Scientists send quantum information to more than one recipient




Scientists are in their own words for the first time succeeded in sending. Quantum information simultaneously to multiple recipients This should include help in the design of safer techniques for quantum encryption.

The experiment was performed with entangled photons. Entanglement is a phenomenon of quantum mechanical particles ‘associated’ with each other and accept each other as properties. This means, among other things, that when changing the properties of one particle, for example by measuring it, also change the properties of the second particle. Sending information based on this principle is also called quantum teleportation and has been demonstrated with photon pairs.

Scientists from the University of Waterloo Canadian saying that they are for the first time been able to teleport to more than one location. quantum states They are not two, but three photons used previously to perform their experiments. After the entanglement of particles were sent to separate locations. Independently over hundreds of meters

The calculations showed that it is possible to transmit without locality. Quantum states of the three entangled photons That is to say that the data transfer is direct and not being “restricted” by the speed of light, so there are no hidden variables that the interaction between the coupled photon state so as to provide for data transfer. This principle of non-locality is something which is impossible in classical physics, but is necessary for explaining quantum mechanical observations. Incidentally, a non-local transfer of quantum mechanical states that communication faster than light is possible.

Teleportation of quantum states over more than one location can be used to make quantum communication and encryption for quantum computers efficiently. According to the scientists, their technology can be used for quantum key distribution, a quantum mechanical form of encryption. The use of multiple receivers also allows for communication in network form as possible. Before this is applicable, the system should still be designed as a quantum communication network can act.

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