Scientifically, what happens when you meditate?




Scientifically, what happens when you meditate?
their are some technical things
it is diffuclt to even imagine what sharp scientific mind it requires to think about this
Subject and object the two things nullified what remains is only PULSATION THAT is Energy THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS NOTHING JUST PULSATION
and their is something called SPANDAKARIKA which means all about the pulsation

and that what when you are conceived in the womb
what is their the first thing the
the Embryo is pulsating

and similarly everything is their just pulsating
and when you are experiencing the pulsation
you feel beyond the embryonic level of consciousness

because your first experiencing gravity is pulsation
and then perception

i mean this is sort of mind boggling
so in technique you see is all just energy
the whole univers is just pulsating energy
including yours body
thanks to quantum physics
it takes such a great job
they made our job so easy
otherwise to explain this its such a big thing
to make even someone understand this wasso difficult , the ones who doesnt have even experienced cant understand this
experence was them to understand was also very difficult
quantum physics and quantum mechanics had made this thing so easy because they
because the intellect agree their is one thing today yeah their is all one wave today not different objects
the barrier what intellect would pose for the unity of consciousness these doubt through science
and that is made sadhak intellect very much easy for them for everyone
innocent sadhak has no problem at all
as they know all is empty for them as all is empty
but the one who has intellect very sharp how it would be ?
now that is solved by science reaching into this level of wave function that this whole universe is wave function
thats is made so easy


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