Scientists confirm existence of ‘heaviest element’




Scientists confirm existence of ‘heaviest element’german scientists have managed to do in the lab. An atom with 117 protons This previous results of Russian scientists have been confirmed and will probably place the atom in the periodic table as heaviest element. The researchers published their findings in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters. They managed to create something that has 117 protons. An atom in the lab Thus confirming previous scientific experiments. The conscious element, the temporary name ununseptium bears, made by collide in a particle accelerator. Certain isotopes of calcium and berkelium together An atom is characterized on the basis of the number of protons that it has. Earlier, Russian scientists showed that it is possible to connect with 117 protons an element. The German research team repeated attempts to make because the IUPAC, which among other things deals with the management of the periodic table, wants to see. Two independent confirmations ununseptium As a result, the element is likely to be included in the periodic table in which elements are arranged, though the organization has yet to investigate the discovery of the German team. If the IUPAC agree is ununseptium whose final name has yet to be determined, in the periodic table, the heaviest element. Probably there is added an even heavier element in the periodic table of elements over time. Scientists claimed earlier that it is possible to create a 118 atom with protons an element that for the moment is known under the name ununoctium. The existence of this element has yet to be confirmed, thus ununseptium is currently the heaviest element confirmed after examination of IUPAC.


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