Software Update: NewsLeecher 7.0 Beta 2




The second beta release of NewsLeecher version 7.0 became available. With this program it is possible to download files from newsgroups in a simple way. The program supports NZB files , includes a SuperSearch and can check downloaded files automatically on integrity and completeness, and then extract independently. Version 7.0 adds include a new system to download to specific folders or to unpack, supports automatic detection of par files a wrong name, and makes it possible to create a filter so as files in a particular language to close. The complete changelog for this release can be found below.


Implemented RAR-in-RAR whitelist. Use this feature, if there are Specifically named RAR-in-RAR archives That You do not want to NewsLeecher mark as spam, in case the RAR-in-RAR spam detection settings is toggled. It can be setup from:
Settings -> Downloads -> Spam Detection -> RAR-in-RAR Whitelist
When setting up destination folder entries, NewsLeecher now shows what the destination folders will look like, after any eventualmente tags have been parsed to groupnames, filenames, PAR2 paths, etc .. This makes it Easier to setup the entries, as you can, in real-time, see the actual directory destionations.
Added a special “destination folder entry” for imports NZB That support a new tag names. It can be accessed from the “NZB Files” settings page on the settings dialog.
Implemented toggle to re-enable the feature That clears the filter boxes When double clicked with the mouse. The toggle is accessible from:
Settings -> Interface -> Double-Click Filter Boxes to …
Added Alt + E keyboard shotcut to “Export NZB” files from selected files. Also made the “Exported NZB” message dialog optional.
It is now possible to filter out specific posters from SuperSearch results. Setup the filter at: setttings -> Group Browsing -> Ignore Filters -> Apply to SS


The PAR2 repair engine is now multithreaded and Significantly faster than in the NewsLeecher v6.x releases. In the upcoming beta releases, we will work on Further Improving the PAR2 verification engine for better performance.
Lots of smaller improvements. (Possibility to turn off “NZB File Exported Successfully” message, RNE button to toolbar to RAR archive password manager, enhanced “folder select” dialog, etc ..)


Fixed a couple of bugs related taskbar That NewsLeecher been prevented from working under Windows XP. more info
Fixed bug where clause eventualmente group nicknames were not used to replace the tag in dest. directory entry paths. The full group names were used instead.
Fixed bug That Threw an Exception When PAR2 sets containing files with a specific naming convention were added to the Repair and Extract listview.
Fixed bug where clause NewsLeecher would not handle certainement PAR2 split sets properly.
Fixed bug where clause NewsLeecher would delete all Previously Entered filter entries, When [Escape] clicked on an active filter box. more info
Fixed “beta 1” bug where clause the “go to default download folder” link on the Explorer tab did’t work if the default download folder contained a TAG variable.
Fixed bug where clause passwords in the Repair and Extract password manager were not always saved When closing NewsLeecher.
The “gui_tabs_max_width” settings under “Advanced Tweaks”, did not work. Fixed.
Fixed “beta 1” problem sometimes That Caused text to be cut-off on various dialogs in NewsLeecher.
Fixed “beta 1” bug where clause the disk space indicator did not work if the default download folder contained a TAG variable.
Fixed bug where clause a thread exception would be thrown, if a specific character was part of a downloaded files subject line.
Many smaller fixed. (GUI glitches on the Super Leech setup dialog, etc.)


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