Software Update: 9:00 Total Commander beta 17




There is a new beta release of Total Commander version 9.0 released, the seventeenth again. This program can be used as a replacement for Windows Explorer. Because the image is split in two, it is easy to copy, but the program can much more. There are several ways to modify files, a built-in FTP client and a multirename tool available, and there is support for a wide range of compression formats. Furthermore, the functionality can plugins be expanded. The program is small, and does not need to be installed in order to be able to use it, so it is easy to use it everywhere.

In version 9, we find among others a few cosmetic changes. For example, there are now used system icons placed instead of the internal and there is a new menu bar between the two screens file. There are provided a large number of small improvements. The changelog for this release is as follows:

Updated tc7z.dll and tc7z64.dll with latest dlls from 7z1603-extra.7z (7zxa.dll and x64 \ 7zxa.dll) (32/64)
When entering large directories, wait with handling messages for up to 1.9 seconds – still safe to avoid freezing, but keeps keyboard input made by user (32/64)
Do not watch for changes in “Computer” virtual folder When Show Additional Drivers doesnâ have added value 4 (show drives with no drive letters like phones) (32/64)
Remote desktop connection: Show Shared Drives When connecting, disconnecting When hide them (32/64)
Remote desktop connection: Local drives shared by “Local Resources” options were not visible in TC (WNetOpenEnum failed) (32/64)
Do not try to show the BitLocker unlock dialog while the registration screen is still up (switch to local drive Instead, as TC 8.x) (32/64)
Button F3, F4, etc. in the bottom bar could wrap to two lines When button too narrow (64)
Quick search filter was relieved after using file context menu, causing a full refresh by mistake (32/64)
Comments: Problems copying comment from UTF-8 encoded file to comment Comment OEM-encoded file on systems with code page other than 1252 (32/64)
Comments: Problems copying comment from OEM-encoded comment file to UTF-8 encoded file comment on systems with code page other than 1252 (not visible comment, linebreaks dissolves) (32/64)
Comments: Default type set to one of the Unicode types, enter non-Unicode comment Ctrl + Z -> last character was cut (32/64)
Move file (F6) Which is currently opened and locked by a program will copy the file, but deleting the original will fail -> show different error dialog (32/64)
Hold down space on a file, then press Tab while space is still down -> the footer could be wrong (32/64)
Missing identifiers for new commands in WCMICONS.INC (32/64)
For consistency with the 32-bit version, do not drive, drive icons from icon lib dimmed When hovering over them (64)
Search dialog: Save “Search for” combo When starting a search and the string has changed, not Only When closing the dialog (32/64)
Configuration – Options – View mode, Apply after deleting a mode -> revert view modes on tab to 0 (default) if a mode was deleted or inserted before That mode (64)
Configuration – Options – View mode, Apply after deleting a mode -> revert view modes on tab to 0 (default) if number higher than available view modes (64)
Folder tabs: Default view mode, toggle “Priority”, click “Apply” -> icons for default view mode tabs were only changed When switching to thesis tabs (32/64)
Folder tabs: When disabling directory tab icons, an empty placeholder was shown on tabs where a user mode icon with priority option was defined (32/64)
Abort counting space in filesystem plugin subdirectories (Alt + Shift + Enter or Spacebar) When disconnecting or closing the program (32/64)
Windows 10 bug: Alt + Tab away from Configuration – Options – Misc after Clicking on a disabled control in That dialogue still Caused redraw errors -> we need to focus a different control (or list pages) (64)
FTPS: Suggest to use OpenSSL dlls in the log window When connection fails Because the operating system does not support session re-use (eg Linux with Wine) (32/64)
FTP connection dialog: Automatically check passive mode option When checking SSL / TLS, it does not work with active mode (32/64)


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