Scientists have invented a way to completely get rid of bad clothes




Dandies and ladies will soon be able to forget about the Paris fashion Week and other similar events, which bring together a large number of people watching defile models in new design solutions. It turns out that the key to the future lies in the clothes of science. In a recent article authored by scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden says that invented a new type of yarn impregnated with an extract extracted from red algae.

This extract is known to the scientific community under the name “lanosol» (lanosol) and has antibacterial properties. Scientists behind one of the latest scientific research projects lanosola say that when coated fabric that extract it also acquires antibacterial properties.

For those who do not know the allocation of human sweat excreted really has no odor. Smell it finds only when it comes into contact with a special bacteria living on our skin and clothing. Sweat will kill these and they begin to exude a foul odor.

It would be logical to assume that in the near future we all start wearing antibacterial clothes, and a summer trip on a bus and sports will be much nicer than what seem now.

Perhaps for some it would be a surprise, but it turns out that the anti-bacterial textiles was created quite a long time. However, its very low level of utilization due to the fact that it uses silver ions. The fact that several previous studies have shown that silver is a danger to human genetic material, embryonic development and reproductive functions.

In order to make antibacterial and odorless safety clothing, scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have turned their attention to the biocompatible textile fibers, which they covered lanosolom created on the basis of antimicrobial extract on the basis of red algae.

“When using the electrospinning method obtained very thin thread of a thickness of about one-hundredth the thickness of a human hair,” – says Michael Hedenkvist in the published article.


Fabric-based thread impregnated lanosolom

“The substance [lanosol] seems an excellent alternative to create antibacterial fabrics, as well as medical dressings and bandages.”

In this case, the scientist notes that the antibacterial fibers based on extracted from red algae extract in conjunction with the thread does not stand out against its background (do not create on its texture more lumps, laces and so on) that would say that the way lanosol does not affect its mechanical properties. Consequently, all this makes a great alternative to lanosolovye thread antibacterial textiles based on silver ions. In addition, tissue-based lanosolovyh thread looks homogeneous, that is perfect for the making of her clothes.

Despite the fact that the expert Michael Hedenkvist and his colleagues point out the need for further experiments in the near future, there may come a day when a similar antibacterial fabric will be used to create on its basis the air filters and clothing for medical staff. According to scientists, such clothing will more effectively protect themselves from the spread of bacteria.

“Hospitals as a result become so sterile as possible. But the final goal we have not yet moved in, “- says the scientists, pointing to the importance of continuing to work towards the study of antibacterial materials.


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