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Last week, Elon Musk and Richard Branson spent on Google+ virtual meeting with representatives of the business community in South Africa, the UK, Colombia and Jamaica to share the experience of doing business. Successful entrepreneurs in real time to answer questions and give advice.

If you have a great idea of ​​how to improve the lives of people, just take it and implement it. The main thing – to act – advises Branson, owner of Necker Island (Necker Island) area of ​​300,000 m ², which was bought by them for more than 30 years ago.

Any idea, no matter how crazy it may be, you need to test in practice – this vital principle Branson helped turn the recording studio into a large conglomerate companies.

It is important to have feedback on the maximum, – this time advises Mack from California. – The idea of ​​the company is to create a team of people who are able to release the product or service that is relevant for them … it should be a really good product or service. Otherwise, it makes no sense.


According to Branson, to raise the company to the next level, you need to find people willing to share the burdens of business together and solve everyday problems. This will help you not to burn at work and free up time for family, maintaining a healthy body and mind.


If you constantly try to do everything yourself, you would bring your body to the extreme attenuation. Do not think that you’re the only one who knows the answers.

When one young entrepreneur asked mask than the one plans to do after the implementation of the project entitled Hyperloop (“Giperlup”), it became clear why some associate it with Tony Stark, a billionaire and inventor of “Iron Man.”

Teleportation – that would be cool – said Musk, remarking that his employment company SpaceX, Tesla Motors and SolarCity casts doubt on this idea.

Later, the entrepreneur does not restrain himself and called his next dream:

If, in the future, I had to create another company that in the near future is unlikely to happen, I would have attempted to create a supersonic aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. Electric aircraft to jet-powered.

Needless to say, it would be super-fast and quiet jet, he added.

The aircraft of regular geometric shape, and high enough to create a sonic boom can not louder modern aircraft. Vertical takeoff and landing make the landing more accurate compared to the huge runways in airports … If this one does not will, maybe someday I’ll do that.

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