Sharp on Russian market now, smartphones. Overview of the four models




Sharp on the Russian market now, and smartphones. Overview of the four models


Brand Sharp remembered for residents of our country since the Soviet times, when it was synonymous with quality Japanese technology, which was very, very difficult to “get”. The author of this text remembers proud parents – a huge double cassette recorder Sharp. Today, in principle, the technique of this brand you can buy in stores, but in this text we will talk about it: 8 November in Moscow were officially presented four smartphone on Android – Sharp SH530U, Sharp SH631W, Sharp SH837W and Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W. This is the first smartphone of this Japanese company has officially shipped to Russia.

In 2012, Sharp has been the leadership decided to expand the market for smart phones, and the number of countries which have sent their views of the company’s managers, fell and Russia. By the way, Sharp (like Samsung) produces some parts of its own smartphones. For example, the production of screens Sharp has very good features and gadgets are installed in other brands – for example, Apple (Sharp supplying displays for iPhone 5), HTC and Motorola.

In principle, the level of development of the Internet allows you to order smartphones Sharp of Japan and brought to Russia. It is only necessary to consider that they unlock and adaptation to work in Russia is not always smooth (and often it is not impossible). It is for this reason that the start of official sales Sharp SH530U, Sharp SH631W, Sharp SH837W and Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W will enjoy real Japanese gadgets and forget about any problems with their use.

Смартфоны Sharp, предназначенные для России

The first and most simple device is presented in “Five» – Sharp SH530U. The smartphone has a dual-core processor with 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM. Large 5-inch screen has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The amount of internal memory – 20 GB, it is, so there is no slot for memory cards should not be considered a drawback. And the undoubted advantage of the device is that there are two slots for SIM-cards – this decision will attract more buyers. There are Sharp SH530U and GPS-navigation. The estimated cost of a smartphone – 9500 rubles, which is quite acceptable for the device in its class.

Sharp SH530U

Next model – Sharp SH631W. The first striking a very bright and clear 4.5-inch IPS-screen Sharp Mobile, its resolution – 960 x 540 pixels. The processor is a dual core and 1 GHz, RAM – 512 MB. The internal memory is 4 GB and also has a slot for memory cards microSDHC. Little surprise will be available in the complete map for 16 GB. Sharp SH631W will cost about 14 thousand rubles.

Sharp SH631W

A third of the proposed smartphone Sharp SH837W features a 4.7-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels – that is HD-resolution. The processor is also dual core, but with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, RAM – 1 GB. Own memory and 4 GB, and also included a microSDHC-card memory to 16 GB. We note a good 8-megapixel camera. The approximate price of the device – 17 thousand.

Sharp SH837W

All three of the above phones are built on a common platform – is MediaTek MTK6577. Note that the devices are running Android 4.0, and later will be available for them to upgrade to version 4.1.

Finally, consider the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W. Undoubtedly, this is the top model of representation, and we’ll talk about it a little more.

Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W

Once gaze falls on the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W, you realize that the screen there is clearly a success. No need to be an expert to assess the stunning image clarity. And here’s the thing: in fact, Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W was the first serial smartphone with Full HD-screen TV (over the objections submitted a little earlier in the Japanese market HTC J Butterfly reject the right: its sales will start in mid-December 2012 and in Japan, and Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W will be available at the beginning of the month and in Russia). Its diagonal – 5 inches, and resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels, this Full HD-format. Incidentally, in the above HTC J Butterfly screen production uses Sharp – it is, by the way. As for the clarity of the image, then its evaluation there is a special parameter – the number of dots per inch, or ppi. Let’s take a recognized leader in this issue iPhone 5 and a couple of high-end smartphones, and is comparable to the Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W. So, at a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels iPhone is crisp 326 ppi. Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X it a little smaller: they have at the same resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a diagonal of 4.8 and 4.7 inches respectively, the DPI is 306 and 312 ppi. Our Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W showed just a huge lead over the competition: 443 ppi.


«Аквафон» лидирует по качеству изображения, это факт (фото А. Лутфуллина)

As for the “stuffing”, here at Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W also all right. Dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (MSM8260A) with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of RAM – it is enough for quick work smartphone, smooth menus, run applications and games, watching Full HD-video. The memory card slot is missing, but with 32 GB of internal memory, it is not particularly useful.

Корпус Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W выполнен из поликарбоната

Price “Aquafon” – just over 21 thousand. This amount is asking for the world’s first smartphone with Full HD-screen, which is running a fresh Android 4.1, has two cameras – 8 megapixel and 2 megapixel, and supports GPS and GLONASS. In addition, the gadget is able to operate without recharging for about a day, which is pretty good for such a screen – this is possible because the battery capacity of 2100 mAh. Gadget turned out pretty interesting, and it will definitely attract attention. As well as the way, the other three models of Sharp: in Russia is still respected Japanese technique, and if it is offered at an affordable price, then sell it provided.



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