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Brave is a web browser based on Chromium. At the helm of the company behind Brave is Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and one of the founders of Mozilla. Brave focuses on improving online security and offers an alternative system for financial support for content providers. The idea behind this is that advertising is often the biggest source of income for a website, but that many people use adblockers and websites lose revenue due to intrusive advertisements. The developers have released Brave 0.58.21 for desktops with the following changes:

Version 0.58.21
Added new contribution flow for unverified publishers. (# 2836)
Removed icon fetching for unverified media publishers. (# 2717)
Fixed several CORS issues due to Brave Shields. (# 2252)
Fixed JavaScript being able to load Brave schemes. (# 2861)
Fixed not being able to exclude websites from the auto-contribute table under Rewards. (# 1693)
Fixed auto-contribution table not being updated correctly in certain situations. (# 2882)
Fixed auto-contribution still occurring when Rewards is disabled or the auto-contribution toggle is toggled off within Rewards. (# 2804)
Fixed recurring tipping still occurring when Rewards is disabled. (# 2815)
Fixed not being able to play media on Reddit. (# 1999)
Fixed images failing to upload on GitHub. (# 2034)
Fixed not being able to login into (# 2521)
Fixed videos failing to load on (# 1581)
Fixed not being able to login into (# 2411)
Fixed not being able to search on (# 2341)
Fixed not loading in Brave. (# 2864)
Fixed “Save Link As …” being disabled under the right click context menu when selecting “brave: // sync” in settings. (# 2849)
Version 0.58.18
Added text snippets under the tip panel and tip banner when a publisher has not been verified. (# 2697)
Removed all images for unverified publishers on Brave Rewards. (# 2696)
Removed YouTube favicons for unverified publishers in tip table under Brave Rewards. (# 2715)
Version 0.58.17
Added text snippets under the tip panel and tip banner when a publisher has not been verified. (# 2697)
Removed all images for unverified publishers on Brave Rewards. (# 2696)
Version 0.58.16
Added support for custom publisher branded Reward banners. (# 1923)
Added the ability to import search settings from muon. (# 2415)
Added notification under Rewards panel that only appears if you have not enabled Brave Rewards. (# 1439)
Added the ability to restore another wallet if the current wallet has been corrupted or is missing data. (# 2183)
Added Copy / Print / Save as File actions under the “Backup your wallet” modal window in Brave Rewards. (# 929)
Added a deep link for “Add Funds” under the Rewards panel. (# 1480)
Added a relaunch dialog for macOS when updating via the hamburger menu. (# 2477)
Added timeout to the “Thank You” banner so it’s dismissed automatically after sending a tip. (# 1742)
Added more information in “Add Funds” under Brave Rewards to make the experience more intuitive. (# 1935)
Removed the reload button under the Rewards panel. (# 1598)
Fixed extensions not being able to override the new tab page. (# 993)
Fixed several crashes when updating to a new version on macOS. (# 1745)
Fixed Brave not relaunching on macOS after updating to new version. (# 977)
Fixed crash when opening “Rewards Settings” in certain situations. (# 2375)
Fixed PDFs are not loading on certain websites when they are behind basic authentication. (# 1788)
Fixed import failing when denying Brave keychain access. (# 2513)
Fixed import failing when bookmark from mulon fails to import. (# 2517)
Fixed import failing when Brave Payments (muon) fails to import. (# 2421)
Fixed import failing / hanging when Brave is already opened. (# 2503)
Fixed tips not being shown in summary table under Brave Rewards when Brave Payments (muon) data imported. (# 2368)
Fixed auto-contribute table under Brave Rewards at the beginning of the month. (# 2333)
Fixed Reward summary table not being cleared when restoring another wallet. (# 1559)
Fixed stats under the new tab page are cleared when navigating back to the new tab page using the back button. (# 307)
Fixed DuckDuckGo being reset when using the navigation back button when using private windows. (# 1490)
Fixed wrong search engine being used in private windows when searching using the context menu. (# 1037)
Fixed wrong search engine being used in Tor windows when searching using the context menu. (# 1758)
Fixed stats count incrementally increasing under new tab page on certain websites. (# 1311)
Fixed pasting magnet links into the URL initiating search instead of loading WebTorrent. (# 1435)
Fixed torrent URLs being handled by Brave only when the WebTorrent extension is enabled. (# 2043)
Fixed removed publishers not always being restored in Brave Rewards when using the “Restore All” feature. (# 1441)
Fixed tooltip overlap and preventing access to the exclude button under Brave Rewards. (# 1850)
Fixed double-clicking on “X” to exclude publisher in the auto-contribute table incrementing total by two instead of one. (# 1873)
Fixed not being able to restore excluded publishers into the auto-contribution table in certain situations. (# 1883)
Fixed tips panel under Brave Rewards not displaying “on YouTube” text next to YouTube publishers. (# 1976)
Fixed “Sadly, no tokens yet” message appearing under the Rewards Summary table when importing Payments from Brave (muon) with a non-zero balance. (# 2379)
Fixed the formatting of the clock under the new tab page so AM / PM are displayed correctly. (# 2439)
Fixed the “X” button under the Rewards banner to make it more visible. (# 2614)
Upgraded Chromium to 71.0.3578.98. (# 2556)
Version number 0.58.21
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Brave Software
License type Conditions (GNU / BSD / etc.)
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