Science tried to explain the cause of the dependence of eating chips




Science tried to explain the cause of the dependence of eating chips


At the meeting of the American Chemical Society on April 11, scientists assorted issues related to the hedonic hyperphagia. For those who are going to go into the dictionary to see what the meaning of this terrible name, we hasten to reassure and inform that at events considered reasons why people eat is not to simply satisfy their hunger, but because they have enjoy it. One of the speakers at the meeting was a PhD Tobias Hoch, who drew the attention of all on the fact that absolutely no one is safe from the fact that one day will absorb more food than they need to.

For a better understanding of the hedonic hyperphagia researchers conducted several experiments with laboratory rats. Rats were divided into two groups. One group was allowed to eat only potato chips, and a second permit in addition to chips, there is also the other food in unlimited quantities. Then, thanks to a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the scientists decided to see what happens in the brain of rats in the two groups.

Despite the fact that in both cases the food containing the same amount of fat and carbohydrates, researchers observed that rats best express their interest specifically to chips. This observation has brought researchers to believe that the chips in addition to fats and carbohydrates contain other, a key element that makes them so attractive to experimental.

“The effect of pleasure when eating potato chips can only be partially explained by the amount of fat and carbohydrates in this delicacy. There must be something else. What makes the chips so welcome, “- says Tobias Hoch.

The scientists found that when taking potato chips rat brain stimulation is a bit different zones, which are responsible for the pleasure of receiving the award, eating, sleeping, waking and motor activity than usual.

Scientists hope that by conducting several more studies, they will find the very molecular triggers (switches) that stimulate the brain by eating more and more chips and similar treats. When scientists find them, it will be possible to develop more effective treatments for people suffering from an addiction to junk food.
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