Scientists have found strong evidence of extraterrestrial life




Scientists have found strong evidence of extraterrestrial life January 23, 2013

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British scientist Chandra Wickramasinghe says that he found strong evidence that the presence of extraterrestrial life is a very real fact and not just a product of the imagination of people. And despite the fact that this information has appeared about a week ago, it took several days for it to enable it to attract the attention of the media.

In short, the researcher believes that the microscopy analysis of the meteorite, which fell in Sri Lanka in December last year, he found enough evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life. To be precise, in the meteorite were found fossilized remains of algae.

After more analysis found, the investigator concluded that the fossilized remains of algae found in the meteorite are very similar to those micro-organisms that lived on Earth about 55 million years ago.

“This discovery is completely proves that life on our planet was formed outside the borders”

– Says the professor.

“We are all aliens from outer space. Every time a planetary system forms, a few surviving microbes manage to continue their way inside comets, meteorites and other cosmic bodies. As a result many of them and get to the other planets. Recent discoveries only add weight to this view and argue that life on Earth actually originated in other worlds ”

– Not without joy Wickramasinghe said.

As expected, the scientific community is not very impressed with this find. Immediately there were skeptics who were in favor of the fact that these fossils of algae is likely to appear in the meteorite after it hit the ground.

“The published article has several inaccuracies. First and foremost is the lack of clarity that has not been proved that the stone is found a meteorite. Until such proof is not to be found, to draw any conclusions clearly too early. Especially when you consider that it was not published in the renowned magazine ”

– Says Monica Grady, a professor of the Institute of Planetary Sciences.

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