Software update: PacketFence 8.2.0




A nac system can be used to secure a network environment. With this, on the basis of pre-set policies , network devices can be automatically blocked if an undesirable situation occurs. Think of unknown network devices of visitors, a worm that tries to spread or an authorized device that is provided with a different operating system via a boot flop or live CD. PacketFence is such a nac system, with support for 802.1x , Fingerbank and vlan isolation , with which a network device can be placed in the right vlan after analysis. The developers have released version 8.2.0:

New Features
Added support for clusters with servers located in multiple layer 3 networks (PR # 3656)
Permit incoming Eduroam TLRS RADIUS requests (PR # 3399)
pfconfig is tenant aware (PR # 3385)
Realm are tenant scoped (PR # 3385)
Added Mojo web authentication support (PR # 3604)
New authentication source Password of the Day (PR # 3285)
Added SMTP test function in Alerting (PR # 3642)
Juniper SRX Firewall SSO module (PR # 2842)
Now support CoA on Meraki switches
jsonrpc requests send the current tenant_id (# 3271)
Take the tenant id in consideration in the queue (# 3269)
Performed various improvements to the maintenance script (PR # 3445)
Increase maximum node bandwidth balance from 4 GB to 18.4467441 XB (exabytes) (# 3477) (PR # 3493)
Improve connection profile’s advanced filter
Use MySQL as backend for pfdhcp options (deprecates etcd) (PR # 3484)
Reorder iptables rules (PR # 3463)
Better error handling for pfdetect.conf (PR # 3607)
HAProxy stats files are now located in var / run / with explicit filenames (PR # 3645)
pfdns now uses the PacketFence standard Golang logging library (PR # 3638)
Added VOIP and Downloadable ACLs support to Aruba 5400 switch module (PR # 3372)
Switch filters can now be used to override the switch module that is instantiated during a RADIUS connection (PR # 3583)
WIRED_MAC_AUTH and Ethernet-NoEAP merged (# 3069) (PR # 3261)
Bug Fixes
Backslash in usernames in Reports section is shown as “= 5C” (# 3508) (PR # 3510)
Multiple bug fixes to the pfdhcp service (PR # 3571)
Domain join log entries contain clear-text credentials (# 3448)
Fixed false positive dhcp rogue detection (PR # 3514)
Sponsor Email subject and body are in the same language (# 3670)
pfstats hammers pfdhcp and the API frontend with requests (# 3634)
Can not download SAML metadata in the admin (# 3720)
Version number 8.2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
License type GPL


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