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VSO Software has released an update to version 6.0 of ConvertXtoDVD. This program can be made DVD discs on a variety of video files, so for example, they can be played on a DVD player in the living room. ConvertXtoDVD has support for numerous audio and video formats, can insert captions and create extensive menus, and even a simple video editor on board. Furthermore, to use the program in many languages, including Dutch. In version 6.0 we find include a new menu editor, it is possible to add a watermark to videos and added support for Windows 10. Since version the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011468: [Bug fix] text menu option “ask what to do” when text is too long, no question has been asked and sometime blocks conversion
0011472: [Bug fix] Only the first part of a .srt subtitle file is converted (displayed in preview, not on final DVD)
0011470: [Feature Request] reorganize items under top menu “File” – make it easier for users to post files from burner or directory
0011459: [Bug fix] Resize Filter “Lanczos” was not working. Everytime ConvertX is closed and opened again, resize filters change to “Box
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011410: [Feature Request] add image enhancer for VHS Tapes
0011454: [Suggestion] keep the “add” link in the bonus section and episodes
0011452: [Bug fix] Wrong aspect ratio applied When switching between title sets in tree
0010944: [Bug fix] dvdsub files in TS file do not display on output When encoded as dvdsubtitles
0011374: [Bug fix] chapter times are not correct if merging files using right click option on files already loaded in treeview
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011434: [Suggestion] Missing a [Space] between two words in the chapter Tab
0011430: [Feature Request] Add external PGS / Blu-ray subtitle support (.sup files)
0011375: [Bug fix] text watermark stops displaying at 10 minutes
0011358: [Bug fix] log always reports “VSO” method used for deinterlacing method, no matter what selection is made
0011349: [Feature Request] editing titleset names in tree view and arrow keys for navigation not working like in v5
0011174: [Bug fix] “share your experience” Prevents shutdown after conversion setting from functioning properly
0011415: [Bug fix] “share your experience” Prevents batcher from functioning properly
0011352: [Bug fix] In the default settings selecting resize filter “Mitchell (VSO)” always selected instead “Spline (VSO)”
0011370: [Bug fix] adding a subtitle stream to an isolated vob file loaded in app makes app crash When playing preview window
0011029: [Bug fix] specifies mpg file does not load completely – progress bar remains on screen
0011402: [Feature Request] the highlightcolor shouldering be on the font only (not on the outline and the shadow)
0011412: [Bug fix] -improvesleep conversion from 16 colors to 4 colors (DVD video) for subtitles
0011403: [Bug fix] When merged and converted files play jerky
0011399: [Bug fix] Particular file freezes at about 10-15 seconds before the end and then returns to the main menu without playing load images
0011372: [Bug fix] conversion never finishes at 98% with incomplete file, however does finish in v5
Seems to stop converting around 98% during menu generation and never finishes
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011378: [Feature Request] changing values ​​or default menu or menu so new default menu encoding less CPU intensive to be closer to That or v5
0011335: [Bug fix] menu editor – the time for still image is not the same one displayed in still image or preview When Compared to playing
0011368: [Bug fix] On page two and three in the menu, you can not select the indvidual titleset only page navigation is selectable
0011336: [Bug fix] menu editor – when choosing “no video” for background on menu choice is not remembered
0011367: [Bug fix] theme interface problems? additional gray shadows When Should not there be
0011343: [Bug fix] bonus items in the menu is not selectable
0011347: [Bug fix] switching to a different menu structure while in simulator mode makes highlight disappears
0011346: [Bug fix] unable to select chapters on 2nd page or greater on output or in simulator mode menu editor
0011334: [Bug fix] menu editor – Background image display is not the same as “still preview” Compared to when “playing preview”
0011379: [Bug fix] When using artifacts theme “still images”
0011386: [Bug fix] Missing some button overlays in legacy templates
0011345: [Information] menu editor – quick access icon bar has shortcuts or ????
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011297: [Feature Request] Add more deinterlacing methods
0011327: [Bug fix] Watermark opacity option does not works if downloaded file is not png
0011331: [Feature Request] Add watermark start time and periodicity settings
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011309: [Bug fix] redundant text in display or code pagelist
0011325: [Bug fix] ConvertX lock up When loading a file with subtitles
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0011316: [Bug fix] audio not playing in the preview window on some Windows 10
0011254: [Feature Request] remove the pause icon That displays on preview
0011193: [Feature Request] add integration or watermark into default settings like in CXV – with check box to “add watermark to all videos”
0011204: [Bug fix] crash CXD When editing cuts with merged files
0011294: [Bug fix] not all subtitles are displayed
0011305: [Feature Request] Menu Editor – Feature to hide any item
0006910: [Bug fix] Menu duration gets clipped
0011304: [Bug fix] add a link / way for users to use older menu templates
0011281: [Bug fix] menu editor – when apply stretch mode to background image settings are not actually applied once closed menu editor
0011290: [Bug fix] cursor highlight / selector do not appearacne if text in menus is a very dark color close to black
0011282: [Bug fix] menu editor – in some cases not changing text modifications
0011292: [Bug fix] changes in default settings / Options Menu / Edit Current Template Fonts are not overwritten by newer changes made in menu editor
0011299: [Suggestion] series menu structure by default has no audio in the background menu, edit window leads user to believe there is
0011275: [Bug fix] If menu editor is opened and changed menu DVD output switches from initial setting or 24fps to 30fps (NTSC)
Changes in version ConvertXtoDVD
0010738: [Feature Request] preview text visibility problem
0010152: [Bug fix] alignment or selector in glossy menu root menu is not ideal
0011270: [Feature Request] Menu Editor – Add safe zone display option
0011267: [Bug fix] series menu – bonuses menu, too many thumbnails appearacne in menu
0011268: [Bug fix] Thor – the dark world workloads without any audio streams
0011265: [Bug fix] cursor highlight does not take length or full-line, classic, simple but elegant menu
0010904: [Bug fix] resizing video thumbnail in Menu Editor does not keep aspect ratio
0011257: [Feature Request] menu editor – resizing an image stretchs it not keeping aspect ratio However using “Ctrl” and keeps moving aspect ratio
0011030: [Bug fix] wrong audio stream used on menus in some cases with cinema theme
ConvertXtoDVD 6.0 screenshot (620 pix)


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