Software Update: NewsLeecher 7.0 Beta 1




After the sixth beta release of NewsLeecher version 6.5 is now the first beta of version 7.0 become available. With this program it is possible to download files. From newsgroups in a simple way The program supports NZB files , includes a SuperSearch and can automatically check downloaded files for integrity and completeness, and then extract independently. Version 7.0 adds include a new system to download to specific folders or unpack, there is an automatic detection of par files a false name, and it is possible to make a filter as files in a be ruled out. language The complete changelog for this release can be found below.

NewsLeecher 7.0 Beta 1

Lots of changes in this beta !. It is highly recommended to make a backup of your NewsLeecher settings and data before installing. The settings / data directory is located in Usally the Following path:% AppData% NewsLeecher
Implemented a “Destination Folders” system, that makes it easy to associate specific groups, Super Search and Super Leech entries with certain download and extract RAR archive folders. The feature supports a simple variable system, that makes it easy to set a, say, download folder to C: Downloads
Where Gets Replaced with the Usenet group of the article to download,
and Gets Replaced with the articles subject line.
The available variable names are listed on the “Destinations Folder” dialog in the NewsLeecher application. We are looking into Implementing more variables.
Auto-detection of misnamed PAR2 files. Repair & Extract will now automatically check to see if newly leeched files they ‘are misnamed PAR2 set files, belonging to one of the PAR2 sets available in the Repair & Extract list view. If a match is found, the file will automatically be renamed so it gets processed by Properly Repair & Extract.
It is now possible to manually initiate a PAR2 misname check, by activating the context menu of a PAR2 set in the Repair & Extract list view and select “Detect Misnamed”.
Implemented a Super Leech “Foreign Language Exclusion Filter”. This filter makes it very easy to command Super Leech to ignore articles, if certain language specific substrings are found in the article subjects. It can be setup from the Super Leech entry settings dialog.
Added feature to remove redundant NewsLeecher settings folders and files from the NewsLeecher settings folder. The feature can be accessed from: Toolbox -> Advanced -> Remove Redundant Files / Folders
To better conform with standard Windows controls behavior, double Clicking a combo box (filter box) now selects the clicked word, instead of clearing all input text. To clear all text input, press [Esc] instead.
LOTS of visual and non-visual changes and improvements.
Many smaller bug fixed.
Removed the “720i” video quality from the Super Leech entry setup dialog, ashes That quality setting is rarely used.


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