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Smart watches Pebble tested, that are capable of smart watches Pebble after the recent large-scale firmware update, and chose the six best applications from the same online store.

In early February Pebble, producing intelligent electronic watches, conducted a large-scale software update. It touched as firmware of the clock, and that the application is installed on the smartphone. tested that it was updated in hours, and how it became more convenient to use them. We also selected six of the best programs that will further enhance the functionality of Pebble.

A brief digression

Pebble – smart watch (or Smart Watch), who are able to work in tandem with smartphones operating systems iOS (iPhone) or Android, connecting with them via Bluetooth. Hours are able to notify about messages, email, calls. Incoming SMS messages or e-mails can be read directly on the screen of the gadget.

At the clock, you can download additional dials and even firmware and games – such as a calculator or Tetris. Pebble equipped with a monochrome backlit display resolution of 144 by 168 pixels, made by technology Sharp Memory LCD. The screen is not touch-hours, operated via four hardware buttons.

Pebble have waterproof, battery charging, a magnetic connector, as in laptops Apple. One battery charge lasts a week uptime.

These watches have quickly gained popularity. Freelance programmers, in turn, engaged in the production of various dials and interesting applications, and even took to correct the shortcomings and failures of official development.

So, for Android and iPhone have additional programs that allow the clock to receive notification of events on the calendar and even the weather forecast, though the official app only allowed to maintain a connection with the gadget, update firmware and set the clock and program dials found on the Internet.

Six interesting applications for the Pebble

After the last update company Pebble Technology launched application store for hours Pebble, in which more than a thousand programs available. We chose six of them the best.

1. Foursquare: Chekini clock

A small program to allow Pebble “zachekinitsya” without using the phone. Enter the data in the application settings of your account and chekintes pressing two buttons on the clock.

Foursquare for Pebble has the lowest possible functionality: site selection and next mark. It is not available or view and add friends, no more information about the place – it will have to get a smartphone.

2. Pebloid: Arkanoid for Pebble

Arkanoid – classic arcade game in which you knock bricks ball, bouncing from a mobile platform at the bottom of the screen. In Pebloid, as in the classic version, there are prizes that fall from above, if the knock certain brick, “life” and so on.

Manage occurs buttons “up”, “down” and “choice.” The game is not the most interesting and beautiful, but it is suitable for demonstration Pebble. It is possible to play when the battery sits in a smartphone, and you need to kill time.

3. Pebble Cam: Smartphone Remote Camera

Pebble Cam – remote control for your smartphone camera, and not the usual, but with the transfer of the image on the clock screen.

Special program for downloading and installing smartphone Pebble Cam on the clock, you can control the camera smartphone, watching the scene right on the clock screen. Image there, though, will be black and white shots are updated once per second, but understand that “sees” your phone, you can.

The application allows you to switch off the clock between the main and front cameras include a flash and “snapping the shutter.”

4. Morpheuz: smart alarm clock

Morpheuz – Service capable of waking you up at the most opportune time for this (as this term is generally applicable for awakening). Smart software tracks sleep phase – looking for by how actively you toss and turn in bed, analyzes it and selects the most optimal time for recovery.

The app will wake you up in a certain interval of time that you have set. For example, between 7:30 and 8:00. Waking hours vibration – so you have to sleep with the gadget on your wrist.

Interestingly, the Morpheuz does not require installation of additional software – all the data and statistics of your sleep are in the program settings Pebble.

5. Smart Status: advanced dial

Smart Status – advanced dial with additional features. It is designed for those who like to see on the screen the maximum hours of information simultaneously. Here was a place for the current time and date, battery level and hours smartphone, and even the nearest weather event in the calendar, as well as composition, which currently playing on your phone (if any). The last two positions on the screen change button “down.”

This program requires to install a special application on your smartphone «Smartwatch +», through which additional settings and implemented Smart Status.

6. GoPro by Pebble: remote control sports camera

To use this program, you must be the owner of Camera GoPro (Sports Camera for shooting in difficult conditions) and smartphones running iOS and Android with a program to control the camera.

Watches are associated with your smartphone via Bluetooth, the program give command to control the camera, and she, in turn, transmits all directly at the GoPro. Sounds complicated, but actually works very quickly and easily. With the clock can start and stop recording, the camera and switch modes to dig into the settings.

The new firmware also has interesting new features.

Firmware for hours: remind the forgotten smartphone

Firmware 2.0 hours preparing themselves for a few months. Interested users can see pre-release versions and independently assess the quality of software changes. However, for the final evaluation was worth wait for the release already completed the program. And finally, gadget offered to upgrade.

C in terms of user interface and core functionality, significant changes virtually none. Slightly easier steel built-in alarm, they are now easier to activate and edit, you can set the time for which the signal will be “sleep” after the first operation.

If in the previous firmware Pebble notice is preserved and disappeared after reading it, now a few dozen hours on the latest available updates can be viewed in a special section of the menu. Also in the new firmware you can set the time interval when the clock will not bother you who came notifications.

The improvements in the software developers are encouraged to use. From now on the program for hours can store a variety of data at the gadget. This is important, for example, for sports applications that will now gather information, even if the connection is broken with a smartphone.

Also in the new software programs have access to the built-in clock gyroscope know Bluetooth-connection status and can warn of his break. This can be useful if you, for example, forgetting your phone on a table in a cafe: Watch a short vibration will tell you about it when leaving the institution.

Greatly improved and getting different information from the internet, many interchangeable dials default contain the information about the weather and mini-programs can, if necessary, send the collected information directly to a dedicated server.

The program for the smartphone: access to the app store and improved interface

Application for a smartphone, which is responsible for communication with intelligent clock Pebble, also changed for the better. It has become easier, clearer, more beautiful and most importantly, it is now combined with the app store and dials. This is a completely new program, which has no almost nothing in common with the previous version.

The program has three subsections: My Pebble – my watch, Get watchfaces – download dials and Get apps – download application.

App store is divided into six subsections: Daily – every day, Notifications – notice, Fitness – Fitness, Tools and Utilities – tools, Remotes – control panels and Games – Games. Each section – a few dozen applications, the number of which is growing day by day.

Many programs require the installation of additional software on the phone, a link to which can be found in the detailed description to the mini-program. This, for example, is almost always required for sports applications that transmit the information collected on the phone, where it is handled by a special program, keeps statistics and gives advice.

In the “dials” are all a little different. Here you can see all the options available for download (and several hundred of them), the most popular (Most loved watchfaces) or settle for “Editor’s Choice» (Pebble Picks). Here you can safely go into the popular – it contains really the cream, but the choice of wording while weak: only five dials. My Pebble section allows you to manage installed applications and the clock dials. It consists of two parts. In one – a program installed on the clock, the other – a compilation of user software.

Due to technical limitations on the clock itself can be set only eight additions, including dials, and programs. But everything else – purchased or downloaded from the store, stored in so-called “locker» (locker) and from there can be installed at any time on the clock.

“Locker” is your personal collection of interesting applications that do not need to look for every time in the store – they are always at hand.

Many gadgets or dials have additional settings, access to which will be available after installing the program on the clock. Simply select an application from the list and it will appear under the button «settings» (if you have access to the settings). To dial it usually color choice (primary colors here can be inverted), time and date format, as well as mapping and the inclusion of hourly weather display.

For application settings can be more complex and include both change the basic parameters and control the collection of information. By the way, most of the pages with the settings are located on external servers, so that access to them without the Internet will not work.

Connect the Russian language

Default clock Pebble Russian language is not supported, as well as many others. If you have just become the owner of the smart hours or switched to official firmware, then do not worry – instead of messages in their native language will be strange symbols. Add to watch Russian language is not difficult. To do this, go to the site and to gather themselves firmware with the correct language.

Here’s how:

1. Select «Firmware» on top menu.

2. Tick ​​off those languages ​​that you need. Be sure to leave a list of English and symbols. Click «Continue».

3. Select the desired firmware – Firmware Version.

∙ V2R2 – if the serial number starts with the number of hours

∙ V3R1 – if the serial number begins with the letter h ‘Q’

∙ STEEL – If you watch in steel Pebble Steel

4. In paragraph «Disable Firmware Applications» select which built application, you do not need. Here you can disable the built-in function dials and some hours.

5. Section «Firmware Patches» made for iPhone, which as a result of problems with the compound instead of the caller when an incoming call is displayed squares. If you select this option, then when an incoming call is displayed phone number.

6. «Interface Translation» allows you to select a language. Russian immediately available.

7. Press «Create Firmware», download ready firmware link. Flash clock can be via phone, simply by opening the firmware file Pebble standard program and confirming its desire to flash clock.

8. And, yes, the site is supported by our compatriot, and he would be glad if you thank him. Relevant links are on the site.

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