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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor could be seen as a kind of Assassin’s Creed game, but within the Middle Earth of Tolkien described. The game revolves around the ranger Talion, which is connected to the soul of the old Celebrimbor, and there also some handy skills come picks. While Tallon is out for revenge, Celebrimbor is especially looking for answers about his past. On their way to Tallon and Celebrimbor defeat large groups of orcs, including a collection of masters and Warchiefs that are part of the Nemesis system Shadow of Mordor. This system combined with the combat system for the success that the game has ended.

Nemesis system
Fighting works nice
Good atmosphere


Little background around Talion
Very Assassin’s Creed-like
Not overly nice

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It’s been a while since Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor was shown to the outside world for the first time, but fans of the Tolkien lore that time will perhaps remember. It was the first sign that there is a really good Lord of the Rings game was finally once again approaching. Once we were just about bombarded with LOTR games, but even now The Hobbit movies millions bringing in cinemas is the thinly thin in terms of games. Shadow of Mordor breaks the silence, and does so in style.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor about the ranger Talion and the mysterious Celebrimbor, which is connected to his soul to Talion. As a two-unit they embark on an adventure in and around Mordor, each with its own purpose. Talion is out for revenge on the Black Hand, who robbed him of his wife and son. Celebrimbor is especially looking for information about his past. As a player you so actually experience two adventures together. The nice thing about the adventure of Celebrimbor however that this is a connoisseur of the Lord of the Rings stories soon realize how the fork in the stem and what exactly Celebrimbors association with darkness.

The path of Celebrimbor in Shadow of Mordor is linked to the fortunes of one of the more famous characters from the Lord of the Rings universe, namely Gollum. The deformed by the forces of the Ring creature appears to have and lead him to various treasures that bring back every time a piece of the memory of the old elf. Loyalty to a particular Celebrimbor This is accompanied by a short cut scenes in which you will find out more about Celebrimbor, which allows tracking of this quest line interesting.

Opposite discovering Celebrimbors past is the route that Tallon must follow to take his dead wife and son. Revenge That path includes some interesting elements, especially concerning the gameplay. We miss here, however, a certain narrative element. You understand why Tallon wants to take revenge, but the motivation to help him lacking a bit. A somewhat deepened story, with more cut scenes had can help. Tallon had as its main character may have more background. Now is the best man some interchangeable, especially in comparison with the entire Lord of the Rings lore so important Celebrimbor.


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