Scientists have learned to read our dreams




Scientists have learned to read our dreams


Nobody did not really look like when sleeping

Researchers from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, in Kyoto, Japan, was the first to read the information human sleep, using for this purpose the brain scintigraphy Brain (SCAN). For the analysis of neurological activity in the brain during sleep volunteers used the scanner. And now scientists with some accuracy can explain exactly what a particular dream man.

The experiment began as soon as a person begins to dream dreams. They almost immediately awakened and asked to name the first thing they saw in his dream. The researchers then compared the results of the activity at the moment with the objects, which saw volunteers, and on this basis were categorical database. All those who saw in his dream, for example, any vehicle, whether it’s a bus or a car, united under the common category. This process was repeated 200 times a volunteer.

The collected information was then used as a basic framework for explaining the results of scans of the brain . With an accuracy of about 60 percent, which is quite a lot, but not properly, the team recounted that a person dreamed actually.

We are able to read information through brain scans during sleep. This was confirmed by further explanation of the subjects themselves, – professor Kamitani, who participated in this study.

I am convinced that the decoding of sleep may one day become part of the study of the question again. I was not surprised to find that out, but the results I was delighted.

It should be clarified that, for the moment, scientists are experimenting with so-called phase shallow sleep. Desire to further research is to analyze data from a phase of deep sleep.
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