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Version 25.2 was released from Pale Moon. This web browser makes use of the source code of Mozilla Firefox, but is optimized for modern hardware. The Windows version of Mozilla Firefox is been developed with the widest possible compatibility in mind. Partly because of concessions to older hardware the browser is not as fast as he could be, according to Pale Moon creator Moonchild Productions.

Compared to Mozilla Firefox is among more removed support for older processors. Also some things are left out, including “Accessibility features’ and ‘Parental Controls’. The result is a browser that would be better to 25 percent performance . In addition, there is a 64-bit version of the browser is available. More information about the program can here be found. Since version 25 profiles Pale Moon is more like a private browser and not as an alternative Firefox version.

The download of Pale Moon is only in English, but using this language file and a small adjustment program can also be used in Dutch. The program uses its own profile folder and shares it with is not Firefox, making it possible to use the two side by side. In version 25.2 are further the following changes and improvements:

Pale Moon 25.2.0

This is an important update after rapid development on the back-end to extend browser capabilities and implement some ES6 draft functions for web programmers, as well as some important providence crash fixes, bug fixes and security updates.

Fixes / changes:
ES6: Added the Following functions:
Array.prototype.find and Array.prototype.findIndex
IsConstructor (arg)
Array.of (entries …)
Number.parseInt and Number.parseFloat
Advanced math functions: hyperbolic sin / cos / tan / asin / acos / atan, hypotenuse, cube root, expm1, log1p, log10, log2, sign and trunc
Map.prototype.forEach and Set.prototype.forEach
ES6: Added the Following number constants: EPSILON, MIN_SAFE_INTEGER and MAX_SAFE_INTEGER
ES6: Added the use of binary and octal numeric literals (breakfast … and & o …)
ES6: Updated behavior or incidental sing indexed values ​​in accor dance with the spec.
CSS: Added overflow clip box: content-box | padding-box
DOM: Added table.createTBody () function
Added a clearer alltabs button for dark personas.
Added a development tools toggle hotkey (F12)
Added a preference to enable or disable prompts.tab_modal.focusSwitch tab switching When a modal dialog (eg javascript confirmation) is presented in a page.
IonMonkey on Android: fixed the Implementation or Absi.
IonMonkey: Fixed a bug where clause Actively used objects were discarded.
Fixed registry initialization to preventinfo incorrect detection or SIMD instructions on some CPUs.
Optimized some loops in the spell checker to increasement performance.
Simplified cache handling, updated cache parameters to better reflect current web use, and enabled automatic cache sizing by default.
Adjusted memory cache sizing to better reflect current capacities or hardware.
Updated User Agent override workarounds for Netflix and Facebook site to fix some issues.
Aligned programmatic access to geolocation with the spec.
Fixed a crash When being fed a data file (XML) with too deeply nested tags.
Fixed a crash in HTML5 / WebAudio That affectedness some games.
Fixed a crash When programmatically collapsing elements.
Fixed a few bugs related to non-breaking e10s code.
Fixed text input / padding issues.
Updated Surround downmixing code for Vorbis.
Improved tolerance in WebAudio for loading multichannel audio files.
Android: Fixed an issue with Flash, it now shouldering run on more devices.
Updated the DDG search plugin to make the actual query’ll be the last parameter in the address bar for easy editing after a search HAS BEEN performing.
Removed some unused code update channel.
Updated branding to more Clearly indicate Pale Moon’s trademark.
Updated some texts in licensing browser to reflect Properly used code and rights.
Security / privacy fixes:
Added a preference to enable or disable the network.stricttransportsecurity.enabled use or HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)-allowing users to choose between privacy and security in this matter. (Hidden pref)
Fixed CVE-2014-1589 by whitelisting XBL bindings That May be applied to untrusted content.
Important: extension developers shouldering read this related thread .
Fixed CVE-2014-1593.
Mac: Fixed CVE-2014-1595.
Fixed CVE-2014-8639 by adjusting cookie handling through proxies.
Fixed CVE-2014-8636.
Fixed several at memory safety hazards That do not have CVE numbers.

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