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Scooter Software has released version 4.2.7 of Beyond Compare. With this very extensive program, which is available for Windows, Linux and now also for OS X, files can be compared with each other. In addition, it is possible to compare complete folders, ftp locations and archives. Beyond Compare is available in standard and pro versions, for prices starting at $ 30. The differences can be found on this page . Since version 4.2.2 the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in 4.2.7 build 23425:
Notable Changes
Windows / macOS: Improved PDF to text extraction and layout.
Linux: Added KDE5 Dolphin integration and fixed support for Ubuntu 18.04 Nautilus integration.
Bug fixes.
Windows: Upgraded 7-zip to 18.05.
Patched 7-zip vulnerability CVE-2018-10115. Beyond Compare was not affected because it uses RARLAB’s official UnRAR library, but 7-zip’s included decoder is now patched too.
Updated Windows UnRAR.dll to v5.61.1 and Unix libunrar to v5.6.6.
File Formats
Windows / macOS: Upgraded PdfToText to 4.00.01, switched to 64-bit builds where appropriate, and changed to the new -simple layout option.
Added “* .dsql” to “SQL” file format.
Linux: Added KDE5 Dolphin integration. Thank you Benjamin Robin (benjarobin) for the new version!
Linux: Fixed installer for Nautilus integration in Ubuntu 18.04.
Windows: Fixed Japanese and Simplified Chinese installers including French CHM file.
Picture Compare
Improved error handling for malformed PPC images and added support for reading 16-bit per channel ASCII PPM files and scaling them down to 8 bits per channel.
Fixed “Too many open files” errors when generating file comparison reports or many files.
macOS: Fixed startup crash on macOS Mojave 10.14 beta 4 (build 18A336e).
Windows: Fixed crash when trying to close a tab from the taskbar while the form has a modal dialog open.
Changes in 4.2.6 build 23150:
Cloud Services
Added support for Amazon S3 time limited credentials requiring a security token.
Added support for loading Amazon S3 credentials from ‘credentials’ / ‘config’ files or environment variables.
Fixed support for comparing files on FTP sites that have extensions that are not valid on the local system.
Fixed using SFTP to connect to WPEngine and other ProFTPD SFTP servers that require new encryption algorithms.
macOS: Fixed crash on macOS 10.14 Mojave beta 3.
Changes in 4.2.5 build 23088:
Cloud Services
Fixed uploads to Dropbox failing silently for files larger than 150 MB.
Command Line
Linux: Fixed timing issue that could hang the launcher script.
Linux: Fixed exit code 100 when multiple users launch BC with the same temp folder.
File Formats
Improved “XML Tidy” handling or user defined entities.
Fixed “XML Sort” and “XML Tidy” to preserve original character encoding.
Folder Compare
Linux: Fixed support for ‘Align filenames with different Unicode normalization forms’.
Version information is now shown for any file types associated with the Version Compare.
Fixed file operation “Pause / Resume” button’s hint when paused.
Unix: Fixed file timestamps being off by up to 2 seconds due to a lossy UTC local conversion.
Fixed SFTP / SCP connections not closing after an error (eg, user cancel on “Unrecognized SSH host key” dialog).
Added Simplified Chinese as an official language for Windows and macOS.
Linux: Added context menus for KDE5.
Windows: Fixed BcClipboard incompatibility with MS Excel, PowerShell ISE, and Visual Studio.
Updated copyright date to 2018.
macOS: Fixed displaying version and copyright info in Finder’s “Get Info” dialog.
Generated reports are now encoded with ANSI if both input files are ANSI on Windows, and UTF-8 for all other cases. The UTF-8 byte order mark is only written on Windows.
Folder Compare Reports using “Include links to file reports” now uses child session settings.
Text Edit
Find & Replace “Replace with” can now use and add to breaks when using regular expressions.
Text Views
Fixed copying forcibly wrapped lines.
Fixed Picture Compare “Summary” report crash.
Changes in 4.2.4 build 22795:
Notable Changes
Fixed Folder Compare not including all selected items in file operations (primarily affects 64-bit Linux).
macOS: Fixed error messages when launching from the command line on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
Various other fixes and enhancements.
Command Line
macOS: Fixed error messages when launching from the command line on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
File Formats
Fixed RTF character encoding detection and added support for Unicode characters.
Fixed RTF table extraction to include tabs between cells and line endings between rows.
File Views
Fixed high DPI displays not showing the “Keep file read-only” checkbox when confirming overwriting a read-only file.
Fixed high DPI displays not showing the “Do not show again” checkbox when confirming “Copy File to Left / Right and Open Next Difference”.
Folder Compare
Fixed Folder Compare not including all selected items in file operations (primarily affects 64-bit Linux).
Unix: Fixed error when trying to copy the same file to two destinations.
macOS: Fixed support for file names longer than 256 UTF-8 bytes.
Windows: Fixed mouse wheel scrolling at a time.
Windows: Fixed entry registration keys copied from PDF files.
Linux: Fixed or slow exit on systems with a large number of networked printers.
Fixed translation support in clipboard manager.
Portable Devices (MTP)
Windows: Fixed resource leak when copying data from portable media devices.
Registry Compare
Fixed high DPI displays not showing the “Do not show again” checkbox when confirming the first edit in a session.
Windows: Fixed hang when trying to connect to an SVN profile without any saved credentials.
Windows: Added support for canceling SVN connections that are slow / hung.
Fixed svn + file: // profiles incorrectly prompting for a username / password.
Table Compare
Fixed “Extract Microsoft Excel table” and “Extract HTML table (s)” incorrectly handling files containing a lot of Asian characters.
Text Views
Using “Copy Line (s) to Left / Right” gutter buttons clears the selection again (broken in v4.0).
Fixed filtered line counts to use the gutter font.
Text Merge
Fixed “Clear Conflict Section, Next” shortcut not working on detached merge pane.
macOS: Fixed crash on close when using the Chinese translated version.
Fixed External Format quick compare crash.
Changes in 4.2.3 build 22587:
Cloud Services
Fixed WebDAV showing invalid subfolders with the same name as the parent folder.
Command Line
Linux: Fixed excessive CPU usage when launching a second comparison from the command line.
Unix: Fixed crash when loading an FTP profile with the timezone set to Rome.
View tab bar no longer shows “Select Tab” and “Close Other Tabs” commands if there is only one tab.
Updated various icons.
MP3 Compare
Improved handling or AENC, GEOB, and APIC tags.
Added “Minimum clip length” to clipboard manager to avoid saving passwords or other short text (defaults to 32).
Fixed display or custom display filter names (eg “[Differences]” instead of “Differences” when orphans not included).
Fixed UTF-8 reports not including a byte order mark, causing problems when importing them into Excel or viewing them in some web browsers.
Session Settings dialogs “Swap sides” button now also affects “Disable editing” checkboxes.
Text Views
Unix: Fixed accented characters being entered as ‘?’ when typed.
macOS: Fixed startup crash on macOS 10.13 High Sierra beta.
Unix: Fixed Folder Compare crash when opening Options dialog from the Log panel.
Beyond Compare 4.0Beyond Compare 4.0Beyond Compare 4.0
Version number 4.2.7 build 23425
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Scooter Software
File sizes 12.07MB – 21.30MB
License type Shareware


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