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Consumer electronics market shrinks. If ever you needed a computer for work, for home computer, game console, TV, DVD-player and a mobile phone, the 2013 is enough to have a smartphone and a laptop. Or tablet and smartphone – the amateur. This leads to some thoughts that computers will eventually die out and be replaced by smartphones that are billions of times more portable and flexible. In the future they may be flexible on the part of the hardware literally.

Opponents of the idea of ​​extinction smartphones say that it is hard to give up your personal desktop computer, which is several times higher power, as well as heat dissipation. It will take time before the processors will be so small and energy efficient that smartphones will have enough processing power to meet the needs of most of the population. Of course, will always be a special unit of consumers, like the hardcore fans tuning table and iron, as well as employees of “Mail of Russia”, which are unlikely to change the computer in the next ten years. But we do not take into account, at least not yet.

Another strong argument against the growth of smartphones – lack of customization options, upgrades and low personalization (which is, like, to fix Motorola’s Moto X). As you know, smart phones and tablets are created, marketed and sold as a consumable product. You buy a smart phone, for a few years, his memory is clogged, and the battery dies, so profitable to: a) update the stuffing and design, and b) get a new smartphone. But here “and” without “b” is not possible. Sellers of consumer smartphones locked in an incredibly convenient to the cage. Take a look at the record profits Apple, which are almost entirely derived from the instantaneous mass sales of iPhone, which is updated once a year. As for computers, we used to update them (even laptops, it’s worth noting) every four to five years.

If smartphones could upgrade (which is an upgrade, I think they know everything), it would be much less reason to buy a new phone every couple of years. If you could just replace the CPU, memory, battery and anything else useful life of the smartphone could go on almost indefinitely – as well as the PC itself. The same goes for the software: the new filling can be upgraded even the old device if the operator does not stand on its hind legs. As you know, in the end, consumers will buy less of smart phones, it is not surprising that none of the manufacturers are not looking in that direction.

Another problem is the upgrade of the filling, of course, the complexity of the production unit, which simultaneously is a powerful, efficient, small and able to upgrade. There are some compromises in the miniaturization of computer technology and the loss of the possibility of replacing a single component – one of those compromises. Even the desktop computers are not immune to this trend. In the old days, it was possible to remove any chip on the motherboard, and today they are all soldered, except for the processor, RAM and graphics card. One thinks of the time when the video card was a slot for expansion RAM. Laptops are also available with a removable CPU and RAM, but due to the miniaturization of all this is gone. Do smartphones sometimes have removable battery and micro SD-card, but not all of them.

All is simple: to upgrade will need the extra space. If the tower on your desktop PC, you can lodge a turtle, in the small laptop or smartphone does not even stick a knife blade. In such a scale matter even extra 5 mm – and you try to ignore them when it comes to replacing the cooler. Places are sorely lacking.
There is a Future

One day, everything can change. It is possible that in the future components become so small that they can be replaced. In the end, the smart phone is unlikely to be much less, otherwise we can not keep it, or will not see the screen – but the components will continue to narrow. So, in the end (if your smartphone does not become extinct as a class), will be enough space for the replacement parts.

In connection with the ongoing consolidation and integration is possible that future mobile devices all the stuffing together into one chip. Currently, system-on-a-chip (SoC) in your smartphone or tablet contains: Computer CPU and graphics processor, memory controller, dedicated hardware for GPS, USB, images and video, as well as for DSP; modules Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , 2G/3G/4G. In the case of Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC it all fits in a bag the size of a penny less. In the future, all the extra “features» – NAND-flash memory, touch-sensor, accelerometer, power regulator – may well fit within the same package.

When the smartphone will consist of a battery, display, and a separate chip, it will be very easy to upgrade. The same easy motion that you replace “sim card” or a memory card, you can put the new SoC. Even easier – the battery. Display, perhaps, will be the last stumbling block on the path to complete transformation, but this is normal. Buy a new phone, if necessary – the other screen.
Vote purse

The good news is that more and more improved phones may be possible in the next few years. The bad news is that expensive, but it does not improve the MacBook Pro with Retina-display are selling better than laptops based on Windows. Consequently, the commercial demand for more improved smartphones may never appear. I would not be surprised if Samsung or ASUS will release a smartphone with interchangeable parts in the next few years, but whether the device is sold on the fact – the big question.

As you can see, the vast majority of the market is more than happy to buy laptops, tablets and smartphones without the possibility of updating the filling. The cost may be higher, but this is offset by better aesthetics, reliability and functionality. Moreover, the development of a device that will never open, you can squeeze anything else. The idea of ​​replacing the smartphone SoC is very good, but in practice it is difficult to predict whether a sufficient market demand for the service.

When smart phones with removable parts to hit the market, buy them with confidence. If a million people will buy a Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung will release the SoC, which can be put in the old building. Other device manufacturers follow Samsung.

And the last. There are two opposing forces tearing computer market: the assimilation and differentiation. On the one hand, the interior of the apparatus are almost identical. Yes, there are differences, but most do not care what processor is inside. On the other hand, device manufacturers try to allocate the maximum product of the other. This is a complex task that is solved in the first place, the software.

As the car market as a TV market as the PC market – when the smart phone market is uniform and when it will be difficult to make a choice, only then smartphones will become the future of computers.
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