Scientists can determine the DNA geographical place of origin of your ancestors




Scientists can determine the DNA geographical place of origin of your ancestors Nicholas Khizhnyak niodix id191473620 3:00 ago dna-gps International team of scientists has developed a process that allows you to determine the geographical origin of the person within 1000 years. Method, dubbed “The geographic definition of population» (Geographic Population Structure – GPS), so precise, allowing you to identify literally a place where there were ancestors of a person, and also opens up new possibilities for personalized care. Developers of the new method are Dr. Eran Elhayk from Sheffield Hallam University, and Dr. Tatiana Tatarinov from the University of Southern California. Previous such methods allows us to trace the origin of the DNA of a person within 700 kilometers, but the new method allows us to trace the kinship around the world up to 98 percent. It works about as well as working GPS-communicators. Only as to coordinate positioning method uses the data of your DNA. GPS method is based on the principle of genetic mixing, historically developed a process in which the last independent of each other populations began to interbreed and form a new genetic pool. New method simulates this process with a view over 100,000 DNA signatures, also known as hereditary information markers that are typical for a particular geographic region. For the analysis, instead of the mitochondrial or Y-chromosome DNA, GPS uses autosomal chromosomes, because they provide a more uniform pattern of each individual genetic constitution. “We were surprised by the simplicity and accuracy of this method,” – says Dr. Elhayk. “People within certain geographical areas in most cases have similar genetics. Furthermore, they have a genetic traits that can be detected in the more distant regions, but these symptoms often are markers of geographical origin, indicating the geographical position near where these symptoms could occur initially. ” In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, a team of scientists was able to determine the origin of the genus 25 percent of the population of 10 villages of Sardinia. It turned out that they all come from small villages within a radius of 50 kilometers. In addition, the new method allowed us to determine the origin of the place kind of people living in the 20 islands of Oceania. The study showed that 90 percent of the genus of which is precisely one of those islands, where they currently reside. Opening of a new kind of authentication method offers a number of useful features. Now able to more accurately establish relationship of man will allow doctors to more accurately determine the success in the treatment of various genetic diseases and according to these data to choose more effective methods and ways of treatment. Furthermore, it should be noted that there are direct evidence that different genotypes may respond differently to certain types of medications. In the end, the new method will more accurately determine the relationship and the geographical origin of certain population, such as the Roma and the Jews of Europe. Dr. Elhayk believes that GPS could significantly change our understanding of a particular ethnicity. What is most interesting, the essence of this project is to allow anyone wanting to take advantage of the new method, if before this man took an autosomal DNA analysis in third-party institutions. A person can download the results of such an analysis on a special website , developed by Dr. Tatarinov, and know the exact origin of a kind place. Back New spacesuit NASA Mars highlights Creating forward deflector shields possible now. Theoretically Tags: DNA , man .

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