Software update: CockroachDB 2.1.5




The team behind CockroachDB has released version 2.1.5. This is an open source database that is ideal for cloud environments and offers various options for dealing with problems, thanks to the scattered design. For more information we refer to this page , where the most frequently asked questions are answered. The lists of changes look like this:

Version 2.1.5

Enterprise edition changes
Added support for HTTP standard HTTP environment variables in HTTP and S3 storage. # 34535
SQL language changes
It is now possible to force a reverse scan of a specific index using table @ {FORCE_INDEX = index, DESC}. # 34121
The value of information_schema.columns.character_maximum_column is set to NULL for all integer types, for compatibility with PostgreSQL. # 34201
Command-line changes
Fixed a bug in cockroach node status that prevented it from displaying nodes in the cluster in some circumstances. # 34503
Bug fixes
Lookup joins now properly preserve their input order even if more than one row of the input corresponds to the same row of the lookup table. # 33730
Fixed a goroutine leak that would occur while a cluster was unavailable (or a subset of nodes partitioned away from the cluster) and would cause a resource spike to resolve. # 34144
Fixed panics or incorrect results in some cases when grouping on constant columns (with GROUP BY or DISTINCT ON). # 34168
The values ​​reported in information_schema.columns for integer columns created prior to CockroachDB v2.1 as BIT are now fixed and consistent with other integer types. # 34201
Fixed a bug that would delay Raft log truncations. # 34284
Prevented down-replicating widely replicated ranges when nodes in the cluster are temporarily down. # 34199
CockroachDB now enable re-starting a node at an address previously allocated for another node. # 34198
CHANGEFEEDs now can be started on tables that have been backfilled by schedule changes. # 34362
Fixed a back up in flow creation observed by “no inbound stream connection” caused by not releasing a lock before attempting a possibly blocking operation. # 34364
Fixed a panic when updating a job that does not exist. # 34672
Fixed a bug in RESTORE that prevented restoring some BACKUPs containing previously dropped or truncated interleaved tables. # 34719
The value of the attnum column in pg_catalog.pg_attribute now remains stable across column drops. # 34734
Prevented a problem that would cause the Raft to grow very large, which in turn could prevent replication changes. # 34774
Prevented down nodes from obstructing Raft log truncation on ranges they are a member of. This problem could cause replication to fail due to overly large Raft log. # 34774
Fixed a bug that would incorrectly cause JSON field access equality comparisons to be true when they should be false. # 32214
Performance improvements
Index joins, lookup joins, foreign key checks, cascade scans, zig zag joins, and UPSERTs no longer needlessly scan over child interleaved tables when searching for keys. # 33652
Doc updates
Updated the SQL Performance Best Practices with caveats around interleaving tables. # 4273
Added a note that when a table that was previously split is truncated, the table must be pre-split again. # 4274
Added guidance on removing UNIQUE constraints. # 4276
Added a warning about cross-store rebalancing not working as expected in 3-node clusters with multiple stores per node. # 4320
Version number 2.1.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Cockroach Labs
License type Conditions (GNU / BSD / etc.)


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