Skylanders Trap Team Preview – Thieves caught with crystals




The need for Toys For Bob gradually be somewhat difficult to come up with the success number Skylanders new options. We had extra large Skylanders, we had split Skylanders; what should be the gimmick of the fourth edition? Apparently, the studio from California inspiration enough because Skylanders Trap Team even has several new gimmicks.

These new options are hidden in the story that is woven through Trap Team. It Kaos is of course central, the big bad boss where the Skylanders to record the tradition. The story begins when Kaos Cloud Cracker Prison have found the prison where the Skylanders every villain in locking up that beat them. The prison is built of Traptanium, a magical substance that – as the name suggests a bit – is very appropriate to conclude anything.

However, Kaos has other plans. The game begins when he blows Cloud Cracker Prison allowing all villains release. Kaos she wants to work to defeat the Skylanders and to seize power. The blow was so fierce that the Traptanium-prison walls shatter and the material in the chunks from becoming airborne. It comes in the form of crystals Traptanium anywhere. The crystals will play a big role in the game.

Skylanders Trap Team.
New crystal

The basis of the game is therefore the same. You fight with Skylanders against the villains of Kaos, levels in which one or a number of elements is central. You can level – or part thereof – only if you play the accompanying game Portal puts a Skylander of the right element. The villains are among elements such as earth, fire and water.

What is new is that you can catch in a Traptanium crystal. If you have a villain defeated, the spirit of it These crystals are not only virtual objects; there are also physical crystals, again neatly divided between the elements. So there are water crystals on the market and tech and undead crystals.

To use those crystals – thus villains to catch – you need a new Portal. This Traptanium Portal with the Trap Team Starter Pack included. In the edge of the Portal you can stop a crystal. If you’ve done this you can store in the spirit of a defeated villain. The fun of it – and that is the great innovation of Trap Team – is that you can play with those reports villain now. So you not only have physical dolls that you buy in the store to take to enter the virtual battlefield you can also use a crystal to store virtual villains of choice and enter the battlefield with it. So you have suddenly a lot of playable characters with. Of course you can take a crystal to someone else, and then play the villain you’ve captured.

Skylanders Trap Team
Play cards

In addition to these new characters we saw a new card game passing. To open, a portion of a stage, we had two keys are needed. The first was guarded by a follower of Kaos and we could easily conquer. The second was in possession of one Bucko, a friendly character who was only willing to give if we would manage to beat in a game of cards. Him off the key We had a virtual card game that is most similar to a simplified version of Blizzards Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The mini-game will no doubt be in the game more often.

Of course there are also new Skylanders. For example. Trap The new Masters Those were the guardians of Cloud Cracker Prison before it was blown up by Kaos. Now you can use them to defeat. The villains There are separate types of weather in between. We saw the oversized Headrush, a Viking woman who loves to sing – but unfortunately in a way that will not be a hit with everyone. She has an upgradable singing attack that humble begins and ends with full yodel.

The new Trap Masters have weapons Traptanium, with the additional property that they will glow when you are near an escaped villain. What these villains are concerned, we saw the funny Brwalrus passing, a combination of walrus and pirate, equipped with a huge mustache. Furthermore, there was bushwhack, a green warrior who is equipped with a huge double ax. Dangerous we deem Brawl And Chain, a water character that you can pull with a chain. Towards him

Skylanders Trap Team
New market

Besides Stair Masters and crystals, there is more innovation because you can soon buy Mini Skylanders. Which are not entirely new. There are already some Minis available that were put on the market on a small scale and domestic act for the real Skylanders. But soon a series of Mini that can stand on its own. Appears Despite their small size, they act as full Skymasters. We saw Spry, a mini Spyro and Minny Snappy, a small version of Trigger Happy. Moreover, if you have an existing Mini, then the passive figure at the appearance of Trap Team suddenly steered. Thus Trap Team also offers plenty of innovation, again plenty of options to spend money. A little fanatical player wants a crystal of each element and – although not strictly necessary – a Trap Master and Mini of each color. That it is not strictly necessary to buy new Skymasters is because to use all the old Skylanders in his Trap Team. However, the new Traptanium crystals ensure that you need for a new Trap Team Portal and thus the Starter Pack to try buying. Just the game you have nothing.

Toys For Bob also had news of a very different order. For where Skylanders had to be on large screens played so far Trap Team will also appear for tablets. There is a version for the iPad 3 and up, Android and Kindle Fire HDX. There, Toys For Bob thought about it, because there is a Mobile Starter Pack with a special version of the Portal and its own controller. Controller that can be stowed in the bottom of the Portal so that it remains entirely manageable. Who wants handier; The game can be played only through the screen without Portal and without a controller. You do not need to have. No dolls with you You can be in a kind of lobby choose the Skylanders you used. Earlier in the game

The version for tablets is otherwise identical to those for consoles. Even graphically, the game is exactly the same. All graphical assets of the console version are also used in the tablet size, and the whole takes on the same frame rate. That Toys For Bob has considered carefully the mobile version evident not only in the recess for the controller. In the side of the portal is also a groove in which a tablet may be, with which the portal acts as a support. Slid in Perhaps even more enjoyable, the studio is in the Portal using BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy, which should ensure that data transfer between Portal, game controller and requires significantly less power.
Preliminary conclusion

Who thought the rack there was a bit off at Skylanders mistaken. With Skylanders Trap Team Toys For Bob weather makes it the necessary reforms, the introduction of new crystals is considered important. Yet we are particularly impressed with the mobile version. Knowing that a tablet in many households, as a game machine for kids so no expensive additional console is required, we see Skylanders suddenly a much bigger audience appeal with the mobile version.
Title Skylanders Trap Team
Box Skylanders Trap Team
Platform Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Android, OS X, OS Kindle
Developer Toys For Bob
Publisher Activision
Release Date October 10, 2014


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