Scientists have described how eating fish can damage eyesight





It is widely known that carrots useful for vision. It is equally good for your health to eat the fish. And there is good evidence. However, the mercury, which in small amounts is found in fish, can affect the photoreceptors , which affects vision. In the new study, the issue has been given much attention.

To study in detail the process of accumulation of methylmercury (an organic form of mercury, which is found in aquatic ecosystems) in ocular tissues of freshwater fish, zebrafish, a team of American and Canadian researchers resorted to the method of exposure. Zebra fish is popular not only as aquarium fish, due to the genetic similarity with the person above it often conduct experiments.

The researchers found that the eyes of the little fish are particularly sensitive to methylmercury, and its long-term accumulation in the body can cause serious damage to eyesight. The study was conducted by scientists from Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy laboratory Canadian Light Source and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

zebrafish eye

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the fish is an important source of animal protein for over one billion people in the world.

Together with fish and seafood in small quantities we consume methylmercury toxicity of which is greater than that of mercury. The toxic compound is able to accumulate in the body and affects the central nervous system. Among the many other symptoms can be observed visual disorder that physicians previously associated exclusively with the defeat of the visual cortex. New research has shown that methylmercury can directly hit vision, accumulating in the photoreceptors (the light-sensitive nerve endings).

Results of the experiment showed a fish that methylmercury localized external segment retina, where the light absorbing pigments. The work was published in the journal ACS Chemical Biology.

However, researchers have recognized that for confirmation of the effect applied to a person, additional experiments. The scientists plan to continue working in this direction.

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