms, from us does not mention the law: the distance equal to the speed multiplied by time? I doubt that no one has ever allowed by this law, but where its application can be found in the technical world?

If you love cars, this user law in sensors system (sensors) Sensors located on the sides of the car, and that tells the driver for the remaining distance between him and the closer his successor element or in front of him to avoid the collision, and this process is done through transmitters rays and receivers waiting for reflection to measure time made to reflect again after sending a specific speed.

Of course all the examples contained in the abstract is the top examples of high technologies used, or may be of principles that can no longer rely on a key Thanks to modern technology, but it certainly has been and remains an integral part of the basis of modern technology.

Science and technology of the elements available in the Arab world, but what is lacking is a method to employ the correct form. I can not blame Osatzna Distinguished not to add fun to the curriculum, but it is very necessary to find a solution to this problem, the information we’re looking at is not old, but the method presented to the student is the most important from a personal point of view, without neglecting the most important part, which is the responsibility of the student himself Also.

That people blame the age of between 12 years and 18 years is one of the things that are not accepted by mental logic, especially that the blame does not come from people under the age of thirty, and therefore the life that they obtained a much higher experience of students.

It can not be a mathematical equation to be valid only in case of equality of the two parties one way or another, and for this reason must be made by the first equation – a student – the largest effort in trying to link information obtained from the school with the things that he loves and which he considers of his passion. The second party of the faculty them greater clout to try to keep up with what is going on around us technical events at all levels and try to include or provided as an example, without giving in too much to entice more and more students to science.

It is true that the relationship between the student and the teacher are Kalmadlh, but we must not forget that the student is a party Bmjhol one and not Q or X – as replace for the bodies to be at the upper renamed thinking that unknowns encoded in English means that the curriculum has become a global – but the other side many Bmjahil universe Life experience higher, for this reason plays a major role in finding the values ​​of these unknowns is equal to the tip with the other party.


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