Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Review – Not authentic, but entertaining




All types of racing games, there is not one so specific and idiosyncratic as the rally genre. Since the Colin McRae Rally 2.0 heyday gamers know what it’s like to rave about roads at high speeds that are absolutely not intended for that purpose. Concepts such as drives and are to send to rally games-playing gamers have long known, and the instruction ‘five right into three left, fifty, caution hairpin right do not cut’ also does not question anymore. For this group it is currently a good time, because with WRC 5, Dirt Rally Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo there are fewer than three games trying to put the sport on a pretty serious way.

Played on: PlayStation 4
Also available for: Xbox One, PC
When reviewing is, in addition to the controller, whether use is made ​​of a steering-Thrustmaster T300RS

The latter is noteworthy because not every rally game of the past put on realism. Well later in the series appeared Colin McRae Dirt games shifted the focus to the “more spectacular” elements of rallying. For one of those games, the X Games were even taken as a center. Not the classic rally stages formed the main menu, it came to the show. Ken Block and his gymkhana’ style came while looking around the corner. It would therefore not be surprised if there is a group of younger players who, if they have to make a presentation of rallying, think of sports cars around drifting pawns.

5 WRC, Sebastien Loeb Rally and Rally Dirt all do a two cents to put that right. The games here and make some trips to other forms of rally racing, but the bulk of the content is provided by the traditional internships you traverses based on the instructions of a crew member. In addition, the three games to choose each apparently a slightly different approach. Dirt Rally, which is already out on Steam and next spring also comes to consoles, focuses on the most authentic representation of the sport.

That’s cool, because Dirt Rally indeed provides perhaps the best rally simulation ever was. The downside is that the game is quite difficult. WRC 5 is in that respect at the other end of the spectrum. The game does water down the wine when it comes to realism and simulation, to thereby ensure that the game is fun for a large group of less talented digital racers. And Sebastien Loeb Rally? This game does a little of both. This game is an obvious risk, which is that he just does not make enough of an impression on both sides.


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